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NOTE: This is a sequel to "Those Nights" and "Dinner First" and is a direct result of the events of "Dinner First".

Keeping Secrets

Chapter 1

He looked older than I remembered…but somehow not old enough. Truth be told, I actually didn't recognize him at first. But he called me by my full name, not the nickname of "Rob" and that's when I knew.

The tan skin, grey beard, fierce eyes… Dad.

But this was wrong, all wrong.

I didn't run to him like I would have if I were a kid. I didn't run to greet him, to hug him and to hold him close. Instead I just stared at him, watching him watch me. Neither of us knew what move to make. I didn't understand why but then I remembered.

I hid a lot from him. I didn't mean to… didn't even really have to. Dad was a trustworthy guy and he used to run the most top secret boat in the fleet.

Or so he thought. But even the UEO has secrets. And even a son has secrets from his father.

We stared each other down. Not in a malicious way, just… looking. But not like you were looking to see how much someone changed or if they grew wrinkles or anything like that. No, we were simply just looking. Not quite basking in each others' presence but not ignoring each other either.

That's when a kid showed up behind him, saying, "Captain! Captain we have to leave now!" Not so much a kid but still pretty young. And was my father even still a Captain anymore anyway?

"We have to go," he said to me.

I looked down to the shackles keeping me restrained. I shook the chains and they rattled against the wall. "I'm not going anywhere unless you have something to cut these with."

The next thing I remembered was a bright white light filling the room, utter silence and then an explosion that shook my body.

The wind tossed my hair around and that's when I decided I needed a haircut. I'd find someone with the appropriate tools sometime tomorrow morning after my shift ended. Until then, I enjoyed the salt-kissed air and the feel of a boat rocking back and forth. I knew it wouldn't last long, though. By morning we'd be submerged again, transformed back into the submarine Achilles was originally meant to be. They added the surface-form and its features about halfway into the project and until now we relished in the topside breeze.

But three months in was enough time to get everyone acquainted with the project, with the Achilles and its systems, and with each other. After all, we were in for the long haul. This tour would last two years minimum with an expected maximum of five. We were going to rearrange space and time as we knew it, of course it wouldn't be a short tour.

Krieg would have loved this stuff. He always pretended not to understand but I always thought it was an act to get the ladies. Sure, there were always things we ran into and didn't understand from time to time but how could you negate the sheer amount of power this project would bring to the world? The amount of knowledge alone could change the way we conceptualize so many things…

I wish I could tell Dad. I write to him about it, even leave messages via Vidlink. I can't tell him everything, obviously, but I ask questions. I ask what he thinks about the universe, the way space and time work. I ask if he thinks we can bend it to our will.

He thinks I'm crazy, since I'm just an officer. I'm not a science guy like him. I don't understand and hey, maybe I don't. But I'm not in the military to understand, I was assigned to this project purely to serve on Achilles. Heck, I probably wouldn't even know about the true nature of the project if it wasn't for Justin and Addy. But that's how it always goes, isn't it? The Navy guys run the boat and know nothing and the science crew gets all the credit.

Fine by me, as long as they don't get us killed.

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