To sum it all up: Bonnie went insane. She tried to do a dark spell, and it pulled her into the Dark Side. But before she was able to finish the spell, Caroline stopped her. Caroline had ruined all the props Bonnie set up by dumping a bucket of water all over everything and then watched with fear as Bonnie came out of her trance, evil.

"What the hell?" Bonnie snarled.

"Bonnie, you can't do that spell. It's just…too much for you!" Caroline exclaimed, tossing the empty bucket to the side.

"You're the one that told me to! You said it was 'such a good idea'," Bonnie confronted, imitating Caroline's voice.

"Yeah well…I lied. I never wanted you to do this!" Caroline whined.

Bonnie glared at her. "What about all the other heavy spells we've done? You've been pressuring me to do those too!" Bonnie growled. "Those were just like this one!"

"Yeah, and I didn't want you doing those, either! I was hoping and planning on you seeing how evil they were, and then maybe you'd stop with magic all together. But apparently you can't use that kind of common sense," Caroline scolded, like it was Bonnie's fault.

Bonnie scoffed. "You're an idiot… Alright, while we're playing 'The Truth Game', what else have you been lying about?" Bonnie questioned, crossing her arms on her chest with a bit of edge.

Caroline's face suddenly got protective. "Uh," she started, "nothing," she lied, again.

Bonnie gave her an untrusting look. Then, she rolled her sleeves up and suddenly started chanting something witchy.

"Bonnie…what are you doing?" Caroline asked hesitantly. If she angered Bonnie further by questioning what she was doing…anything could happen.

Bonnie continued to speak and held her hand out towards Caroline. Caroline felt her throat close up. She clutched at her neck. She couldn't breathe. Not that she needed to, but the fact that she couldn't make any noise at all frightened her. 'Bonnie' she mouthed.

Then Bonnie stopped, and Caroline's throat opened back up, and she inhaled a raspy breath. "Bonnie!" she coughed. Bonnie raised her eyebrows as if she were innocent. "You nearly killed me!" Caroline exaggerated.

"You're already dead," Bonnie corrected with spite.

Caroline frowned up at her. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she demanded.

"What else have you been lying about?" Bonnie asked again, changing the subject.

"Everything," Caroline answered right away. "Jamie, Abbie, you, everything." Caroline gasped and covered her mouth.

Bonnie looked hurt, but yet content and pleased with herself at the same time. "And the truth comes out," she practically sang out, smugly.

"Oh mi God, why did I say that?" Caroline hissed, almost scolding herself. "Bonnie, I am –" She was trying to tell her that she was sorry, that she didn't mean it, but it wouldn't come out. "What did you do?" Caroline snarled.

"Helped you," Bonnie answered. "You can no longer lie. See? Now people can like you for you. The mean, sassy, bitchy you," Bonnie sneered.

Well that explains why she couldn't say she was sorry, because she wasn't.

"You've got to be kidding! Bonnie, undo it!" she commanded.

Bonnie tilted her head to the side, as if considering the thought. She pursed her lips and shook her head. "Nah. I'd rather not. I want to see how this affects everything!" she exclaimed, excitedly.

Caroline glared at her friend. She wanted to speak, but couldn't. Either she was too angry, or what she wanted to say wasn't true. So, instead of sitting there and fighting a lost battle, she got up and stormed out of Bonnie's house.

When she was at her own home and safe in her room, she called Elena. The phone rang and rang and rang and eventually went to her voicemail.

Caroline growled as the beep went off. "Elena, I swear, if you missed this call because you're too busy making out with a Salvatore, I'll beat you!" she snapped, not being able to help it. After she realized what she said, she growled again at herself…and Bonnie. "I'm sorry. I just…I think Bonnie finally went off the deep end. She put a freaking curse on me and I want to strangle her!" Caroline took a breath. She was overreacting. "Just call me back," she demanded, then hung up.

Caroline tossed her phone on her bed and took a breath. "Ok, this can't really be happening. No. It's not," she told herself. She inhaled and prepared herself. "Ok…my hair, is br—" the word just stopped in her throat. She let out all her air in a loud yell of frustration. She picked up her phone again and looked up her boyfriend's number.

"Need your help…Now!" she texted him.

In literally two minutes, there was a knock at her door. She rushed downstairs and opened the door to see Tyler standing there, looking expectant. "I'm here," he announced. "Now why?" he asked, walking in through the door.

"I can't lie," Caroline whined while shutting the door.

Tyler frowned. "Oh no, what ever shall we do?" he said in a bored, confused tone.

"I'm serious, Tyler. Bonnie went all psycho on me and now I have to tell the truth," Caroline complained.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

Caroline started towards the stairs. "Yes, totally serious," she said, heading up with Tyler following. She heard him laugh. She stopped in her tracks and turned towards him. "How is this funny?" she demanded.

Tyler was smiling. "This is just like that Jim Carrey movie! 'Yes M'-ah…" he looked down, shaking his head while thinking. Then he looked up, snapped, and pointed at her. "'Liar Liar'!" he exclaimed.

Caroline gave him an 'are you serious' look. "No! It's not! He just had to tell the truth, I have to say what I'm thinking, too!" she cried.

Tyler frowned. "You do?"

Caroline shrugged. "Apparently. I just said it," she said with regret. Her face fell with a sad, pathetic, close-to-breaking face and she leaned her head down on his shoulder, which was a long way because he was a few steps lower than her on the stairs. Tyler rubbed her upper arms.

"Hey, hey. Calm down. We'll figure it out." He started leading her up the stairs. "Come on," he coaxed. They reached her room and went in. She sat on her bed and Tyler sat next to her. "So…why did Bonnie do this?" he asked.

Caroline slumped her shoulders forward. "Because I was lying…" she had to admit.

"Do you have a problem with lying?" he asked, almost sounding like he was questioning a little kid.

Caroline stuck out her bottom lip. "Not anymore…" she mumbled.

"Sooo, you did?" he clarified.

Caroline looked at him from the corner of her eye. "Yes," she sighed like a little kid.

Tyler leaned back. "Did you ever lie to me?" he questioned.

Caroline pouted. "Could you please not take advantage of me right now?" she pleaded.

Tyler straightened up. "You're right. I'm sorry," he said, becoming his usual happy self.

"Thank you," she mumbled, looking forward again.

It was silent for a few moments, and then, "So did you ever lie to me?"

"Tyler!" Caroline yelled. She looked at him with shock annoyance, but he just returned with a waiting expression. Caroline sighed and closed her eyes. "Yes," she moaned, again like a kid, like he had finally gotten it out of her and she was annoyed to tell him.

"Ok," he said quietly. He nudged her with his shoulder. "That's all I wanted to know." He may have acted like he was ok with it all, but Caroline could tell, he was hurt.

Tyler was only there for about half an hour, but he didn't ask Caroline any of the questions floating around in his mind.

The next morning, the first thing Caroline even thought about doing was checking to see if it had all just been a dream. "My name is Te—" aaaand….she couldn't finish. Caroline kicked her foot up from under the blankets and dropped her heel into the mattress. "Caroline Forbes," she hissed behind clenched teeth. She went back to sleep and decided to get up an hour later.

While she was getting ready after she finally pulled herself out of bed, she decided she'd talk to Elena about Bonnie, seeing as Elena hadn't returned her call from last night. She finished getting ready and went to the kitchen. She picked up a piece of paper and pen and quickly wrote a note to her mom. "Going to the school for my committee meeting. Be back tonight." She put down the pen and pinned the note to their refrigerator with a magnet.

She picked up her purse and headed to the door, but suddenly stopped. She wasn't going to the school…She was going to Elena's…She lied! She could lie!

Caroline tried to sigh in relief, but it came out as more of a growl of relief. But non-the-less, she was relieved. She smirked to herself. "Sorry, Bonnie. You're not as good as you think you are," she purred, flipping her hair over her shoulder and practically skipping out of the room.

Then she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and she smiled as she cheerfully answered, "Hello?" She started walking and was out of the front door before Elena replied.

"Hey, Caroline," it was Elena, "what was your message about last night?" she asked.

"Oh, I had a little problem with Bonnie," she said, waving her hand like it was silly, walking down the sidewalk. "But it's go—" Caroline cut off. "It's g—" Caroline stopped walking and felt her cheeks get hot.

"…Caroline?" Elena checked.

Caroline searched for something to say. A lie. Her mouth was open like someone just told her the world was going to end and she couldn't think of a response. "Uh…" she said finally, straightening up and looking around frantically with the phone at her ear. "Um…you," she started, pointing ahead of her as if Elena was really there, "are in love with Ty—" She was about to say 'Tyler,' but seeing as Elena doesn't even like him a little, it wouldn't come out of her mouth. "Ugh! No! You're in love with Damon!" she shouted, intending for it to be a lie…but the name came out fully.

"What?" Elena scoffed. "No, Caroline. I don't. What's going on with you?"

Caroline smiled. Maybe she could find a little pleasure in this… "I can't lie. Bonnie cursed me and now I can't finish a sentence if it's not true. And you, my friend, love Damon, or else his name wouldn't have come out," she preached smugly.

"What do you mean-what curse? What are you talking about?" Elena asked, ignoring the Damon statements.

"Bonnie," Caroline exclaimed. She had explained this before, in the message she left, and just now. "She's been sucked to the dark side! I'm now cured because she's crazy! God, Elena. I've told you this already! Is this just too hard for you to understand?" she snapped.

"Caroline!" Elena exclaimed, almost in a calming tone. "I'm sorry if I upset you, ok? This is just shocking, alright? I didn't think Bonnie could do this. Do you want me to talk to her?" she asked, trying to calm Caroline.

Caroline sighed. She understood that she had freaked for no reason, and that Elena was trying not to do the same. "No, it's alright. I can talk to Bonnie. I just thought you should know…Alright, well that's all I had to tell you. I'm going to talk to Bo—" she had no intention of talking to Bonnie, "Oh come on! I have to g— I can't ta— I'm hanging up!" Caroline yelled in frustration and pounded the 'end' button and growled at herself…and Bonnie. "I can't even say 'I have to go'? What the hell?" she yelled to herself, glad no one was around to hear her. She heard a few birds fluttering in the tree to the side of the sidewalk she was on.

"'What the hell…' You know, I was close friends with the man that first said that phrase. Sounded preposterous at the time," came an English voice from her side.

Caroline didn't even look up. She just scowled ahead. "Get lost, Klaus," she snarled.

"Oh, come on, love. Don't act like you're not happy to see me. You must be at least a little pleased…" he flattered himself, standing at her side in a sickeningly happy mood.

Caroline's insides were screaming at her to run. But she couldn't. She had to deal with this smoothly. She wanted to spat "no" right in his face; but thanks to Bonnie… "I told you to get lost," she said instead. She started walking away from him, but heard the slight sound of his steps falling in pace with hers.

"Yes, I heard you the first time, love," he said, coming up next to her again. He had a bit of a sway in his walk, like he was pleased about something.

Caroline had a sick feeling in her stomach. "What do you want?" she grumbled, looking away from him.

"Well, I just happened to be walking by—"


"-And I couldn't help but over hear you on the phone," he continued, as if Caroline hadn't said a thing.

"You could very well have helped it if you heard me or not," she said, ratting him out.

"Well, you must be right," Klaus admitted, "considering the fact that you were cursed to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," Klaus said with a smile.

Caroline stopped in her tracks. Fantastic, he knew.

Klaus had stopped right beside her and was now standing there patiently with his hands folded behind his back. A very faint, proud smirk hinted at the corners of his lips. Caroline turned her head towards him and immediately regretted it as she stiffened up. Not only was he incredibly close, but he looked even hotter when he was this close. "Stop smiling," she commanded.

Klaus tilted his head up slightly. "Why?" he tried her.

"Because it's sexy…." Caroline whipped her head forwards. "-Dammit!" she yelled. She didn't look back at Klaus, just started stomping away. But, of course, Klaus wasn't going to let her off the hook that easily. If you could even call that easy.

"So you are happy to see me?" he said smugly, as if he was so smart for figuring that one out. He was still marching beside her.

"I never said that," she stated.

"But you never denied it, either," Klaus informed her.

Caroline licked the front of her teeth in frustration. She couldn't answer him, not without shooting his ego mile high, not that it wasn't already out of the atmosphere. "Leave me alone," she snapped.

"I plan on doing just that, as soon as you answer me. Are you pleased to see me, Caroline?" he asked once again.

Caroline stopped in her tracks…again. "No," she answered with a smirk. She had told him "no" in hopes that he would see it as, 'No I'm not pleased to see you;' but what she really meant was, 'No, I'm not answering you.'

But, of course, Klaus caught on. "'No' what?" he pressed even further.

Caroline growled viciously. "Yes! I wa— Am happy to see you! Now, leave!" she yelled, highly upset with him and herself. And as he promised, Klaus smiled, bowed his head, and walked away with a smirk on his face. "Bastard," she mumbled under her breath.

"I heard that!" Klaus called back as he walked away.

"Good!" Caroline yelled back, a little too forcefully.

She turned away from him and sighed deeply. She felt like crying because she was so tired and overwhelmed. "I need a drink…" she mumbled pathetically to herself, and started to stalk down the street to the Grill. Little did she know, she'd have to face someone looking to pry more things out of her than Klaus just had-


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