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Harry had been annoyed. And not just a bit, like if you can't find the specific t-shirt you want to wear, or if you crave ham and you only have chicken meat, no. He had been downright pissed off! He had gone to get dressed, and what had he seen? Some of the clothes he had used to get his mates' scent into his nest were in the closet; clean! He had immediately rushed to the nursery and found the room clean and organized. His nest was gone. He had spent an hour now, growling and snapping at every single house elf that dared get near him, as well as he didn't let his mates anywhere near.

Draco had suggested rebuilding the nest, but Severus had instantly shot the idea down. "If we let him rebuild his nest he won't leave it, in fear of finding it destroyed again. That would mean he wouldn't eat, thus harming him and the young he is carrying." So instead of building the nest again, they decided to keep Harry's instincts in check. He was after all many months early, even with the planning of the nest site!

Harry's anger lasted for several days, and Severus was getting worried. Harry wasn't usually the kind of person who'd hold a grudge, but he had not calmed down at all! They had tried everything. They had spiked his tea with a pregnancy-safe calming draught, they had tried spoiling him in any way possible, and they even dragged the Weasley twins to the manor! But nothing had helped at all. They had almost given up, when they found something Harry fell for instantly.

Draco sat down in the soft chair and took the special cherry chocolate out of his bag, and even though the bar was quite big, he just opened it and took a bite from it. "Draco, that is not healthy for you. If you feel a need to cheer up, why not take a pepper-up potion and do something practical?" Draco just shrugged and ignored Lucius' advice. They heard a soft squeal, and within seconds, Draco was face-first on the floor, hissing in pain, with Harry sitting on his back and happily eating the chocolate. Harry had forgotten his anger, and the price had been so simple that none of them had thought of it before; cherry chocolate.

Draco smiled softly at the memory. Had he known he'd just need to share his cherry chocolate, then he had let Harry taste it already, but he hadn't known it, so with a few sore spots and a bruise on his chest, he had paid for keeping the chocolate to himself selfishly.


Tom couldn't help staring. Harry had found out that the cherry chocolate was even better, if it was made into chocolate sauce and poured on vanilla ice cream. Tom doubted whether Harry was putting on a show for him and Lucius, or whether he was about to have sex with the chocolate covered ice cream. The tongue swirled in the sauce, lapping at it like a cat with a bowl of cream.

Harry looked up from his treat, when he heard a moan. Lucius and Tom were both watching him with a fierce desire burning in their eyes. Tom knew then, that Harry loved teasing them, because Harry smirked and started licking the sauce off teasingly slow, swirling his tongue at the top, before kissing the ice cream and licking the sauce from his lips seductively.

Before either of them knew what had happened, Harry had run giggling from the room, towards the lab, where Draco and Severus were working on refilling the stock. He had more teasing to do. Lucius growled in frustration and pulled Tom against him, as their lips met. As a small punishment, Lucius decided to fuck Tom over the table that Harry usually worked at when he was making a surprise meal for them.


Severus didn't notice Harry, until he noticed Draco had stopped moving. Turning to see what was so interesting, he saw the raven-haired boy sat on the desk, licking his ice cream in a slow, arousing way, which instantly had them both aching to throw the ice cream away and give Harry a much warmer treat.

Before they got the chance to jump their youngest mate, Harry got off the table and walked out of the room with a satisfied smile. Severus took a calming breath, and willed his erection away, and when he saw Draco was lustfully staring after Harry, he used a spell to calm Draco's libido. "You can jump him later. We need to finish work first," he said strictly, and they continued their task.

Harry had gone outside to the gazebo to enjoy the gentle breeze and the beautiful sunset, but within the manor four men were busy thinking about ways to punish their wonderful mate for being a tease.