A/N: AHAHAHA I LIED ABOUT SPEAKEASY BEING ALL MY TWELVE DAYS OF TAHNORRA ENTIRES. I kind of hate that story and everything I write for it, so I might just leave it be for now and come back to it later.

So instead, have some Tahnorra smut guys, because even if I have writers block, I can always write some smut.

She stood on the sidelines, watching him cheekily flip his hair and hand raised to point at her. No one ever saw her inside the waiting room, but they all knew that any time he did that, any time he dedicated a match to her, he fought it harder and faster than any other match.

No one knew just exactly where she was going each time she slipped away from the island, murmuring something about avatar duties, not even trying to come up with a legitimate excuse anymore.

It didn't matter, not as she watched the Wolfbats brutalize the other team, Tahno weaving through the attacks like they were nothing, giving it back tenfold. The moment they announced them as the winner, she ran straight to the locker room.

Ming and Shaozu didn't even try to hide their amused smirks as they made their way through, laughing as Tahno's gaze bore into Korra's. She stood beside the shower, hand on her hip, finger cocked and the probender pounced.

He slammed her into the shower wall, hands flicking in the air to flip the curtain shut with a whip of water. Korra moaned, clinging onto him as their mouths moved against each other almost bruisingly hard.

They worked at each other desperately, moving against each other. Tahno hiked her up his hips, her long legs wrapped around him, the shower soaking them through their clothes. She impatiently tugged at his clothes, practically ripping his shirt off of him, flinging the soaked clothes onto the tiled floor.

He did rip her shirt, tearing it in two and letting it fall to the ground with a wet plop, their lips meeting back together, teeth clanging together. One hand grasped at her breast, kneading it almost painfully, his fingers tweaking the nipple as she couldn't decide which side of the line between pain and pleasure she was.

His other hand dived into her pants, teasing her clit before rubbing the entrance of her vagina. He didn't penetrate, just keep his teasing movements, pinching each nub as their lips broke apart. She clung onto him, arms around his neck, legs a vice around him as she tried to thrust up, to lead him towards where she wanted him the most.

She trailed her lips down his neck, suckling and biting at the skin and internally smirking in detail as he growled out a deep moan from his chest. She caught his earlobe in between her teeth, and that was when she knew it was over.

His thrust his finger inside, rhythmically pumping inside. It didn't last for long, both of them desperate for each other. Tahno tore at Korra's pants; only leaving it half way off before he thrust inside, neither of them fully undressed.

The water was cold, pounding into their backs, but neither notices as the heat of their bodies just rose as Tahno pounded into her.

They didn't even notice Ming and Shaozu sitting outside their shower, making bets on who was going to finish first.