I have been attacked by the KHR plot bunny and it will not leave me alone! So I have decided to start this story.

This is more of just a prelude/ information chapter so hopefully this story will be concluded in about 15 chapters as that is what I have written out at the moment.

Full Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi the son of Sawada Iemitsu, a priest, is sucked into the demon world after saving his friend Kyoko. How will Tsuna survive? What of the demons? How do they know that Tsuna isn't all human? R27 ALL. Yaoi.

Alright just some clarification on Iemitsu, he is a priest/monk at a shrine. Therefore Tsuna has some exorcising abilities using flames, because I thought it would be appropriate.

Kyoko is not a love interest in this story however she is still a sweet friend.

When I say R27 All. I don't necessarily mean everyone; I'm including the guardians, the Arcobaleno, and some of the Varia and if someone really wants someone added just ask. I'll probably do a poll on extra characters that are wanted with our lovely Tsuna-chan.

Another note when I say demons, of course some will be evil, blood-thirsty killers, while others just mind their own business. There will be various kinds.


OKAY, now that all of that is out of the way here is a quick prelude/intro:


Tsuna believed he had a decent life, even if he wasn't the strongest or the most talented in his family. However he was said to have rare powers. But his power didn't help him in a fight, so he was basically helpless whenever his father Iemitsu was confronted by a spiteful demon. He was said to have the blessing of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. She is the goddess of the sun, but also of the universe. The name Amaterasu derived from Amateru meaning "shining in heaven." Tsuna didn't necessarily understand why he was so protected by his father and the other monks when he didn't deem himself valuable. However he was said to be cursed as well by Tsukiyomi, the god of the moon and ruler of the night.

It was this curse that added misery to his life. Not many people socialized with him, because when you are cursed by a god you are seen as virus or plague, something that spreads disaster. Even though Tsuna was very sweet, naïve, and honest he didn't have many friends. Most of his time at school was spent with his friends Haru, Kyoko, and Enma. Haru, Tsuna had known since childhood and the girl was simply infatuated with him, but she knew he only saw her as a friend. Kyoko actually is an upcoming priestess at another shrine in another region of Japan but was sent away to learn more and gain more experience at another shrine in the area. They had become great friends with Kyoko becoming overprotective over Tsuna. Enma was truly the only male friend he had; from what he could tell Enma had had a rough childhood but didn't show it very often. They both confided in each other when they had problems.

Other than them Tsuna only had his father as his mother whom he had never seen, or heard about is dead. He had tried on multiple occasions to ask people who worked at the shrine and even his father but they all said that he had to waited until he was older. He was sixteen, approaching seventeen in the spring time as right now it was winter. He truly wanted to know about his mother but at the same time he felt that maybe she was kept hidden from him because she did something wrong.

However Tsuna still enjoyed his life at the shrine and at school. Today Kyoko and Enma were coming over for a project they had to do on the Emperor. Honestly Tsuna found government and history boring but he wanted good grades. Something he could brag about.

Iemitsu was meditating and reciting chants across the large wooden building that they lived in. Tsuna made sure to stay on the opposite side of the shrine to ensure that he wasn't disturbed. When his friends finally came over Tsuna was overjoyed.

"Hi Kyoko-san, Enma-san." Tsuna waved at the approaching pair that were carrying supplies with them.

"Hello Tsuna. How is everything?" Kyoko asked as she diverted toward the shrine, bowed, and whispered something before returning to Tsuna.

"Same as always. Ha-ha." He scratched the back of his head embarrassed. Kyoko always prayed to the gods that they would lift the curse off of him whenever she came over. Whatever good it did he didn't know. "Enma how are you fairing?"

The boy inclined his head, he didn't like to talk much around girls, but Tsuna understood. Enma had had some trouble with his sick sister lately but it seemed that she was getting better.

"Oh! We have to be quiet today because my dad is meditating." The other two nodded their heads and smiled. Tsuna's father was always meditating but for whatever reason Tsuna always reminded them. "But I made some tea and snacks for us."

"Tsuna." Enma had a slight plea in his voice as they walked towards the right side of the shrine and up a set of stairs into an open room with a kokatsu and cushions.

Tsuna flushed for a moment before waving his hands around, "It's edible! I had Momo help me make the onigiri!" Everyone knew, whether they associated with Tsuna or not that he could not cook without ruining the food. And if it was edible it was because he had already had at least two failed attempts. Kyoko laughed a little at Tsuna's predicament.

The next few hours were spent writing their papers and going over research materials and creating a speech about the rise of the Emperor, his power, and the order he brings. It wasn't long until dusk started to settle in and Enma had to go home because he had farther to walk than Kyoko did. She stayed about another hour until Tsuna's father came in and greeted both of them while ruffling Tsuna's already unruly hair. His father actually came to give Tsuna some Ofuda with Amaterasu's name inscribed on them. Whenever his father gave him these he knew something bad must have happened during the day with a demon or some other being. Tsuna exchanged looks with his father, the other nodding before leaving.

"Tsuna did something happen?" Kyoko motioned to the Ofuda sitting in Tsuna's lap.

"I hope not." He shook his head and looked at the Ofuda skimming his hands over them. Whenever his father gave him these, it was for protection. Tsuna only knew basic exorcism chants and other basic training. "But this probably means something is going on." Tsuna looked back up at Kyoko who gave him a reassuring smile. "I should walk you home tonight."

Kyoko smiled again nodding her head, "If it makes you feel better I have my own Gofu and prayer beads with me today as well so I'm prepared." Kyoko gathered her things and stood up waiting for Tsuna by the door. Once he was ready they made their way outside with Tsuna holding the lantern for light. They would have been talking if it was a normal day but they had to be more alert for anything suspicious. When they had been walking for about ten minutes a cold chill passed over and behind them. Immediately Tsuna turned around to see who or what had come but no one was there. Kyoko had her back to Tsuna her Gofu ready if something decided to attack. When a few more minutes pasted by they continued walking a little more on edge.

Not long after another chill settled in blowing out the flame in Tsuna's lantern. This time someone was there. Pulling out their Ofuda and Gofu Kyoko stepped forward her red hakama rustling.

"I am Sasagawa Kyoko. What business do you have here?" Whatever demon was with them was taunting them by not replying. Tsuna stepped forward alongside Kyoko when a shallow cut formed across his cheek. Immediately he slapped his hand over the small offence.

"I am Abozu and I have come for you Miko!" Suddenly there was a rush of movement between the three of them, Tsuna stepping in front of Kyoko chanting a Kuji-Goshin-Ho while making hand signs.

"Akuryō Taisan!" Tsuna threw up his Ofuda paper, a bright light emanating from it showing the face of the demon. The being screamed retreating back into the shadows again. Tsuna panted, not used to using such a higher level incantation. Abozu was a demon that was well known in its dealings with children. He liked to kidnap them and do who knows what to them afterwards. While Tsuna regained himself Kyoko yelled at Abozu had grabbed her by the back of the neck throwing her across the way, knocking her unconscious.

"Kyoko!" Tsuna rushed over only to be pushed back by the demon. He watched as it opened a black space in the air, a portal, and began to drag Kyoko into it. In a last ditch effort Tsuna tackled the demon, causing Abozu to drop Kyoko as they fell into the open hole.

It wasn't long before Iemitsu came down the road looking for Tsuna and Kyoko when he found the priestess unconscious. She was not badly hurt, but when he didn't find his son. A deep fear settled into his heart and he only hoped that Tsuna was just somewhere else.


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Notes: Ofuda (御札) is a gofu (護符) or a talisman issued by Shinto shrine. It may also be called shinpu (神符). It is made by inscribing the name of a kami (god), the name of Shinto shrine, or a representative of kami on a strip of paper, wood, cloth, or metal.

By performing Kuji-Goshin-Ho, a ritual which consists of chanting nine words of power (rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen) while making relevant hand signs. You then shout "Akuryō Taisan!" (悪霊退散?), meaning "Evil spirits, begone!" and throw an ofuda scroll.