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The Darkest Days

A/N: For a friend on LJ, who gave the prompt, "the boy who wasn't."

Between the Above and the Below, there is nothing. There are people, but they know nothing, mean nothing. They're just like him. Empty once they've served their purpose.

He lives every day in bewilderment, in fear, as if this could be the time he breathes his last breath.

A cruel mistress is the one he serves, the woman who has proclaimed himself to be their "mother." He's always wondered, so he's always watched them, the senseless little things that wander idly around, led by the hand and told what to do and where to go. They all have mothers too, but not at all like his own.

They smile. Not cruelly, the way she does, but genuine, the way the rays of the sun shine down upon the Above. They administer a shared feeling called "love" to their children, not the stranglehold of guilt and pain shown to him by Einsturzen. They speak in quiet voices that melt time, that make their children appear at ease. Not bark and scream and laugh at the sounds of pain.

These children are happy, content, loved. Not tortured, not put into the grueling death matches the likes of which only the subjects of the depths of the Below can comprehend. They don't grow up living in cages, in cells, bathing in steam showers that burn their skin, watching the blood caked on their bodies disolve as it spirals down the filthy drains.

That was his childhood. The bright, happy little corner that other children were given was a blessing. His was a fucked up place, bodies smeared and drowning in carnage.

He doesn't understand these feelings, the things he knows they're given by people who care. He doesn't know, perched stop buildings and falling statues, that he's never been a child. Not in the purest sense of the word.

It's sad to say that these days he lives are the most he's ever been alive.