"You are going to stay here, aren't you?" Captain Peacock pleads with Mrs Slocombe.

"Of course I am staying. I can't really go home. I gave up my flat. If I went home I'd have to admit to Mrs Axelby that I'd failed. I don't do that easily. Besides, the people I'm with now are the people I've spent most of my life with and they're special and you're here to help me." Mrs Slocombe says sweetly. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

"Good, I'm glad you're staying. It wouldn't be the same around here without you." Captain Peacock flirts with Mrs Slocombe as they walk into the manor. This is exactly the way they used to behave with each other when they were younger.

"Well, I suppose if I'm staying I'd best get started unpacking my things. It's going to take me a while to get finished." Mrs Slocombe says slowly. She doesn't really want to leave Captain Peacock's company.

"Come and have a cup of tea first and then you can unpack." Captain Peacock requests of the lady.

"Well... alright," Mrs Slocombe says pretending to be persuaded by Captain Peacock's suggestion, but it didn't take all that much persuasion.

Captain Peacock and Mrs Slocombe walk down into the kitchen. Mrs Slocombe immediately begins to make tea for the two of. "Would you look for some biscuits to have with our tea?" Mrs Slocombe asks as she scoops some tea leaves into a teapot she finds in a cupboard.

Captain Peacock searches through the cupboards and pantry looking for biscuits. "Found some!" he calls as he pulls his head out of a deep cupboard with a package of biscuits in his hand.

"Ooh, those are the good brand of biscuits too. That's perfect." Mrs Slocombe smiles. She rummages in all the drawers looking for a tea strainer. " Tea's ready." Mrs Slocombe hands Captain Peacock a cup of tea.

"Do you think you'll miss living in London, Mrs Slocombe? You've lived there a very long time." Captain Peacock asks as he and Mrs Slocombe sit down at the small kitchen table.

Mrs Slocombe crosses her ankles beneath her as she sits down. "I don't think I'll miss London all that much. I don't have many friends remaining in London with the exception of Mrs Axelby. All my dearest friends are here." Mrs Slocombe explains in a chipper tone of voice.