This will be a drabble series with various themes and pairings, but they will in some way or fashion contain Gaara. Because I am hopelessly fascinated by him. Anyway, the majority are GaaSaku pairing, so I labeled the story as such. Please excuse any mistakes, I am still searching for a beta.

Drabble 1: Perks


"Naruto, you idiot!"

"W-wait a minute, Sakura-chan! I didn't mean to-!"

"You did that on purpose!"

"N-no, I swear—!"


Gaara neatly sidestepped as Naruto's half naked form came flying through the paper-thin wall just in front of him and splashed face-first into the steaming hot waters of the hotspring.

A barely discernible smirk was on his face as he watched his friend surface from the water, gingerly cupping his swollen cheek as he discreetly checked for any broken teeth. One would think Naruto was used to such treatment from his perpetually irate teammate, but for some reason or other, the blond jinchuuriki took it upon himself to aggravate and incite his best friend's infamous temper.

As if his thoughts had summoned her, a towel clad medic poked her head through the wall a few seconds later, face twisted in terrifying rage as she shouted, "If I catch you peeping again you dirty pervert, I'll punt you over the Hokage monument so hard you'll need surgery to remove my boot from your ass!"

The blond flinched, hands lifting in a placating movement as he shrunk away from his furious teammate.

"S-sakura-chan, I didn't mean it, it was an accident, and please don't kill me, 'ttebayo!"

Gaara merely watched the scene in interest, taking special note that the kunoichi was so busy reprimanding Naruto for being a pervert that she hadn't noticed that her aggressive stance above the two of them had allowed her small towel to gape enough for him to realize that her hair color was indeed natural…

All over.

His head tilted almost unnoticeably as he peered curiously through his bangs at the dark pink thatch settled between the kunoichi's widespread thighs. Huh. Must be nice not having to worry about extra bits down there. And he had no idea girls were so…pink down there.

How interesting.

Naruto, however, did notice.

"How come you're not mad at him? He's staring at you, too!" he whined, halting the girl mid rant as he pointed at Gaara's still, towel-clad form almost right underneath her.

His face instantly going blank, Gaara merely looked at Sakura politely as she turned a very dark shade of red and snapped her legs together before shooting another glare at Naruto. "Jackass! He's the Kazekage, not some stupid pervert! Stop trying to corrupt him, Naruto!"

Corrupt him? Gaara lightly furrowed his brows. What exactly did she mean by that? Surely looking out of curiosity didn't make one a pervert, did it?

"Corrupt him?" Naruto said, unconsciously echoing Gaara's own thoughts. "But Sakura-chan, he was just looking at your—"

"My what?" she asked dangerously, fist raised and practically daring him to finish his sentence. Once he'd snapped his mouth shut and huddled down further in the water, she nodded in satisfaction before turning and giving their spectator an awkward half bow that was meant to prevent further flashing.

"Sorry for disturbing your bath, Kazekage-sama, if you need me to knock some sense into Naruto for you, just let me know," she said, all traces of aggression gone from her tone and a sweet smile on her face.

"Thank you, Haruno-san," he said innocently, ignoring Naruto's disbelieving splutters as she stepped back through the broken wall, her nose high in the air and small towel firmly grasped in a white-knuckled grip.

"Asshole," Naruto muttered once she was gone, his head barely cleared from the steamy bathwater. "You pretty much eye-groped Sakura-chan and didn't even get in trouble for it!" he accused in a heated whisper, afraid of reigniting the fiery kunoichi's temper. "I call foul play, Gaara, 'ttebayo!"

Gaara merely raised his brows and shrugged.

Being the Kazekage did indeed have its perks.