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~So what now?~

Tsuna awoke with a start. He raised a clammy hand up to his chest to his frantically beating heart. He tried to breathe steadily as he looked around the dark room. He realized as he sat up that Reborn must have moved him earlier. Thinking of the demon made a chill run down his spine. He felt like he could feel the warmth of the man's hands on his back still. For whatever reason, a whine slipped through his mouth thinking of him. He had a bubbling feeling in his chest too, of need. Just then the door cracked open letting some light spill into the dark room. Reborn opened the door fully, causing Tsuna to shield his face from the harsh light. Even though it wasn't that bright, with all things considered.

Tsuna felt something hitch in his throat as the other approached. He felt flushed. He looked to the other frightened by the strange feelings. It showed in his eyes. Reborn sat on the edge of the bed lying one of his hands on the boy's covered legs. Tsuna twitched at the pleasant feeling that arose from the spot of contact. Reborn hummed to himself as he peered down at his partner. Tsuna knew he was being scrutinized as the piercing black eyes roamed over his body. He knew that Reborn could probably hear his frantic heartbeat. He felt as if it beat any faster it would explode in its small cavity.

By now their eyes were locked on each other's as the hand ghosted up to his hip and over to his side. Tsuna squirmed at the tingling feeling that trailed after the warm hand.

"Erm, w-what…" Tsuna closed his eyes as he felt like his body was on fire. Reborn smirked as he rubbed the brunette's side. The mark must have formed on his side or in the general area. Every time Reborn formed a pact it seemed to choose a different spot than the last. The mark was always the same though except for one small piece. He hiked Tsuna's shirt up causing the other to gasp and try to wrangle out of the demon's grasp. A black vine snaked up the brunette's side and wrapped around his left shoulder. Black leaves littered the vine, a large cluster on his side and on the top of his shoulder. Reborn traced the vine with a single finger causing a long drawn out whine to come from Tsuna. The only difference, Reborn noted, was an intricate change in color that seamlessly changed to orange before reverting back to the sleek black. In the radiant orange were different markings. The markings looked real, as if they could continue to grow where they wished.

Despite being the legitimate seal between him and his lover, it also served as a control of sorts. It allowed Reborn to control Tsuna if the need ever arose like before. Now that the pact was complete, the mental bond would start to form shortly. Along with a need, that Tsuna was displaying at the moment. Reborn was holding himself back from ravaging the boy on the spot. His body was calling to him incessantly. He couldn't help but trail his hand over the mark again making the brunette shiver. But Reborn could contain himself for a few more hours while he begrudgingly let the other adjust to the new feeling. Right now Tsuna's body would crave Reborn for energy.

Being in the demon realm was a draining process, usually any regular human would have been long dead, whether it be that they were eaten or they simply disappeared. However, Tsuna was a special case. He could survive for a longer period of time, but eventually his body would crave for something that he would not be able to find unless he made a pact with a demon. When a human makes a pact with a demon they exchange something of equal value, and usually it will have one side giving their demonic energy to the other. However, not so much so that the individual loses their mind. Too much demon energy inside a human's body can cause it to rapidly decompose, cause it to catch a disease, or even worse kill the person on the spot.

Tsuna felt strange, but he knew the feeling that was spreading from his side. He didn't want to do anything with Reborn, not so soon after the last incident. He closed his eyes tightly trying to will away the awful heat that was pooling in his stomach. He wouldn't call out to Reborn that would just be too awful to want him and then send him away the next moment. Tsuna was so confused trying to make up his mind as to what to do with Reborn. If what Luce said was true, then was Reborn hurting right now? Was he the one who was being insensitive to Reborn and not the other way around? Tsuna couldn't pick through his thoughts enough to make a decision. He just lay on the bed wanting Reborn's hand to lie on his side again, so that some of the heat would go away, if even for a moment.

Reborn watched as Tsuna struggled on the bed. His face kept changing from relaxed to tense in a cycle that never ended in his presence.


Luce was busying herself around the mansion, getting ready for a group meeting between the Acrobaleno, the Guardians, and the Varia. Usually they coordinated independently because that was how they worked best however, this time they'd have to work together. Luce, from all of her previous knowledge, had never known Veckenschtein to attack so quickly. It wasn't unrealistic to think that maybe this time Tsukiyomi was serious. It wasn't that he wasn't determined to kill the light bearer but usually he didn't send Veckenschtein so soon after their appearance. Which in turn caught everyone off guard. Luce only hoped that the weak bond between Tsuna and Reborn would grow strong in the short time they probably had available to them.

However, that wasn't the only concern occupying her mind. The probability of the Varia actually coming was slim. Xanxas was always so spiteful that he usually didn't involve himself even though he was part of the curse too. But surprisingly Squalo had stopped by not too long after the earlier incident. Luce found it strange that Lucifer would come to see them despite the fact that Xanxas probably told him not to come. But his visit wasn't a joyous one; in fact it was the opposite. When he had arrived Verde and Mammon had been around, engaging in the conversation as well. Verde didn't consider himself someone who was experienced with the battle field; he was much more interested in researching than the squabble that had been going on for centuries. He just hoped that he would be given more time to work than the last; however that didn't mean he was weak either. Mammon always seemed indifferent, quiet and aloof but he didn't like the presence of Squalo, there was a reason why his nickname was Lucifer after all. Not only was Squalo known for his sword skills he was known for his strained loyalties and his bloody rivalry with Yamamoto.

Although Squalo's presence wasn't very welcomed the information he brought with him was. Apparently the Millefiore had been active in the area recently. The Millefiore was an old and odd bunch of demons, particularly their leader Byakuran. The white haired demon was a fearsome demi-god and his followers were just as strong. The background surrounding Byakuran was unknown but his guardians were apparently fallen gods or demi-gods. As far as involvement goes, usually the Millefiore didn't involve themselves at all. Byakuran found the farce between the Acrobaleno and Tsukiyomi to be yawn worthy if nothing else. The problem was that Luce couldn't decide how to view the eccentric man. He could he a worthy ally but he could be a fearsome enemy. Luce only hoped that whatever the Millefiore were doing that they would keep to themselves and not cause problems.

In the meantime Squalo hadn't said anything about Xanxas coming to the future meeting, which wasn't much of a surprise. However the fact that the Millefiore were moving around at all was disconcerting. Squalo wasn't the most trustworthy source of information but he seemed to be genuine in his concern, because after all the Millefiore could cause issues for the Varia as well.