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The police had arrested Yokozawa a few hours ago. He seemed to put up no threat as they cuffed him and took him down to the station where they began to interrogate him. In fact, he was willing to give any, and all, information that he had. As this was going on the police chief called the Onoderas down to the station. Takano was still at the hotel room when they got the call.

"That was the police," Ritsu's father announced, hanging up the phone as he looked between his wife and his son's newly discovered lover. "They have the man you spoke of, and they want us to come down," He said, his words directed at Takano.

"Then I'll let you go. Let me know if you hear anything," the black haired man said as he stood, his knees popping from lack of movement. He really wanted to find out what the police had discovered as well, but he knew he had to give the husband and wife their space. He would find out on his own.

"Wait," Mrs. Onodera called out, her brow knitted together. "Please come with us. You stated your relationship with my son. It's clear that you care for him. You must be just as worried as we are. So come with us. You're family," She insisted.

"That's very nice of you Mrs. Onodera," Takano said clearly taken back by the woman's statement. "But I really shouldn't. I-"

"Stop that," The woman suddenly cut him off. "You're coming with us. I won't take no for an answer," She said before grabbing her coat, only to walk out of the room.

"For future reference," the owner of Onodera Publishing said with a sad smile. "Don't argue. She always gets her way. And if she doesn't, she'll go down with a fight," the man said before grabbing his own coat.

Takano had never really gotten to know Onodera's parents before this, but he could tell they were good people. He had made the right choice about choosing to be with Onodera, and he had a good family that he was not being welcomed into. The only thing missing now was Onodera himself.

Eventually the Onodera's and Takano reached the station. They were greeted by the chief who led them into a small room with two sofas and a chair. After everyone was settled in, the chief cleared his throat.

"We have the ma, Yokozawa, in custody. We've questioned him and he is admitting to everything. With all the evidence he is giving us, there will be no issue in proving him guilty and putting him in jail. Probably for the rest of his life. If not the majority." This was supposed to be good news, but neither the parents, nor Takano seemed to be happy.

"What about finding my son?" Ritsu's mother asked, his voice shaking. The police chief sighed, nodding slightly as his head hung, his eyes locked onto his hands that were folded in his lap.

"Yokozawa only told us the area in which he dropped off your son. It's a very dangerous area with a high population in prostitutes and different sex and crime rings. To be honest, it's not even in our reach. It's another police forces district. We are in contact with them, though, and they are very happy to work with us. In fact the search will begin tomorrow." The Chief explained. He looked over the three people's faces, and each of them had the same look on their face, they were…confused, hurt, and scared. "You don't need to move to that district. We will still have this as the base for our investigation. They are just working with us now. We'll find your son," He said, standing from his position.

"Can we help look?" Takano suddenly asked, catching the chief off guard. He turned, raising an eyebrow.

"I would suggest that you do not. He is in a very dangerous part of town. I don't want to have to look for another person. Just leave it to us, we'll find him," he said, getting ready to leave another time.

"Can I-" Takano suddenly cut in again. "Can I talk with Yokozawa?" He then asked, already knowing the answer.

"We normally do not allow that," The chief said with a heavy sigh. "In fact I would advise against it," he said, moving towards the door.

"Please," A different voice interjected. "Please let him talk with Takano," Ritus's father asked, his eyes filled with desperation. The chief was now stuck between six pleading eyes, and he eventually cracked.

"Five minutes. I'll give you that much. I'll be back to get you in ten," he said, leaving the room.

Those ten minutes eventually passed and soon an officer was back in the room, looking at Takano. "This way," he said, motioning for Takano to follow him. He did, and slowly the two walked down the hallway. From there they came to a plane black door. "One moment," The officer said, stopping Takano. "Please spread your arms out. I need to check you for any weapons," He said, holding out a wand that would scan him for any metal. Takano complied and after he passed the inspection the officer opened the door. "Five minutes," He said, allowing Takano inside.

What made Takano suddenly stop was the sight of Yokozawa, sitting in a metal chair on the opposite side of a table. His head hung low and his hair shadowed his face. Takano could clearly see that he was broken. So very quietly Takano took a seat opposite of Yokozawa and cleared his throat. Slowly Yokozawa turned his head upward, looking at Takano with bloodshot eyes.

"Takano," Yokozawa said, his voice cracking as he tried to speak. "Takano I am so sorry. I did-"

"Shut up," Takano snapped, his eyes hard. "Save it. I'm not here to listen to your pity party," Takano hissed, his words sharp. "Where did you take Onodera. Tell me." He insisted. "The police will not tell me," Takano said, his voice a little more desperate.

"I can't," Yokozawa suddenly said. "They said if I do tell you, I'll get a harsher punishment," Yokozawa explained. To which Takano raised an eyebrow. They must have known that he would ask that question.

"You tell me right now. Do you understand! You know what is the right thing to do! If you want to redeem yourself, even just a little bit, this is it. It doesn't matter if you get more time. You know you'll be doing the right thing," Takano said, his hands balled up in tight fists.

"Takano I can-"

"TELL ME!" Takano cried out suddenly, slamming his hands on the table. And in that moment it seemed like both Yokozawa and Takano jumped at the man's outburst.

"I can't verbally," Yokozawa said quietly. "But I'll write it down," he said, his hands playing with a pen that had been left on the table. The statement seemed to take Takano back, but the man softened his eyes and a sigh of relief rushed out of his mouth as he relaxed.

"Thank you," he said as Yokozawa wrote down the location before handing it over to Takano. After putting it in his pocket, the two sat there for a moment, just looking at each other. "Why?" Takano suddenly asked. "Why would you do something like this? Who would come to such a point that they would do this to someone?" He asked, his voice shaking.

"I don't know," Yokozawa said quietly. "I was just so angry and I-I-I didn't know what to do and he was just there and-"

"You need help Yokozawa," Takano said quietly, his eyes hard as he watched Yokozawa's pained expression. Just then the door opened and the officer motioned for Takano to leave. "You better hope to God we find him," Takano suddenly hissed before standing up, leaving the broken man alone in the small room.

After their meeting at the police station, the Onodera's made their way back to the hotel room with Takano. They ate supper together and then Takano excused himself from the couple.

"I need to finish some work. Just because Onodera's missing, doesn't mean my job is," Takano sighed heavily as he stood up.

"Please come back tomorrow," Onodera's mother asked quietly. "It's nice, having you here," She then added on. Takano could only smile in response.

"I'll be sure to do so," He said quietly, moving towards the door.

"Thank you," She said with a small nod, only to add a few more words. "Thank you, for loving my son," She said, her eyes locked on to Takano.

"Well," Takano said with a small chuckle. That's not a hard thing to do," He said with a sad smile before leaving. The thing was, as soon as he left, Takano did not go home. The man simply pulled out the location Yokozawa had given him and drove to the area. Takano knew it was a large area to cover, but the man was going to do his best to try and find someone who could help. Perhaps he could find the prostitute that Onodera was given to.

So for the next four hours Takano drove up to every woman and man he saw on the side of the street, showing their bodies off. He called them over to the car and asked if they had seen Onodera after showing them a picture of him on his phone. So far no one had, and a lot of them were pretty upset when he refused their services. By the time it reached one in the morning, though, Takano figured it was time to call it quits for the night. He would try again tomorrow. So far no one had seem Onodera, and the man was giving up hope. But he couldn't. His lover was out there. So as Takano drove around on the streets, trying to find his way out of the area, he spotted a woman on the corner.

She had long brown hair and was wearing a skimpy tube like dress that showed off her large breasts and slender legs. She had on a small black jacket and was leaning against a building, taking a long drag off of her cigarette. As Takano pulled up beside her and rolled the window down, he thought that perhaps this was a bad decision. He had seen a lot of prostitutes that night, but this one took the cake for being the most intimidating.

"Excuse me," He called out motioning for her to come closer. The woman turned her head and a bright red smile appeared on her face as she took a few steps towards the car, her heels clicking against the sidewalk.

"How can I help you sir?" She asked, his eyes suddenly shining as if she knew some sort of secret. Okay, Takano was wrong. She was not only the most intimidating, but also the most charming.

"I'm looking for someone. They went missing around this area. Maybe you can help," He suggested as he held his phone out towards the woman, the image of Onodera flashing up on the screen. "His name is Onodera Ritsu and he-" Takano began but suddenly stopped when the woman's mouth fell open and she let out a gasp.

"Are you a cop?" She suddenly asked. She knew even if he was, though, he would never tell her.

"No," Takano replied. "I'm a friend of his my name is Takano," he explained.

Suddenly taking a step forward, the woman practically pushed herself into the car, her lips a few inches from Takano's ear.

"I know where your friend is," She whispered, feeling Takano jolt underneath her. "He talks about you all the time. I can tell you more, but we can't talk like this. My employers are watching. They will get suspicious if we stand here for too long," She explained, pulling back out of the car.

Takano just sat there, trying to grasp what this woman was saying. She knew. She knew who and where Onodera was, and she was willing to talk? Takano didn't even have time to think that perhaps this was a terrible idea. He just needed information. It had been almost three weeks since he had seen Onodera, and he needed answers.

"Fine then," He finally staggered out. "I'll buy you for the night."

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