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"I know that Valentine"s in Las Vegas," says Jace.

"Are you sure? I mean, why would he be there? And how are we going to get there? And what are we going to tell my mom, Luke, and ..."

"We will tell them that we are going to visit the L.A. institute. It is not like there are going to question us or anything like that Clary."

"I know. But. I mean, Jace, are they really going to let us go?"

"Of course they are, Darlings!" Magnus says while walking in wearing his rainbow pants with a sparkly pink t-shirt. With Alec, wearing a faded sweater, Isabell, Maia, Jordan, and Simon fall in behind him. "I already told Robert and Maryse that we are going to the L.A. institute, and also going to take in some of the cities. And they thought that was a great idea, and that it would give us a break and give us some time to relax."

"Are you sure that they were OK with it?" Clary questioned.

"Yes. Why wouldn't they be? Aren't Luke Jocelyn going on there honey-moon? They won't even be here, so they won't even know that you are gone." Magnus replies.

"So you didn't tell them?" Clary says.

"No, and again, they aren't going to be here, so they won't know that you are gone."

"It will be fine Clary," says Isabell.

"Yeah, we will just go and look around a bit, and then we will be back before you know it," Simon adds.

"You just want to see some show girls," Jordan says. "And I would love to see some too." He adds with a smile.

"Boys." Maia says.

"So we are going to Vegas?" asks Jace.

"Sure. I guess we won't be gone that long. I mean. What could happened while we are gone?" Clary says.

Later that night Clary goes back home,and she finds her mom and Luke still trying to decide where to go for there honey-moon,

" Hi Clary. How was your day?" Jocelyn asks.

" Great. Robert and Maryse think that it would be a good idea if I went with Jace, Alec, and Isebell to the L.A institute to do some training there."

" Um... Clary..."Jocelyn says looking somewhat shocked.

" Mom it will be fine, Magnus is going to make us a portal..."

"I thought so. But, I don't think it is a good idea for you t go away, and be alone with Jace."

" Mom... It's not like we are going to alone together. It's just goign to be two weeks and Alec, Isabell, and Magnus are going to be with us."

"I know but..."

"She'll be fine. I think Clary know better than to do anything that your thinking of with Jace." Luke interrupts.

"Yeah mom, I'll be fine. And nothing will happen." Clary concludes.

" OK but be careful while your gone." Jocelyn adds.

"I will mom. I'll see you guys after your honey-moon," Clary says as she give her mom and Luke a hug before running upstairs to pack her bags.

Everyone was standing behind the institute waiting for Magnus and Alec to arrive so that they can leave.

" Where the hell are they?" Jace yells impatiently into the night sky.

" Jace, you realize we are waiting for Magnus and Alec. You know Magnus is probably trying to pack his whole closet," Isabell says.

" Yeah. He probably can't decide what to wear." Simon adds.

" Or he's doing his hair." Maia say, and everyone bursts into laughter.

" Or maybe he's not going to make a portal, or maybe he is going to start charging us for all the things he does for us," Magnus says as he comes around the corner wearing neon orange pants with a turquoise t-shirt with a silvery sparkly vest on. With Alec walking behind him. With everyone being completely silent.

" Sorry we where just joking." Clary says, breaking the silents

" Oh it's OK, Darling. I know I'm always fashionably late." Magnus replies with a grin.

" Can we go now?" Jace asks.

" Of course!" Magnus says, bringing up a portal and stepping through...

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