A/N I had put a lot of thought into this idea I had in mind and decided to write a story about a new character joining the idols of 765 Productions, interacting with each one of them in each chapter and also doing some of her own jobs and performances. This is the information about her.

Name: Keiko Naohara

Age: 17

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Red

Hair style: Layered medium hair with parted bangs

Personality: Keiko is caring, loyal, clever, and honest. Experienced in fisticuffs (due to bullies in school), swordsmanship, and somewhat experienced in repairing machinery by learning how with her Grandpa. She is always willing to protect and support those that she knows and loves, and sometimes gets violent to those that show disrespect or threaten any of her friends or family. Intends to keep promises that she makes. She always likes to play the flute, and carries it with her almost everywhere she goes. Keiko is stronger at singing, and is a voice type. She can be straightforward, friendly, and serious when meeting someone for the first time. She has a fear of thunder and lightning. Whenever she hears the sound of thunder, she freaks out and curls up to a wall while covering ears until she is certain they are gone. If she hears them while sleeping, she gets nightmares. Her favorite sports are kendo and futbol (Soccer).

Casual clothing: Wears a t-shirt with an open button-shirt over it, jeans and pivot shoes. She also wears a Japanese akoya pearl earring on her left ear that her mother use to wear, as well as an origami crane necklace, which is worn by her little sister, Yumi.

Training clothing: Wears a white tank top with a gray jacket wrapped around her waist, gray sweatpants and sneakers.

Stage clothing: Wears a luxury costume; a jacket zipped up halfway with the 765 Pro logo on the back, arm warmers over the sleeves, a belly shirt, shorts, and boots.

Voice: Mixture of soft and strong singing voice, depending on the type of song she sings and is also smooth and gentle.

History: Keiko Naohara is a 17-year-old teenage girl with a strong sense of loyalty that lives in Japan with her 11-year-old sister that likes futbol, poetry, and looks up to her older sister like her life depends on it named Yumi, and her 70-year-old Grandpa that is wise, humorous, an origami salesman and a repairman named Daisuke. She got into a few fights with some bullies at school for trying to defend some of her classmates. One of them gave her a scar on her right elbow. Keiko sometimes spends some of her free time playing her flute and futbol with Yumi at her home. She participates in kendo classes weekly. Her parents were both in an idol unit called "Rising Cranes". Her mother, Akiko, was a professional singer and dancer, and her father, Shiro, was a musician. One day, they both went to America for vacation, and because of that, Keiko wants to be able to go America as well, and see what they have seen. But on the day before Yumi's 5th birthday, they died in a plane accident on the way back to Japan. Ever since then, Keiko and Yumi have been living with their Grandpa, and Keiko had been trying everything she can just to keep her little sister's smile on her face, and how she could do as good as her mom and dad. She started out by taking music classes at school to practice her singing and the flute, and practices her dancing in the privacy of her home. And then, six years after the tragedy, she got lucky when she learned about 765 Productions and saw it as a breakthrough in her life as she decided to become an idol for them to help accomplish her goals. She had made a deal with her Grandpa that if she got good enough grades in her classes and stayed out of trouble at school, then she could apply for them, which she was able to do.

Reason for wanting to be an idol: Wanting to carry on her parents' legacy, to keep Yumi happy, make her Grandpa proud, and to be able to visit America.

Image color: Gray

Image Song: my song

A/N In this chapter, Keiko is judged by the 765 Pro staff to see if she has what it takes to be an idol. Be sure to let me know how you like this story and my OC character. I do not own The iDOLMASTER.

Prologue: A New Idol

A girl with layered red hair and a flute in her hand while wearing a yellow t-shirt with a gray open button-shirt over it, blue jeans, pivot shoes, and a Japanese akoya pearl earring on her left ear was sitting on a chair near a desk with the Producer sitting in it with a clipboard in his hand with Ritsuko standing beside him as he says,

Producer: "All right, let's get started. Can you tell me your full name, please?"

Keiko: "Sure. My name is Keiko Naohara."

直原敬子 Naohara Keiko

Producer: "All right then, Keiko. How about you tell us a little bit about yourself?"

Keiko: "All right, uh, well, I'm 17-years-old, I'm in my third year in high school, my favorite color is gray, I have a good sense of humor, I like playing futbol and I've also been taking kendo classes every Sunday for three years now. I have a little sister named Yumi. She's 11-years-old, she's likes futbol, too, and writing poetry. We live with our grandfather. He's an origami salesman, and a repairman. Oh, and his name's Daisuke, by the way."

Producer: "Okay. Now, how about your mother and father? How are they?"

Keiko: "Huh? Oh, um… uh…"

Producer: "Oh, I'm sorry, is it too personal for you to talk about?"

Keiko: "Well, you see… our mother use to be really good at singing and dancing, and our dad was able to play any instrument very well. Mom and dad were also idols, and in a group called "Rising Cranes". They were so incredible together. And then, six years ago, they went on vacation. They were in America, which I hear is a pretty awesome country. But then, as they were coming back home, the day before Yumi was gonna turn five, something went wrong with the plane. It crashed, some people died… and our parents were one of them."

Ritsuko: "Oh, yes, I remember. I've seen the report about it on the day it happened. We're very sorry for your loss."

Keiko: "It's not your fault. Anyway, when their bodies were recovered, they also found our mom's earrings and origami crane necklace. The one I'm wearing right now is one of them, the other got destroyed, and Yumi wears our mom's necklace. We both agreed to wear them so that we'd each have a piece of our parents with us. Ever since they died, Yumi and I had to live with our grandpa, and Yumi had been very devastated that mom and dad were now gone, and since then, I've been trying everything I can just to keep a smile on her face."

After she finished talking about the tragedy, a tear slips from Keiko's eye, and she quickly wipes off from her face since she knew that it wasn't a time or place for tears at the moment.

Producer: "I see. It seems like things have been rough on you, haven't they?"

Keiko: "Yeah…"

Producer: "Well, let's move along, shall we? So, do you have any interests? Things that you like to do?"

Keiko: "Uh, yes. I like to play the flute, I like to sing, dance, play futbol with Yumi, and practicing my kendo skills at my class. Oh, and every now and then, my Grandpa shows me how to fix things, like machinery and stuff. He once told me that learning how will eventually come in handy someday."

Producer: "Those are some good hobbies. And it's good that you like to sing and dance, because that's what's mainly required around here."

Keiko: "Yeah, I kinda figured."

Ritsuko: "And I see you've brought your own flute."

Keiko: "Yeah, it's my most favorite instrument to play, and it's sort of like a good luck charm to me. Is it okay if I play a few notes?"

Producer: "I don't see why not, if Ritsuko-san here doesn't mind."

Ritsuko: "Not at all. Go right ahead, Keiko."

Keiko: "Okay."

Keiko began playing a few notes to a song that was originally played for 765 Pro. When she finished, Keiko's interviewers applaud.

Producer: "All right, that was really good."

Ritsuko: "Indeed. And if I'm not mistaken, you were trying to play the song "my song". Am I correct?"

Keiko: "Yeah. When I first heard it, it reminded me of… well, me, and it also makes me think of Yumi."

Producer: "That sounds like a very good reason to like the song. Okay, next question. Have you been in any kind of trouble recently? Like at school, for example?"

Keiko: "Uh, trouble? Well, um…"

Ritsuko: "Hmm, by the look on your face, I'm gonna assume that's a "yes", right?"

Keiko: "Uh… yeah. Am I gonna be automatically rejected because of it?"

Producer: "No, but it depends on what kind of trouble you've been in. What happened?"

Keiko: "Um… well, you see, I… I, got into some fights with some bullies."

Producer: "You did?"

Keiko: "Yeah. I'm not proud of it. I don't mean to get into them, and I didn't start any of them, but… they were picking on some classmates that I knew, I was just trying to defend them, and, well, things get outta control afterwards. I know there's never a real excuse for fighting, but every time I see them getting bullied, I always keep thinking what kind of friend would I be if I just stood by and did nothing to help."

Producer: "Oh… And you're saying they were all self-defense on your part?"

Keiko: "Well, yeah. At least, that's the way I'd like to see it. It happened a couple times in middle school and only once in high school two years ago."

Then Keiko rotated her right arm to show her interviewers what they didn't notice that was on her right elbow until she had revealed it to them.

Keiko: "I got this scar from the last one I was in. He was a dirty fighter."

Ritsuko: "Oh my."

Producer: "And you haven't been in anymore fights after that one time in high school?"

Keiko: "Right. So, have I been rejected?"

Producer: "Not so fast. We haven't even finished our interview yet."

Keiko: "Oh, uh, right."

Producer: "Okay, let's see… can you tell us what your strengths and weaknesses are?"

Keiko: "Yeah, sure. Let me see, uh… well, for my strengths, I work well with others, I work hard, I'm a good caretaker, a loyal friend, I always keep my promises and I can also be honest. I always practice my singing, dancing, and the flute nearly every day. I'm also good at playing by ear and improvising."

Producer: "All right, Those are some good strengths you have. Now, what about your weaknesses?"

Keiko: "Um… well, I'm not so good with math, I suck when it comes to preparing food and making art, I'm not the best swimmer, and also, I, uh, have this fear of thunder and lightning."

Producer: "You do?"

Keiko: "Yeah. You see, every time I hear them, I get so scared from the noise they make, especially the really loud ones. So, whenever it starts raining, I get so nervous that there's gonna be thunder and lightning soon. If their quiet, I can still get some work done, but if they get loud then, well, I just can't help myself when they do. I even get nightmares if I hear them in my sleep."

Ritsuko: "We understand, Keiko. After all, the idols we have here in 765 Pro do have their own share of fears."

Producer: "That's right. Including us."

Keiko: "Yeah?"

Producer: "Yeah. Alright, so, how did you first hear about 765 Productions?"

Keiko: "Well, I first heard about them on that show Yumi likes to watch, "Ribbit Ribbit Kitchen"."

Ritsuko: "You have?"

Keiko: "Yeah. She mainly watches it because of that silly little frog puppet. But ever since I saw that episode, I've been watching the appearances the idols of 765 Pro made, and I've wanted to be a part of them ever since. But I had to keep my end of the deal I made with my Grandpa first."

Producer: "And what deal was that?"

Keiko: "I had to get good enough report cards and stay out of trouble until he says I can apply."

Producer: "That's sounds like a reasonable deal. I take it you were able to keep your end of the deal since you're here right now?"

Keiko: "Yeah. Although, it wasn't easy. I almost got into some trouble a few times, but I managed to avoid them in the end."

Producer: "Very good. Okay, one last question. Why is it that you want to become an idol?"

When Keiko heard the question, she quickly put on a determined look in her eyes as she had prepared an answer for it.

Keiko: "That's easy. So that I can be as incredible as my parents were and carry on their legacy, to keep Yumi happy, to make my grandpa proud, and one day be able to travel to America. I know that my parents didn't make it back on their return trip because of the accident, but I think it's because they weren't exactly lucky when it happened, and I'm hoping that I'll be fine on the day that I do get to go there, and check out all the cultures, lifestyles and views that are there."

Producer: "Ah, so you want to be an idol to follow your parents' footsteps, eh? That's good. That's really good. And that concludes our interview. I'm gonna go find the president, show him the answers you've given us and see what he thinks of you. In the meantime, I'll leave you in the hands of Ritsuko-san here."

Keiko: "Okay."

They both stand up from the chairs they were on, and Keiko realizes she was still lacking one piece of information.

Keiko: "Uh, by the way, I didn't catch your name."

Producer: "I'm the Producer in charge of all the idols of 765 Pro. Call me Producer-san."

Keiko: "Oh, all right."

They both bowed as they bid each other farewell, the Producer leaves the office, and Ritsuko says,

Ritsuko: "All right, now it's time to see if you are as good at performing as you are at answering questions."

Keiko: "You mean…"

Ritsuko: "That's right; it's time for you to put your dancing and singing skills to the test, and I'll be your judge."

Keiko: "All right! So, are any of the idols gonna come to judge me too, or-"

Ritsuko: "No, they've already left to do their photo shoots, commercial shootings, and things like that. Our president wants to keep your presence here a surprise."

Keiko: "Oh. So, if I pass, I get to be a part of 765 Pro?"

Ritsuko: "If you pass the test and if our president likes you, then yes. But if not… then, well, you're outta luck."

Keiko: "Well, I'm feeling pretty lucky today, and I've gotten this far, so I know I can do this."

Ritsuko: "That's the spirit. Now, let's go get you ready."

Keiko and Ritsuko walked out of the office and headed to the dancing room of the agency for Keiko to show Ritsuko how hard she had been practicing her skills after she had changed into her training outfit. As they were getting ready, Ritsuko says,

Ritsuko: "Okay, Keiko Naohara, are you ready?"

Keiko: "Uh, yeah. I'm a bit nervous, but yeah, I'm ready."

Ritsuko: "It's perfectly normal to feel nervous when you're about to perform in front of others. Now, since you mentioned that "my song" reminds you of you, I want you to do the dance and vocals of the song. And also try to keep your eyes on me the whole time as well. You do know all the steps and lyrics, right?"

Keiko: "Of course."

Ritsuko: "Okay then. Ready… begin!"

Ritsuko presses the "play" button on the stereo next to her; Keiko took a deep breath, and began performing in front of Ritsuko as the music started. She actually did manage to put on a good performance. She was able to dance the steps, sing the lyrics, and did her best to keep her eyes on her judge while Ritsuko was observing her every move. When the song finished, so was Keiko's performance. Ritsuko pressed "stop" on the stereo, and then she had put on her thinking cap as to how well Keiko did. After a moment of waiting, Keiko grew even more anxious as she awaited the answer, and says,

Keiko: "So, how did I do? Did I pass?"

Ritsuko: "Hmm… well, if I had to give your performance a grade, I would give you… B+."

Keiko: "Ah, so then, I passed the test?"

Ritsuko: "You most certainly did. And I'd say you've got the potential of becoming a great idol like your parents."

Keiko: "Yes!"

Just then, the Producer, Kotori, and the president of 765 Pro himself, Junichirou, had walked in the room, and said,

Junichirou: "So, this is the young lady that wants to join our agency."

Producer: "Yes, Chief, this is her. Keiko, allow me to introduce the president of 765 Pro."

Kotori: "And my name's Kotori. I'm the office clerk here at 765 Pro."

Keiko bows to them while saying,

Keiko: "Uh, right. Pleasure to meet you both. Wait, so then, were you all watching me perform?"

Producer: "Yes, we were."

Kotori: "You were great, Keiko-chan."

Junichirou: "I agree. And I've read the answers you've given during the interview."

Keiko: "Oh. So, what do you think of me?"

Junichirou: "Hmm, well, the way I see it, you seem like a tough girl who is protective and quick to help others that you care about and had some problems at school in the past, but is looking for a chance to become a great idol. And I saw a bit of your mother in that performance you've given."

Keiko: "You did? So then, you use to watch my parents perform?"

Junichirou: "Sure did. And with enough practice and lessons, I can personally guarantee that you will become their legacy."

Keiko could guess what he meant by that as she gasps,

Keiko: "So then, does that mean…"

Ritsuko: "You've guessed it."

And then Ritsuko stood beside the Producer as the staff of 765 Pro said,

Ritsuko, Producer, Junichirou and Kotori: "Welcome to 765 Productions, Keiko Naohara!"

After hearing that, Keiko had become stunned, and then glad as she exclaimed,

Keiko: "Yes, I did it! Ha, ha, ha! I'm so happy right now! Thank you so much for allowing me to join you all. I promise you won't regret it, and I won't let you down."

Producer: "That's a promise you're willing to keep, right?"

Keiko: "Right. So, what happens now?"

Junichirou: "Now, we prepare to introduce you to your new idol companions. Producer, have their schedules been adjusted to the way I instructed?"

Producer: "Yes, Chief. They should all arrive here at five o'clock, just as you requested."

Junichirou: "Good. Ritsuko, call all the idols and tell them that we have a surprise waiting for them when they return."

Ritsuko: "Right."

Junichirou: "And Kotori, why don't you give our new idol here the grand tour of our agency?"

Kotori: "Yes, President-san."

The Producer, Ritsuko and the president left the dance room and Kotori says,

Kotori: "I'll wait out in the hall for you to change back to your regular clothes."

Keiko: "Okay."

Kotori stepped out of the room as Keiko changed back into her casual outfit, and then she took out her cell phone, dialed a number, and a few seconds later, she says,

Keiko: "Hey, Grandpa. Guess what? I did it! I got into 765 Pro!… Yeah, I know it's great!… Yeah, I bet mom and dad would be proud of me, and I bet Yumi will be happy about this too.… No, I haven't seen any of the idols here yet, but I'm about to.… Yeah, all of them, at five o' clock.… Yeah, all that effort I made to fulfill that deal we made did pay off in the end, and it was worth it, too.… I know you are, Grandpa.… Thanks. Oh, and don't tell Yumi until I get back home, Okay? I wanna tell her myself.… Okay. Bye, Grandpa."

She hangs up her phone and puts it back in her pocket as she walks out of the dance room, and begins following Kotori as she was being shown around the agency. As they were walking down the hall, Keiko says,

Keiko: "So, um… Kotori?"

Kotori: "Yes? What is it?"

Keiko: "What's everyone here like when they're not busy being idols?"

Kotori: "Oh, well, they're all pretty much regular teenage girls who all have their own reasons for being an idol, and they all come from different backgrounds as well, like you. If you really want to get to know them, you'll have to spend some time with them when they're not working."

Keiko: "Oh. Okay, I can do that."

And so, Kotori showed Keiko the breakroom, the cafeteria, the dressing room, and all the other rooms in the agency. And then, when it was around five o'clock, all of the idols were gathered inside the breakroom, talking about what the surprise could be.

Azusa: "I wonder what kind of surprise they've got in store for us this time."

Yukiho: "Um, what do you think that the surprise is gonna be, Makoto-chan?"

Makoto: "Well, I'm not really sure, Yukiho. But we're about to find out very soon, I think."

Haruka: "Maybe they're gonna announce a new idol unit."

Miki: "Or maybe they've gotten us some new outfits."

Chihaya: "We can't know for certain unless they tell us."

Mami: "Maybe the surprise is another producer!"

Ami: "Yeah! That way we can have someone else to play with other than Nii-chan!"

Iori: "Get real, you two! I mean honestly, if there was going to be another producer, they would've told us that a few days earlier."

Yayoi: "Uh, yeah, I guess you're right about that, Iori-chan."

Takane: "Not to mention the fact that it wouldn't be much of a surprise if that were the case."

Hibiki: "What's that, Hamuzou?… No, I don't think the surprise is gonna be for you."

Just then, Ritsuko, the Producer, Kotori, and the President came in the room as they were all still talking. Ritsuko clapped her hands twice to get their attention while saying,

Ritsuko: "Attention everyone! Our president is about to speak."

All the idols had turned their attention to the president as he clears his throat and says,

Junichirou: "Now then, I bet you are all wondering what our little surprise is, am I right?"

They all responded with a yes.

Junichirou: "Well, before I do tell you what it is, let me ask you all something. Do you all like to meet new people and make new friends?"

They all seemed a bit confused by the question, but still responded with another yes.

Junichirou: "Excellent, because our surprise is…"

All the idols leaned forward a bit as the president had paused for a dramatic effect, and finally says,

Junichirou: "We have just recruited a new idol for 765 Pro."

After hearing the surprise, everyone looked surprised by what their president had just said.

Ami: "A new idol? Really?"

Mami: "That's even better than another producer!"

Junichirou: "Hold on, let me finish. Now then, let me tell you all a little bit about what we know of her first. She is 17-years-old, been going to high school for three years now, she is a tough girl that is devoted into helping her friends and family. She plays the flute, plays futbol, and even takes kendo lessons."

Makoto: "She practices kendo? Huh, that's something I haven't tried yet."

Junichirou: "Also, she is the daughter of an idol unit that was well known in the past called, "Rising Cranes".

Yukiho: "Uh, "Rising Cranes"?"

Azusa: "Ah, I've heard of them before. It was very unfortunate of what happened to them."

Junichirou: "Yes, it is, which is the main reason she had wanted to join us. Her dream for being an idol is so that she can follow in her parents' footsteps and make her family proud, and she also wants to visit America."

Takane: "America? Hmm, that seems like a unique place to visit."

Junichirou: "And so, without further ado, let's all give a big warm welcome to our newest idol, Keiko Naohara!"

The president stepped to the left as Keiko took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in. Keiko was very happy to see all the idols in one room, and knowing that she was now a part of them as she bows and says,

Keiko: "Ah, hi everyone. It's nice to meet you all."

All idols: "Hi, Keiko!"

Junichirou then introduced Keiko to each and every one of the idols in the room. But then, all of a sudden, the twins immediately stood next to Keiko, and began asking her several questions.

Ami: "When did you get recruited? Have you been here long? What's your favorite color?"

Mami: "Do you have any relatives? How good are you at singing and dancing? Just how devoted are you to others?"

Ritsuko: "Ami! Mami! Don't crowd Keiko like that when she's first meeting you all!"

Keiko: "Uh, it's fine, Ritsuko-san, I can answer their questions. Um… I just joined 765 Pro today. I've been here for quite a while, and got the tour with Kotori. My favorite color is gray. I have a little sister named Yumi, and a grandfather that she and I live with named Daisuke. I'm really good at singing and dancing… well, mostly with singing. And as for how devoted I am, well, let's just say that it'll be me before any of my friends or family gets hurt."

Mami: "Wow, so cool! She's so protective, and she also has a little sister, just like we're sisters!"

Ami: "Yeah! We like you already, Kei-neechan!"

Keiko: "Uh… "Kei-neechan"?"

Producer: "Uh, yes, well, Ami and Mami do like to give nicknames to everyone that they know, and it looks like they just gave you one."

Keiko: "Oh, heh, that's cool. Hmm… Kei-neechan… I like it."

Ami and Mami: "All right!"

Keiko giggled a bit as she seemed amused by the twins' behavior, and then Miki steps up and says,

Miki: "That's a cool flute you have there, Keiko."

Keiko: "Thanks."

Miki: "Can you play some music for us with it?"

Keiko: "Sure, okay."

Keiko began playing some relaxing music with her flute as all the idols listened to the song.

Haruka: "Wow, she's so good with the flute."

Chihaya: "Yeah, she is."

And then, Yukiho noticed something that was going on with Hamuzou, and says,

Yukiho: "Ah, Makoto-chan, look at Hamuzou."

Makoto: "Huh?"

Makoto saw how content Hibiki's hamster was in her hands while Keiko was playing the flute.

Makoto: "I take it Hamuzou likes the sound of the flute, Hibiki?"

Hibiki: "Yeah, he sure does."

Yayoi: "Keiko-san is pretty good, don't you think, Iori-chan?"

Iori: "Eh, she's not bad so far, but we'll see how it all turns out in the next few days."

And then, Keiko played the last notes to the song she was playing, and says,

Keiko: "So, did you all like it?"

All idols: "Yeah!"

Takane: "Perhaps we should show our new idol friend our little cheer?"

Haruka: "Ah, yeah, we totally should!"

Keiko: "You guys have a cheer?"

Haruka: "Sure! First, we all put our hands in the middle, and then we throw our hands in the air while saying, "765 Pro, fight-o"."

Keiko: "Oh, that's cool. Let's do it, then."

Haruka: "Okay, then."

Everyone had put one hand in the middle of a circle, including Keiko as she had put her hand on top of everyone else's, and then they all threw their hands in the air while shouting,

Keiko and idols: "765 Pro, fight-o!"

Producer: "Heh, looks like everyone likes Keiko so far, huh, Ritsuko-san?"

Ritsuko: "Yeah, seems like it."

Kotori: "Oh, I can't wait to see how Keiko-chan does in her jobs."

Ritsuko: "That'll have to wait for a while, Kotori."

Kotori: "Huh? Why's that?"

Ritsuko: "She's got some training to do first before we can let her do any work like everyone else."

Junichirou: "True, but still, I see great things in her future with us. Great things."

Producer: "Yeah, me too."

A few moments later, after Keiko had just gotten acquainted with the idols of 765 Pro and exchanged cellphone numbers with them, she was standing outside the front door of the agency with Ritsuko as she says,

Ritsuko: "So, did you enjoy meeting everybody today?"

Keiko: "Yeah, I sure did. I can't wait to start working with them."

Ritsuko: "Yes, but that's not until you've had plenty of practice and do well enough in your lessons. You think you can handle that?"

Keiko: "Yes, Ritsuko-san."

Ritsuko: "All right, then we'll be seeing you tomorrow morning, Keiko."

Keiko: "Right. See you tomorrow."

And so, Keiko bowed to the female producer, and began heading back to her home where she would tell her little sister Yumi the good news and prepare for her career, and her new life as a new idol for 765 Pro.