~~~Bonus Chapter~~~Burning Resolve~~~

Shaking and in tears, Angie collapsed to the ground. She knew what she had done. There was no going back.

The question is, what was she going to do about it?


Turning towards her house, she examined the trail of heartbreak that led to her home.

The dried bloodstains under the snow had long been buried, and Angie felt no need to see them. The stairs, however, showed a different tale.

The rightmost banister had a inconspicuous coloring on its sharper side. The bloodstain matched the coloring of the wood almost perfectly, which was why she hadn't noticed it. The blood had dripped down towards...

Angie brushed off the light frosting of snow that had been carried there by the night breeze. There. A puddle of brown that didn't match the rest of the wood.

A trace of brown peeking out from the snow caught her eye. Crouching down, she scooped away the snow surrounding it to reveal the far edge of the third step. She shuddered.

A larger streak of dried blood was spread over most of this step.

She stood, brushing herself off, and walked toward the door. It was a brand new door, replacing the door with the shattered lock. Something, however, told her to save it, to hold on to it, and it was in her basement with the rest of the bolt.

She hadn't really thought much about why the lock had broken so easily, but now, as she walked down the stairs, she realized that the stupid bolt could have decided life or death.

Her mind was moving a million miles per hour, not typical of the situation. Shouldn't her brain be in limbo, frozen after the shock she had so unwillingly received? Actually, now that she thought about it, why was she so calm about this? In better times, she had visualized herself throwing herself over his pale body, sobbing for him to come back. But, besides her initial panic, there was nothing now. Only a desperate need to know why this had happened.

Arriving at the door, she knelt down to examine the lock. At first glance, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

But at closer examination, she saw the reason the lock had given in so quickly.

The middle of the lock was destroyed by rust. Angie instinctively knew that this hadn't been the result of a week in the basement. This had been growing for a long time. With only a thin strip of corroded metal guarding the door, no wonder it had shattered so easily.

Something in her snapped. All of this...could have been stopped by her replacing the stupid bolt?

In pure anger, she kicked her foot at the door. The wood splintered, and she cut her leg open.

Angie cursed.



After bandaging her cuts, she sat on her bed, and sobbed.


Who could argue that she didn't have the right to cry? Having someone die by your hands was one thing, killing your own boyfriend was another.

When she was done, she remained in her position, not really looking at anything in particular, contemplating the events that had led to this.


She had walked into the on-call room, because Derek was supposed to be waiting there. Instead, she had found the man in question making out with Leslie.

Angie had screamed some very inappropriate words before running out in tears. She heard Derek's footsteps coming after her.

"Why is he chasing me? What does he want? To apologize? I don't want his apology!"

Her better side had disagreed.

"We should at least hear him out-what if this is a misunderstanding?

Angie gave her better side a few seconds to think about what she had just said.

"Okay, maybe not, but still…"

Angie rolled her eyes, which was a new experience-rolling your eyes to yourself while crying and running was hard.

She whipped out her car keys from her purse and stepped into her car. When she paused for a second to fumble for the ignition slot, and to wipe her eyes, Derek caught up to her. He tapped on the car window, mouthing "Angie! Wait!"

In response, she drove away, hoping to God she wouldn't crash on the icy road.


At her house, which was only half a mile away from Caduceus, she had relaxed.

"It's hot in here…" She opened the windows. She would have preferred AC but hers was broken.

She began crying to herself again, when she heard footsteps, and the thump of a body hitting the ground.

Opening her eyes, she saw Derek on her floor, IN HER HOUSE, covered in snow.

"Derek? What the hell? Get out!"

A brief argument had ensured, with Angie getting more and more frustrated. She had pushed him out of her door, listening to several thumps and cries of pain before slamming the door.

A few minutes later, she collapsed as she was attacked by her memories of Derek.

She had woken up some time later, going to Derek's apartment to do...what, exactly? Check up on him? Bitch at him some more? Angie wasn't sure, and definitely not composed at all, which is why she had been somewhat relieved to learn that Derek's lease had been canceled. Not giving it much more thought, she had driven to a drunken Leslie's house, where she had learned that 1) She had not seen Derek, and 2) Derek had not willingly made out with Leslie.

As it had turned out, no one had seen Derek for a week. Part of the reason was that he was buried under a pile of snow in front of Angie's house.

Further investigation revealed that Angie had, indeed, been the reason for Derek's death.


Angie sat up as the world seemed to recede around her. There was only one way, she realized, to resolve this conflict and to make peace.

She began to plot her own death.

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