The Wedding and The End

Indiana paced the front of the church with Mutt and Shorty standing behind him. Shorty had asked Eva to go to privet schools while she was in the war and was now slightly shorter than Indiana.

"Relax, dad, it's not like this is gonna kill you," Mutt said straightening his tie.

"I should have done this sooner." Indiana said continuing to pace.

"If it helps you, Indy," Shorty spoke up, "mom never thought ill of you."

"Thanks, Shorty that doesn't help. She should have. At least a few times."

Shorty and Mutt rolled their eyes at the same time as Charles ran into the church with the bible that the priest would use. "Here you are, Henry."

"Thanks, Charlie." Indiana said clapping him on the shoulder. "What time is it?"

"Almost time." Marion popped up beside him smiling. "You look about as nervous as she does."

"At least she's still here."

"Shorty, go get to your spot."

Shorty nodded and left for the small piano seat and began to play a short interlude as people began to seat and take their places. Indiana looked down the aisle to see familiar faces looking back at him. The wedding march began and his eyes locked onto Eva. She was wearing a simple off white summer dress, her hair was pulled up, and she had a little veil that covered her face. She held no flowers.

When she reached the altar, the priest began speaking. Most of which neither of them heard until, "Henry Jones, Junior, and Evangeline Williams, insomuch in that you two have agreed to live together in holy matrimony, have promised your love for each other by these vows the joining of your hands and the giving of these rings, I now declare you husband and wife. Whom God hath put together, let no one tear asunder. Congratulations. You may kiss your bride."

Indiana pulled Eva gently to him and kissed her. Her arms wound around his neck and he dipped her to the ground. The guests stood up and began clapping as Indiana returned her up straight. They broke apart and smiled at each other. Shorty began playing a little tune he had come up with for them as they walked away from the altar, Eva arm in arm with Marion, Indiana with Mutt.

"Well done, Henry," Oxley said to them before they passed.

"Thanks, Ox," Indiana and Mutt chorused together. Indiana smiled at Mutt and Mutt walked off leaving them to be congratulated.

Mutt picked up the camera and stood to take a picture when the doors to the chapel blew open. Mutt looked at them and then noticed that the wind had blown Indiana's hat off the hat stand and that the hat had landed at his feet. He picked it up and looked at it.

As he was going to put it on Indiana took it from his grasp and fixed it to his head as he and Eva walked past. Indiana smiled back at him as Shorty came up. "Don't be offended. He never let me wear his hat either."

"It is a nice hat."

"Yes it is."

"Where did he get it?"

"Not a damned clue."