Fandom: Blood Ties
Pairing: Henry/Tony, Henry/Vicki
Prompt: Prompt #4 on fandom bingo.

Tony woke to the feeling of cool fingers stroking his cheek and carding through his hair. He yawned and slowly blinked. "Mm… hey Henry, sup?"

"I'm about to go out for the night. I've left money on the counter should you need it. And, leave-"

"Victory alone. I know," Tony mumbled burying himself further under his blanket.

Henry felt a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to Tony's temple. "She should sleep the whole time I'm out. I will return within an hour of sunrise so she can feed from me."

"I can-"

"No Tony." Henry's voice slipped into his 'prince of darkness' mode and Tony opened his eyes to look at him. Henry's fingers slipped down to the juncture of Tony's neck and shoulder, the spot that he had last fed from though the bite marks had healed completely in minutes. "I have fed from you to recently. You will stay here and rest." Tony nodded and Henry tucked the blanket back around him. "Sleep well."

After the door had closed and Tony had heard the lock turn over he tried to go back to sleep but Henry's 'prince of darkness' mode had gotten to him, as it always did. It was both terrifying and a turn on. He heard movement in the bedroom that Henry had sealed off for Victory and he waited to see if the door would open. Henry had told him if Victory were to come out he was not to run… but to get out of the apartment as quickly as possible. Vicki is still too new to know when to stop drinking had been Henry's words. Henry didn't let Victory feed from him and Tony knew why.

It was an unspoken agreement. When the year was up and Henry's territorial instincts kicked in, Vicki would return to Mike and Tony would stay with Henry. It all came down to a simple fact. Tony was Henry's.

But that didn't stop Tony from wondering about Henry and Victory. He knew they had been somewhat involved before Victory was turned, and he knew that Victory fed from Henry now since she couldn't hunt on her own. What he didn't know was if two vampires had the same effect on each other as a vampire had on a human…

The movement in the other room quieted and Tony let out a sigh of relief. He turned over on the couch, letting the smell of Henry envelop him. 'And really… I don't want to know. Heterosexual sex… ew.'