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"Please, Angie…" Derek pleaded.
"What else do you WANT?! What else can you TAKE?!" Angie yelled at Derek, fire burning in her eyes. She was ready to kill after what she had just been through.

Oh, yes. Murder, the ultimate crime of passion.

She had caught him. He had been making out with her best friend (now ex-best friend) Leslie.
Why?! Had everything they gone through been a lie?

Apparently, it had. Because the moment she had walked into Caduceus' on-call room and seen what was going on, her life had shattered. She desperately wanted to put everything back together. To forgive and forget. But she just wasn't that type of person…

Derek was slowly becoming frustrated. He understood what Angie thought had happened, but she didn't know the truth.
"Angie...let me explain…"

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT!" Angie screamed. "I caught you! Your hand was in her shirt, Derek!"
Derek wouldn't give up, despite the circumstances. "Angie, you don't understand…"
"Oh, really? Then why don't you explain? EXACTLY WHAT DON'T I UNDERSTAND?"

"If you would stop screaming and just listen..." Derek pleaded, tired."NO, YOU LISTEN TO ME!" GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!"
Angie gave a firm shove, knocking Derek backwards, outside of the house (breaking the rusty lock), and down the stairs. She slammed the door on him, which rattled eerily in its hinges.

What she had missed...and wouldn't notice until a week after...was Derek's blood on the stairs…

Derek stared at the snow, lying on his back. Blood gushed out of a large laceration in the back of his head, exposing a portion of his shattered skull. Strangely enough, though the icy powder should have been excruciating on his wound, he felt nothing.

A tear slid down his face. She hadn't listened to him. She didn't know what happened…

"Hey, Derek!" Leslie chirped, seeming unusually happy today.
She was normally happy, but today, it seemed as if she was high on something. Shouldn't she be at home?

"Guess what, Derek?"
"What, Leslie?"

"I drank a WHOLEEE bottle of liquor with Tyler. He couldn't even drink a glass before passing out." Leslie giggled and burped.

Derek was amazed. That was a lot of liquor, considering the strength of the alcohol that they normally shared. She shouldn't be at work today, or else she could mess up something badly. After all, being a nurse to someone like Tyler wasn't something to joke about. He realized that he was the only one, besides her, at Caduceus at the time. And that he was now responsible for her safety, whether she liked it or not.

"And now I have to show you something, Doctor Stilesss…"
"What is it?"

Derek realized that he would have to take her home. He was about to call Tyler to find out where she lived, or better yet, get him to take her home, when…
Her face was on his. She was all over him with her hands and mouth.

"Leslie, get off of me!"

"Nooo wayyy…" She burped again and laughed hysterically. She covered his hand with her mouth. Derek tried to cut off her supply of oxygen by squeezing her neck, hoping to knock her unconscious long enough for him to escape.

She pinned his hands down. As much as Derek hated to admit it, she was a lot stronger then him. He cursed in annoyance.

Her hand slipped into the waistband of his scrubs, and started to do very inappropriate things to him. As good as it physically felt, there was an ache in his chest.

"I can't do this with her…"

She was still pinning him down. Derek doubted that there was any physical force that he could use to get her off of him. He was almost resigned to suffering when he remembered something. "The Healing Touch…"

Of course. If he was four times faster then she was, he could make an escape.

"But how…?"

Derek realized he needed to trace a star. But he couldn't do that with his hands pinned down. He realized that the only way he could get free was to make a move back, and that way, she would let him move a little. "You can't be serious…"

It was the only way… Derek tried moving his hand up her arm, and she let him go as she giggled. His hand slipped near her collarbone. Perfect.

He started to trace a star when…

"What the hell, Derek?" Angie asked.


Derek realized that he was in a seriously bad position right now, and needed to say something in his defense. But…

"You know what, you can fuck her all you like, Derek. I really don't care." Angie snapped, tears in her eyes. She fought to control them, Derek could see that much. He needed to say something NOW.

"Wait, Angie, you don't understand…" But she was already gone.

Leslie was laughing hysterically. Derek finished drawing the start and time slowed down. He rolled out under her, and started to run after Angie.
He saw her running down the stairs in slow motion. He was just a step away when his Healing Touch ran out.

As much as he hated to admit it, Angie was a lot faster then he was.

"Seriously, what the hell?!" Derek tracked her down to her house while trying her phone. She didn't answer it.

She reached her house, and slammed the door. Derek tried the door anyways. It was locked. But he saw her window...and it was open. He climbed in, and saw Angie. The first thing he registered was her face. Her eyes were red, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

"What the hell, Derek?! Get out!"

"Wait, Angie, you don't understand!"
"What don't I understand?!"

"Please, list-"

"No. I won't. It's over. Get out of my house."

And all of that had let to him lying in the snow, blood pooling under him, staining the snow a bright red. No one saw him.

"Angie…I love you…I wished that you listened to me..."

Snow began to pile on his face.

"If only…" Derek managed.

"In another world, in another time…"

"We could love each other without distractions…"

He tried to get up, to go back to Angie, and try and...what exactly? She refused to listen to him.

He couldn't move.

It was so cold. And dark.

Snow covered his face as the tears turned to crystal ice.

"I'm going to die alone…"

"Goodbye…Angie..." Derek murmured. The last words of his life, cut short.

Derek's eyes closed. A single puff of air blew out of his mouth in what would be the last second of his life. Then nothing.

Angie felt a bolt of pain as a surge of grief tore through her body.

"What's going on?!"

Blurry screens swirled around her body.


"Hey, Angie. I'm Derek Stiles. Nice to meet you."


"So I've really been assigned to this inexperienced slacker…?"

"You don't deserve to be here! You... you're not a real doctor!"


"The patient…He was suffering cardiac arrest, and…and…I couldn't resuscitate him! The other nurses are busy, and…with Dr. Kasal gone, I can't…Wh-what am I supposed to do? The patient's going to die! But, I can't…I can't even…"

"Calm down, Angie! Take me to the O.R."

"I froze, and all I could think about was running away. But, you didn't worry at all. You stood your ground, and did what needed to be done. You…you are a real doctor."

"I want him to believe in you the same way I do."

"I can't believe it…Dr. Stiles is incredible."

"This won't mean much now, but I knew you could do it."

"Dr. Stiles...you were really amazing!"

"I didn't cry. Yesterday, you said I was much stronger than you, so I forced myself not to cry. I'm your assistant, Dr. Stiles. And, an assistant has to support her doctor. Thank you for allowing me to see my father again."

"But, why would you want to hide your tears from him? You think he doesn't already know? The man deserves to see how you feel."

"…Angie…You're not… jealous, are you?"

"Good heavens, NO! Geez!"

"Wh-what are you talking about…?"

"Oh come on, don't play dumb. I mean you and Angie. It's really about time you cleared

things up for everyone…"

"C-Come on, knock it off…"

"Are you blushing, Derek? Oooh, so it's true then?"

"Of course not! That would NEVER EVER happen!"


"First of all, Dr. Stiles has had his head in the clouds lately! Being called a master surgeon,getting pampered and praised by everyone around him…! Even making media interviews and this ridiculous partnership with Acropolis his first priority! Have You forgotten what's most important about your job,Dr. Stiles!? For us to…to…! That would NEVER happen!"


"What do you expect!? You haven't been acting like a professional at all lately! We're dealing with people's

LIVES, here! Don't ever forget that!


"That's why… That's why I've been giving you such a hard time! It can't be helped that your skill has made you a famous doctor. But my greatest fear, what I worried about the most…was that it would change you!And that fear has come true…You're no longer the Dr. Stiles I'd grown to respect!


"Why…? Why won't You even try to save him…!?"


"It doesn't matter whether or not it's possible. Right now, I just have to hope it is. You've given every patient you've ever operated on 100% of your effort…So, please…! There's no one I trust more than you! Please save him, Doctor…!"

"Save my dad!"

"I'm sorry I hesitated, Angie. But I'm not going to let you suffer anymore. I'll…No, we're going to do everything we can!"

"…Hey, Angie…Are you and Dr. Stiles…OK?"

"Um, I-I have no idea what you're talking about…"



"Oh, it's nothing."

Dr. Stiles... It scares me to think about being implanted with GUILT… But... What's really getting to me, is that my body will be used to help create it...I became a nurse to treat people suffering from diseases like GUILT, not harm them...


"Come on, we can't give up hope yet. That's exactly what they want us to do. If they do infect you, I'll surgically remove it. I promise. And I won't let anyone else fall victim to GUILT, either-for as long as I live."

"...You're right. I shouldn't panic. The world's greatest surgeon is right here beside me. I'm sorry... I'm OK now."

"Yeah, don't worry, Angie! I'll... I'll protect you!"

(smile) "I know you will, Doctor."

"Dr. Stiles, you've always worked hard to make sure other people are happy…But…don't forget, you deserve a little piece of that happiness too."


"...And I'll make sure the girl who's always at your side takes that advice too."


"There are patients that need to be treated. Though the life as a doctor with the Healing Touch will be filled with hardships...

Derek continues on that path with the smiles of the patients and his friends at Caduceus who share the same aspirations as him...and also with the support of his loved one at his side…"

"I love you, Derek."

"I love you too, Angie."

First kiss.

A touch.

"There isn't anything better than doing what you love with who you love."

"There is one thing better…"

"What's that?"

"I'll show you."






"I'm sorry, Angie…"

"Don't die, Derek. Please…"

"I won't…I promise..."

All the promises that had been broken...the dreams that had been torn apart.

What had happened...Why?

Angie's last thoughts were of Derek's smiling face, looking down at her.

"Angie...wake up..."

Angie woke up as light started to shine in through the window.

"Where's Derek?"
"Forget Derek." She internally warred with her better side.
"Hey, you kicked him out in the middle of a blizzard. At least check if he's okay."
"Why should I? He's probably fine, and real warm with Leslie, too."
"You still love him, don't you?"
"After what he did to me?! He can go and fuck himself for all I care."
"I should go talk to Leslie."
"No, you shouldn't. You have work."
"And what work is that? I have a day off."
"To check on Derek."
"Shut up…"

Angie went into her car, and drove to Derek's apartment, stepping over the small bump in the snow. It was still snowing.

She didn't notice that her door was so weak, a simple spring breeze could have bowled it over.

At his apartment, she asked the lady at the desk who she was looking for. She shuffled some papers in her desk, and handed Angie a piece of paper.

"What's this?"
"This is Mr. Stiles' lease, which was canceled a few days ago."
"Oh…I see…"
'"Why would he cancel his lease…?"
She left, and went to Leslie's house.
"Someone is going to pay for this…"

"Heyyy, Angie!"
"Is she…drunk?"

"Who were you with at Caduceus yesterday?"
"Caduceus? What's that…?" Leslie giggled.

"She isn't even lucid…"

Angie remembered that Leslie had been acting strangely when she caught her with Derek.

"Could she have been…drunk?"
"Oh, shut up."

"It's a FACT, moron."
"So Leslie was drunk. So what?"

"Come to think of it…"

"Leslie, is Derek with you today?"
"Helll no…He's probably with Angie…" Leslie chirped helpfully.

"The symptoms of intoxication include lack of coordination and judgment, as well as mood swings."
"I'm a nurse, you know. I KNOW that. So what?!"

"Maybe she couldn't control herself when Derek was with her…"
"HIS hand was moving in HER damn shirt."

"Against his will, perhaps? Do you think that he would willingly do something like that? Derek? He isn't that kind of person."

"Look at her neck!"
Angie looked at Leslie's neck, and gasped.

There were 2 red hand marks. Derek's hand marks!

"This proves he fought against her."

"But that doesn't explain why his hands were in her shirt."

"Think, Angie. If you had been in his position, what would you have done?"


"When you walked in, Leslie's hand was on his mouth."


"Knowing that, what would you do next?"

"There isn't anything, Derek's too weak…"

"Low blow..."

"Whatever..." Angie's logical side said to herself.

"Idiota, his special skill." Her better (and more blunt) said right back.

"The Healing Touch? What is that supposed to do?"

"Speed, moron."

"Ohhh...But...That doesn't explain anything."

"You knew him. What does he need to activate it."

"He needs to trace a star…His hand!"

Angie pulled down Leslie's collar. She was too drunk to care.

There, she saw faint red fingernail marks.

In a star.


"I think you owe him an apology, hmmm?"


"Oh please, this is a matter of pride for you?"

"Well, you put yourself over your boyfriend. I'll be."

"He isn't my boyfriend anymore. I doubt he would want to be mine after what I put him through."

"Apologies are welcome to any person who was traumatized the way he was."

"Just SHUT up."

"Make me."

"...FINE. I'll apologize when he comes to work."

"Yeah, about that..."

"I don't care what you think."


But nobody knew that she wouldn't get the chance to apologize tomorrow...

The next day…

"Heyyy Angie, where's Derek?" Tyler asked her.

"I don't know, I expected him here."

"Call him."

Angie tried three times. There was no reply…

Where Derek was buried, some of the snow shifted as the phone vibrated. Not enough.

"I wonder where he is?"

A week later, there was a missing poster every 100 feet. Caduceus was getting desperate. Their ace surgeon was missing, and no one knew where he was.

However, Derek's phone was kept on, despite its slowly failing battery, and it had vibrated enough to uncover a mysterious object, that Angie didn't notice.

His glasses, invisible in the sunlight, and half-buried in the pale snow.


Angie had stepped on the bump, not paying attention to where she had been going.

The mound made her nervous, and she avoided it for some reason. It was creepy.

"But crack? What the hell?"

Angie glanced down. Glass. So what?

That glass hadn't been there before.

"Probably some alcoholic teenager," Angie mused.

But then she noticed something else.

A thin, brown wire frame, bent into a U.

"What is that?"

"Wait...are those...glasses?"

Suddenly, she realized why they were so familiar.

She had last seen those glasses…

On Derek Stiles' head.


She dug into the snow, and came face-to-face with Derek, for the first time in a month.

A tear slid down her face.

"Derek...Derek...wake up…"

He did not wake up.

"I'm sorry, Derek. Sorry I didn't have more faith in you. Sorry I didn't believe in you. Sorry, for not being there when you needed me most."

-blood splatter-

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