Irena looked around. "Sirius?" she whispered, lighting her wand with a quiet 'lumos' as she padded down the hallway.

"Here, love." came the return, and she sighed in relief.

"What are you doing awake?" she asked, deliminating her wand as she drew into the kitchen, the fire lighting up the room with a warm orange glow.

"It's Peter. You do remember I told you that he was James and Lily's secret keeper?" he asked, turning to her, one side of his face thrown into shadow while the other half showed a carefully controlled expression.

"Yes of course. You made a huge deal about it that they wanted you to be secret-keeper instead. But you were right; nobody would suspect Peter, the coward that he is." she approached him and stood in front of her Padfoot, crossing her arms over her chest, which was covered only by her translucent nightgown and untied dressing-gown.

"Well he was supposed to meet with me tonight about the fortifications, but he hasn't shown. I'm very worried, Irena what if something happened? If he got caught by Voldemort then you know he wouldn't last a minute; What about James and Lily? What about Harry?" he fretted, pacing back and forth in front of the fire.

"Calm down Padfoot, we'll go and check on them. I'm sure they're fine, don't worry yourself." she caught up to him, rubbing circles in his upper arm with her thumbs, looking into his worried grey eyes with her blue-green ones.

"But what about Wormtail?" he asked, his brows still furrowed.

"I'm sure he's fine; he probably got caught up with that project of his again. We'll check on him next, alright? Now lets go and get dressed proper, and we'll take your motorbike to Godric's Hollow." she gave a small grin which he returned, although it didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Alright Markside, I'll come with you. But who will look after the little one?" he asked concernedly, looking in the general upstairs direction of their daughter's bedroom.

Irena followed his gaze towards the ceiling. "I'll floo with her over to my mum's right quick, I'll be back before you can blink." she turned and gave him a swift kiss before tying her pale silk dressing gown and hurrying up the stairs.

"Here lovely, mama has you," she cooed as she picked up her baby.

A wild shock of white hair graced the top of the little girl's head, grey eyes blinking tiredly at their mother.

The baby burbled unhappily at being woken up but did not start crying, much to her parents' relief.

Irena held the baby in one arm as she swept her long white braid over her shoulder before settling her child in the crook of her elbow; wrapping her in a blanket before setting off down the stairs.

"I'll return shortly love." she said, placing a chaste kiss on the still-worried Sirius's lips, before she walked into the now-flameless fireplace and grabbing a handful of black powder from an ornate little box beside it.

"Thomas Romaine's House!" she declared, dropping the powder.

Sirius watched as his wife and daughter disappeared into the bright green flames before going upstairs to get dressed, determined to be ready to go once she got back.

Ira walked into her parents' living room, before taking up a medium-sized silver bell on the mantle, used by visitors who floo-ed into the house.

After a few shakes she put it back down, calling out, "Mum! Dad! Could you come here a moment?"

A faint yell answered her, and soon enough her parents made their way into the room in their dressing gowns and slippers.

"Irena love, why are you here so late? Where is Sirius?" asked her mother, hugging Irena carefully around her granddaughter.

"Are you alright?" asked her father, standing next to her mother steadfastly.

"Sirius is at home, and Lori and I are perfectly fine. We're going to go and check on James and Lily, and then on Peter. We're worried that he hasn't shown up for the fortifications meeting that was set up for tonight with he and Sirius." she said, before continuing. "Sirius and I can't watch Lori while we're out; would you both please watch her?" Irena asked, adjusting her grip on the mostly-still young human in her arms.

"Of course honey. Here, let me take hold of Lori for the time being while you and your lover-boy go and check on your friends." the middle-aged woman smiled gently as she took her granddaughter in her arms. Smiling gratefully, Irena hugged her mother and her daughter carefully, before hugging her father, his white hair matching hers and his granddaughter's as he bid her goodbye.

"Love you all, I'll be back soon to pick up Lori." she flashed a parting smile at the room, before stepping back into the fireplace with a handful of Floo Powder and announcing her destination, "The Light House of Black!"

With a rush of flames, Irena appeared back in her living room and relit the fireplace before dashing up the stairs.

"Padfoot, I'm back!" she called out, and Sirius appeared at the top of the staircase.

"Hello love. Lori at your mum's place?" he asked, his worried frown-line still in place between his eyebrows as she nodded, making her way to their bedroom to get dressed.

She pulled on muggle clothes; a crimson, long-sleeved shirt beneath a black tee, and blue jeans with black converse. Over this she pulled on her robes, leaving the front open as she stored her wand in her inside pocket.

She decided to leave her hair in it's sleep-mussed braid, and followed Sirius to the roof of their flat.

Once on the roof, they mounted his motorbike, and roared off into the sky, specially-placed disillusionment charms preventing them from being seen by those inhabitants of muggle Nottingham.

They didn't even attempt to speak over the roar of the engine, each lost in their own, near-identical thoughts of worry for their friends and their godson.

They landed in Godric's Hollow at half-past midnight, and she and Sirius dashed up to the gate, disturbed at the lack of the glow around it which usually showed whether or not the Potters were home.

Once Sirius touched the gate though, all became clear.

The house appeared, and it was half-destroyed.

"NO!" cried Irena, nearly louder than her husband's own shout of anguish.

"James! Lily! Harry!" she called, rushing past the gate and onto the lawn, with Sirius close on her heels.

"Prongs! Flower!" he called out, only to be answered by silence.

Irena raced up to the door, only to cry out in despair as she saw the dead body in front of it.

"James!" she cried in anguish, tears making their way down her face as Sirius caught up to her, letting out a dog-like howl of rage and despair.

"I'll find Lily and Harry," she whispered, before backing away from her grief-shaken husband, who stood at the side of his slain friend.

She went up the half-burnt stairs, ignoring the chill wind that swept through the broken building as she looked for her godson and her friend.

Soon enough she came to the nursery, letting out a sob when she discovered her fallen friend.

"Lily," she whispered, tears running down her cheeks.

All of a sudden, a cry was heard, and her head shot up.

She dashed to the crib, and let out a cry of relief when she saw that at least her godson was alive.

"Sirius! Harry's alive!" she cried, picking up the little black-haired baby boy.

"Shush Harry, Aunt Irena's here." she said softly through her tears, holding the little boy against her chest as she sang to him in a hushed voice.

"Hush a-bye, don't you cry, Go to sleepy little baby.. When you wake, you shall have, all the pretty little horses. Blacks and grays, dapples and bays, all the pretty little horses." she rocked him carefully, the lullaby picked especially from a memory of the one that Lily had favored.

Soon, thundering footsteps were heard, and though her body was racked with silent sobs, she descended the steps with Harry in her arms.

"Hagrid," she said, and the half-giant looked to her from where Sirius was kneeling next to James.

"Irena! Is tha'-? could tha' be young 'arry?" he said through tears of his own, and she nodded, hugging her godson to her chest though her tears surely wet the top of his head.

"He looks fine," she whispered, her voice slightly hoarse.

"Here," she said, handing Harry to Rubeus.

"You can have the motorbike, Hagrid. Get Harry to safety immediately before any death-eaters come after him." Sirius said, his voice shaking with his own tears.

"We have to check on Wormtail," she sniffled, and Sirius nodded, allowing his wife to help him to his feet, and lean on him, sobbing into his shoulder once she looked at James again.

"Come on Markside, we'll apparate to his hiding-place."

"Okay Padfoot." she whispered, her voice nearly deserting her.

"Take care of Harry, Rubeus. Don't you let any harm come to him," she told Hagrid in a shaking voice, and the bearded half-giant nodded, watching as the broken couple went to the front gate and apparated, their broken-hearted forms disappearing with a small 'pop'.

Irena and Sirius materialized on a damp, dark corner in London, both walking swiftly down a small, dark alley.

When they came to a rotted-looking door, Sirius looked quickly both ways before taking out his wand and tapping the door, once above a knothole in the wood, once on the knot, and then tracing a circle around it. A series of clicks sounded as the tumblers fell, and Irena pushed the door open, lighting her wand with a thought of 'lumos maxima'.

Her wand-tip illuminated the entirety of the cubby-hole that Peter Pettigrew had been hiding out in for the past month.

"Peter?" she called, worried that she only found empty space.

"Wormtail!" shouted Sirius, jogging into the space.

She searched the kitchen and smaller rooms while Sirius went and looked through the drawing room and bedrooms.

"He isn't here." he said concernedly.

"But all of his things are." she said, brows furrowed.

"There's no sign of a struggle," Padfoot trailed off, a confused look slowly surfacing through his concern.

"he didn't show for the meeting either…" Irena looked at him, her eyes slowly widening in fear.

"You don't think he-" she cut off abruptly, as Sirius finished her sentence for her.

"THAT TRAITOR!" he roared, and she was glad of the silencing charms she had placed on the house alongside the fidelus charm.

"HE SOLD JAMES AND LILY TO VOLDEMORT!" he ranted, causing Irena to drop to her knees, her face in her hands as she started sobbing again, curling into a ball before her sobbing form was replaced by that of a jackal,

It's striped sides rippling as it let out a howl, followed by the howl of a great black dog.

The jackal broke into a run then, the door bursting open in front of it as the dog followed her out into the street.

They ran through the streets of London, howling and barking, earning many yells from the muggles whose houses they passed.

They followed Peter's scent avidly, snarling in frustration when it disappeared into a sewer.

Going into a park, they walked behind a bush before transforming into their human selves once again.

Moving into the open, Irena and Sirius brainstormed as to where Peter could possibly have gone, and what they should do next.

"We need to go to Dumbledore." Irena concluded, finalizing her decision with a nod. Her long white queue had come undone, and hung in a thick curtain down her back.

"Why? We need to track down that sniveling coward!" fumed Sirius.

"Sirius!" Irena said firmly. "Think! Use that marvelous Gryffindor brain of yours!" she shook his shoulders lightly, causing all of his attention to snap to her. "As far as the entirety of the Wizarding world knows, you, not Peter were the secret keeper! Think! We have to go and tell Dumbledore immediately! We have to tell him everything relevant, Sirius or you and I both may go to Azkaban! And where will that leave Lori? Where will that leave Harry, Padfoot?" her worried tan eyes met his grey ones, and searched them for answers as the rage cleared. "We are Harry's godparents, he is ours to take care of now. If we don't, he'll end up with that horrid muggle aunt of his, Petunia and her fat husband and spoiled brat of a toddler." she said softly, reasoning with her husband.

His eyes softened, and he hung his head, gathering his wife to his chest.

"James and Lily, Irena. My best friend and his wife," he whispered, his shoulders shaking once again with repressed grief.

"I know, honey they were my best friends too," she whispered, her voice thick.

"To Hogwarts then." Sirius said quietly, looking up to see Irena's nod of agreement. "To Hogwarts."