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He was doing it again. Onodera Ritsu was pulling at Takano's strings, wrapping him around his little finger. Yokozawa hated the stupid looks he would give Takano when they talked to each other. Yokozawa figured it was only because he was around. Onodera acted so innocent, like he almost hated Takano, and it made his blood boil. How could someone be so two faced?

As the large man from the sales department watched the two from he doorway, he couldn't help but let out a sigh. He was aggravated...and it was two in the morning. He had come downstairs to speak to Takano...and when he did there was a rather interesting sight to see.

Onodera and his precious Masamune were on the dirty floor of the office and it looked like they were picking up papers...due to the mess that was surrounding them. (Though the entire office area was a mess.) As Yokozawa opened his mouth to catch the two's attention, something happened. It was something the sales man did not expect. It was obvious that the two thought they were alone for Takano reached out and pulled Onodera into a very hard kiss.

Yokozawa's eyes opened wide and he sucked in a sharp breath. He had never actually seen them get this physical before. He wanted to punch something. No. He wanted to punch Onodera, right in the face. He was furious. Closing his eyes Yokozawa then let out his breath, trying to calm down. Though that was a lot harder then it looked.

A loud sound of a throat being cleared echoed through the rather quiet office and it made Ritsu jump out of his skin. When he looked up Yokozawa was staring at him and Takano from he doorway. Had he been watching? What ever the case was it freaked Ritsu out. Sticking his arms straight out Onodera pushed his much larger boss away from him, backing up on the floor. He did not want Yokozawa to get the wrong impression. He was already on bad terms with him.

"Yokozawa," Takano said flatly as he slowly stood up. "What's up?

"I needed to talk to you," Yokozawa said in a harsh tone.

"Well can it wait?" Takano asked as he walked over to a desk where a stack of papers were sitting. Picking them up he then sighed. "I was on my way out of the office.

"Yeah...I see that," Yokozawa muttered as he noted that his one lover had one his coat. Looking over at Ritsu he then noticed that he to had on his coat. He still felt mad as he watched the smaller male collect the rest of the papers that were on the floor. This sales man wanted to hurt something so bad! "Well then...can I talk to Onodera for a moment? I have some questions in terms of his proposal he brought up last week"

"Oh!" Ritsu exclaimed as he looked at the sales man "Yeah that's not a problem!" For that split moment Onodera had completely forgotten about what the man had just seen him do. He was now more focused on his work.

A sly smile danced across Yokozawa's lips and he let out a soft, satisfactory, chuckle. He knew the brat couldn't resist.

"Alright then! I'll just wait for you outside," Takano stated as he started walking back towards his office to grab something.

"NO!" both Yokozawa and Ritsu exclaimed at the same time.

With wide eyes Takano stared at them for a while before pushing his glasses back in place. "Fine." he muttered. "I'll see you both tomorrow." he said as he walked back into his office.

Once he did so both Ritsu and Yokozawa let out a silent held breath. Ritsu didn't want to be going home with Takano again. It gave the wrong message to people (or so he thought) and he just didn't feel that comfortable with Takano yet. (Though they have done "it" a couple times now.) Yokozawa on the other hand didn't want that little pest walking around with Takano, it made his stomach churn.

"Let's go to my office," Yokozawa muttered as he turned towards the elevators. Onodera nodded quickly before gathering his papers, stuffing them into his bag, and then following the much larger man.

The elevator ride up to Yokozawa's office was rather awkward and Ritsu couldn't help but look at the ground. He did not dare look up at the sales man's face. He could already feel his eyes burning into his skin and Onodera figured that if he looked...he would surely die. Had Yokozawa seen them? If he did...that was bad. Ritsu was already not on good terms with this man. He didn't want to make things worse.

The elevator finally stopped and both men walked out and into the dimly lit sales department before entering Yokozawa's office. The larger man opened the door and motioned for Onodera to walk in. Lowering his head slightly, Onodera walked into the dark office. Once he was inside Yokozawa flipped on the lights and closed the door.

"So, what did you need to talk to me about in terms of my proposal?" Ritsu asked in an awkward tone. Turning his head to the side to get a better look at Yokozawa, he was able to catch a glimpse of the larger mans fist before it made impact with Ritsu's face, sending him flying to the floor.

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