Jeff hadn't seen Nick in two days. To say that he was worried was an understatement. After the disastrous dinner with Sebastian, Nick pulled Jeff roughly to his motorcycle and chucked the helmet at Jeff. He just climbed on the bike and waited for Jeff to get on the vehicle as well but he wouldn't look at him. No words were spoken and Nick just dropped Jeff off at his house and bid him goodbye with a quick peck on the cheek.

He tried not to worry too much, but it was difficult when Nick wouldn't answer his text messages or his phone when Jeff would call. He desperately hoped that Nick wouldn't leave without telling him he was or tell him where he was going. Hopefully he would at least say goodbye. Some tears slipped down his cheeks and Jeff just snuggled further into his pillow. Tomorrow would be the first time that Jeff missed a day of school.


Surprisingly, when Jeff explained to his parents his reason for wanting to stay home they were very understanding and didn't question it at all. His parents would actually be home all day for the first time in a while and he was glad that he wouldn't be completely alone today.

Jeff hadn't showered since Friday. In reality he should feel disgusting but all he felt was a cold grip around his heart. He was convinced that Nick left, he left without coming and saying goodbye to Jeff. He would have been happy with a text message. He never thought that he would be one to wallow in self-pity and give up on personal hygiene but he couldn't be half-assed to care that he was being a schoolgirl.

He walked into the kitchen, hoping they still had the tub of Neapolitan in the freezer. His mum was sitting at the island with the tub of ice cream in front of her. She smiled when she seen Jeff walk in.

"Hey, baby." She gave him a small smile.

"Hi, mum." He hadn't spoken much in the last few days and his voice was rough from no use. "How did you know that I wanted ice cream?" He asked quietly.

"Everyone wants ice cream the first time they get their heart broken." Jeff's eyes stung.

"I never thought I would fall into the schoolgirl stereotype." He laughed hollowly to himself.

"Jeff, you don't have to pretend that you're not hurting. It's okay to hurt, baby." Those words made his wall crumble and the tears flowed freely. He knew that they wouldn't stop for a while now. He ran towards his mum and wrapped his arms around her waist. She pulled him into her lap and rested her cheek on the top of his head, stroking his greasy hair softly.

"I loved him, mummy. I loved him so much." He sobbed into the skin of her neck.

"I know you did, Jeff. I know you did."


Nick felt like shit. He hasn't gotten any sleep in the last few days and he felt so paranoid. He was constantly looking over his shoulder, it was only a matter of time before he found Nick. That Sebastian would put two and two together and realize he was the Nick at Dalton he was talking about and he would bet any money that Sebastian still dormed with Tyler.

Fucking Tyler.

Nick shook his head in disgust as he made his way to Jeff's locker. He felt awful about not talking to Jeff all weekend but he just needed to get his head sorted out and not have Jeff try and get him to talk about it. Jeff meant well but there was just some stuff that he had to deal with alone.

He turned the corner and seen that Jeff was not at his locker. That was strange. Between gym and English, Jeff always stopped at his locker. Always.

He quickly made his way to Santana's locker, she would know where Jeff was. Well Brittany would know where he was and would tell Santana. He quickly walked to the hallway where Santana's locker was located and breathed a sigh of relief when he seen the two girls standing together.

"Hey, have you guys seen Jeff?" Both girls turned to Nick with frowns on their face, Santana's confused and Brittany's sad.

"He's not here today." Santana said making Nick frown.

"What? Jeff never misses a day of school."

"Yeah we know. But do you know why?" Nick shook his head. Santana sighed. "Have you spoken to him this weekend? At all?" Nick looked down at the floor, shame pulsing through his entire body.

"No." He said almost inaudibly.

"Well he's hurting. He thinks you left him without even saying goodbye. He thinks you don't care about him enough to at least tell him goodbye." Brittany said this time and her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

"I didn't know…"

"Of course you didn't, you haven't bothered to speak with him. I really want to believe that you had your reasons why you didn't talk to him but it's hard to not be angry because it's Jeff. It's smart, little, pale, geeky Jeff. I thought you out of everyone knew that Jeff is fragile. I thought you knew that and you would be careful not to make him think that you didn't care. That boy needs to be carefully handled and I thought I told you that." Nick's eyes were burning but he would not be seen crying by the assholes in this school.

"Where is he?" He asked with determination in his voice making Santana's lips twitch upward slightly.

"Home, but his parents are home too." Nick swore under his breath.

"They will never let me in the house. I told them I wouldn't hurt him." Santana looked thoughtful for a second before he grabbed Nick's wrist and Brittany's hand and pulled them towards the front entrance of the school. "Where are we going, Santana?"

"We are going to find a way to get you into Jeff's house without his parents knowing." Nick frowned.

"And how's that?"

"Britt and I are going to get Mr. and Mrs. Sterling to go into the living room and then you are going to sneak in through the door and creep up the stairs to Jeff's room." Santana pulled them to her car and released them and climbed in the driver's seat. Nick climbed into the back and Brittany sat in the front.

"Isn't that technically considered breaking and entering?" Nick asked as he fastened his seatbelt.

"Only if we completely shut the door when we go in." Nick shook his head.

"I don't think that's how Mr. and Mrs. Sterling are going to look at it." Santana rolled her eyes at him in the rearview mirror.

"Since when does big bad Nick care what people think about his actions?"

"Since I'm already hated by my boyfriend's parents." There was a quiet pause at Nick's sad tone.

"They don't hate you, I don't think they could hate anyone. But they are probably very disappointed in you. He's hurting, Nick. He had the entire weekend to drill it in his mind that you left without a glance back. You are seriously going to have to make it clear to him that you love him more than life itself and could never imagine leaving without telling Jeff." Nick nodded his head solemnly.

"I think I may be able to do that." Santana just smiled. Before Nick could truly prepare himself, Santana pulled into the Sterling's driveway. Nick's heart was pounding.

"Okay so Britt and I will go first. The Sterling's will say that Jeff doesn't want visitors or something and we will get them to take us to the living room. You count to ten and then sneak up to Jeff's room. Are we clear on the plan?" Nick nodded. They all got out and Brittany and Santana walked up to the door. Nick hung back and hid in the shrubs by the door. He heard one of the girls knock and the door being promptly opened.

"Hello girls, what brings you by? I'm sorry but Jeff is really feeling poorly and told me that he does not want to see anybody."

"That's fine, Joanne, in fact we wanted to speak with you and Clint if that's alright." Nick could imagine the way Jeff's mum's face would scrunch up in confusion.

"Oh, I suppose that would be alright. Come on in, Clint's in the living room."

Nick could perfectly picture the smirk on Santana's face as she cheerily said, "Splendid." He heard the door hit the door jamb but didn't hear it's closed click. He counted in his head to ten and then left his hiding spot and creeped up to the door and quietly pushed it open and closed it silently. He could hear Santana going on about how she was worried about Jeff and how she was sure that Nick would never leave without telling Jeff and that he must have had a great reason why he hasn't spoken to Jeff. He smiled, happy that Santana wanted to help lessen Jeff's parent's anger at him.

He silently made his way down the hall and up the stairs, coming up to Jeff's bedroom door. He stopped and took and deep breath before he turned the knob and walked into Jeff's room. The sight that was in front of him was heartbreaking to say the least.

Jeff was curled up on top of his duvet, an empty Neapolitan ice cream container on his night stand, wearing a blue sweatsuit and his hair shiny with grease. He was surrounded by used tissues and his back was heaving with quiet sobs.

"I t-told you m-mum that I-I-I'm fin-n-ne." Jeff's voice was raspy and scratchy. Nick walked over to his bed and sat among his nest of tissues.

"Oh babe, no you're not." Jeff stiffened and slowly rolled over to face Nick. Seeing that it really was Nick, Jeff dove forward and wrapped his arms around Nick's waist and buried his face into Nick's thigh and started sobbing loudly.

"Wh-why are you h-here?! You left m-me!" Nick was relieved that Jeff had his face buried in his thigh because he was screaming.

"I never left, love. I'm sorry I ignored you, that was stupid and cowardly of me. I should have told you how scared I was, how paranoid I was. You didn't deserve the cold shoulder. I'm so, so sorry, baby." Jeff just continued to sob into Nick's lap. Nick ran his fingers through Jeff's unwashed hair, not caring that his fingers were getting greasy.

"Quit putting your hand in my hair. I haven't sh-showered in days." Nick just leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

"I don't care, Jeff. You're my boyfriend and I could care less if my hand gets greasy. You're hurting and it's my fault, I deserve a punch in the face if anything." Jeff's crying had settled down and his chest stopped violently heaving.

"I would never hit you." Nick smiled sadly.

"Well you should start. I've been an ass and I deserve to be hit." Jeff just shook his head. "I'm really sorry. baby. I'll never ignore you again."

"Good. I missed you, Nicky." Jeff looked up from Nick's lap and he couldn't stop himself from lifting Jeff up and pulling his face towards his own and kissing him heatedly. He really didn't deserve to have this boy.

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