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Klaus jumped out of his car, dagger in hand. It had taken him just a few minutes to retrieve the dagger and white oak ash from his house and then return to the Salvatore's. The only thoughts crossing his mind were ones concerning Caroline and Jade. Two different situations, but both running between his thoughts like obsessions. She'd said Rebekah should be able to see Jade before he died, and he knew she was right. But why was she right? Was it so obvious that Rebekah needed to see him? Had Caroline even seen the two in the same room together?

Either way, she was right. Rebekah deserved to say her final did Jade.

Klaus, in the midst of his thoughts, almost went without noticing the moving truck parked in the driveway beside the other vehicles. How had they gotten that there in the dead of night without any of the locals noticing? Oh well, it didn't matter much. They were vampires - anything should be possible for them.

He opened the door of the house and stepped in, the smell of blood rushing into his nostrils. Apparently Jade's blood still hadn't been cleaned up. Or the blood of the other bodies lying around the house. But that wasn't a surprise. None of the vampires in the house were known for cleaning, save Elijah.

"I'm not driving. No. That's over a hundred miles with that unholy smell surrounding me," came Kol's voice from the living room.

"If not you, who?" Elijah sighed, obviously still tired after everything.

"I don't know, how about Damon? Give him a purpose for being alive."

Damon scoffed loudly. "You've been around long enough, isn't it time you see what a long car ride feels like?"

"Hell. That's what."

Klaus walked into the room, already rolling his eyes at all of them. But he wasn't there to sit around debating who drove and who stayed; he was there on business. "Rebekah, come with me," he instructed.


"Don't question, just do," he said hastily as he reached the door to the cellar.

She got up off the couch and followed, luckily. He really didn't feel like explaining that he wanted his sister to find love before he killed. It was completely out of the normal and he really didn't need his siblings teasing him about it.

They walked down to the end of the hall, passing cell after cell full of corpses. Klaus located the one he knew Jade was lying in and he swept in, swiftly pulling the stake out of Jade and leaving the cell straight away so he could lock it from the outside. Rebekah made to question his motives, but he cut in before she even breathed to speak. "You want to speak with him, do you not? Question me not, and just accept what I'm doing for you."

Rebekah frowned at her brother as he walked past her. "Why?"

"What did I just say?"

"Fine. Fine..." And with her ending of words, he left the cellar for her to be alone with Jade Hark, former lover.


Klaus looked up to see Kol standing at the top of the stairs with his arms folded over his chest and his eyes narrowed. "What are you doing?" he questioned suspiciously.

Klaus sighed inwardly. Of course Kol was going to get into his business about everything. "I'm being nice to our sister."

"Since when?"

"Since someone pointed out that I should. She needs to speak with Hark before we kill him for good."

Kol licked the front of his teeth. "You just left the two of them down there by themselves?"

"She's a big girl; she can take care of herself."

Kol laughed. "That, brother, is something you might want to reconsider."

Klaus watched his brother with impatience. He trusted his sister. And even if he didn't, there was absolutely no way for Jade to get away. He was locked in the cell with the key in Klaus' pocket, and he'd have to get through the room of vampires in order to escape. Klaus wasn't doubting anything.

"Where's Caroline?" Kol questioned, trying to seem casual.

"Why does it matter to you?"

"You may not know, but I really am very concerned about her. I consider her to be my closest friend."

Klaus almost scoffed. "She hates you."

"She hated you too, didn't she, and now you're completely and utterly in love," he said in a dreamy voice.

Klaus clenched his jaw tightly shut, refusing the urge to snap back or possibly even smack his little brother upside the head.

Kol continued, however. "Actually, I bet she's at the house, since you smell of her mother's flowers. I'm gonna go say hi."

Klaus grabbed his arm sharply before he walked away. "Leave her alone if all you intend to do is pester. She's tired; let her rest."

"Well it's a good thing I'm known for my back rubs," he smirked, slipping his arm from Klaus' grip. "And you've got to stay here to make sure the 'Rebekah and Jade Serenade' goes according to plan. So I'll see you later."

Klaus could do nothing to stop the irritating man while walked away with pride, stutting just to show what kind of triumphant mood he was in.


Rebekah looked down at Jade though the cell's bars. Klaus had walked in moments before and taken the stake out of his heart, then closed the door and locked it so there would be no chance of Jade getting up and escaping. She didn't know why her brother was doing this for her, but she was grateful, even if she didn't show it.

Jade suddenly gasped for air, finding his composure quickly and sitting up. He seemed to know exactly what was going on right off the bat. His eyes trailed up to find Rebekah's sour face, and he sighed, as if to say 'figures.'

"Answer me honestly," Jade began, swallowing down the dryness of his mouth. "Am I a dead man walking?"

"Vampires tend to be," Rebekah said back.

He chuckled at her sass. "That's a definite yes."

"You can't tell me you're surprised," she scoffed in return. Over a thousand years and he didn't think they'd kill him eventually.

"No," he admitted, "but I was hopeful."

"That you'd be spared? After all this? Are you serious?"

"After everything we've been through I was hoping things would have changed..."

"We've been through nothing, Hark. You spent years in a box for a reason, and not just so that I could have time to fall back in love with you," she lectured. He already knew all of this, but she felt the need to repeat it, possibly for her own good.

"But did you?" he checked, raising his dark eyebrows.

"What the bloody hell do you think?"

His weak face slowly turned into a smirk. "I know you fell back in love with me."

Rebekah licked her lips, not denying anything. They both knew it, so what was the point in trying to change facts?

He pulled himself up off the ground, coughing once as he reached out to grab the bars. He put all his weight on the cell doors, relying on them to keep him up while he regained his balance. "Did you just miss me too much?"

There. That was the point in changing facts. He was a complete ass. That was why they were killing him in the first place - because his attitude cost millions of lives. And it also cost him her.

"Actually, Jade, I'm not in love with you. How could I be? I no longer know you," she declared.

His eyes narrowed at her through the bars. His head turned against the bars, moving the shadows across his face. "I'm the same man, darling."

"Are you, though? The man I originally fell in love with would be doing everything he could to hold me right now."

"That's a little difficult when you're the one pushing me away."

"You wouldn't, even if I was in there with you," she snarled.

"You're not giving me the option to really say what's going through my head," he accused, gripping the bars with white knuckles.

Rebekah straightened her back, giving him a nod, encouraging him to come out with whatever was 'really going through his head.' Jade licked his lips, and leaned his head back, getting a bit of strength in his neck. "I've missed you. The only reason I came back to Mystic Falls was to see you. I know you don't believe me, but it's the sad, pathetic, sappy truth. And all those years ago...I wanted to say something to you, but never got the chance. My time just ran thin-"

"Your time is still thin, so don't say anything," she demanded quickly. She knew what he wanted to say. She knew what he was doing. "I know, Hark, so there's no point in saying it for my knowledge again."

He shook his head. "No, you need to hear it. I've never said it before."

"Exactly," she nearly yelled. "So what's the point in saying it now? Now when I'll only translate it as your last chance at escaping."

"But it is," he agreed. Clearing his throat, shuffling his feet around a bit. "I've been killing myself because I've never verbalized the sentence to you. You may say you know, but you don't know until I'm sure you do. So by saying it, I'm basically setting myself free from worrying that you don't really understand."

Rebekah frowned in offence. "But you'd be imprisoning me. So no, you're not saying it."


"Jade," she said back, saying his real name instead of his last. "Please..."

His open mouth backed down, closing in defeat. His eyes fell down to the floor, hating to look at her pained expression. His hands loosened on the bars, but remained in place.

Rebekah tried to find her breath, but her aching heart (though she hated to speak of it as such) was holding back any normal act she might have done. She couldn't blink in fear that tears would fill her eyes. This was the love of her life, after all. No matter how many times he stabbed her in the back, or she killed him, or they even had these fights, she loved him more than herself. She almost died in his place last time, but her brothers simply refused to see that through.

They'd grown up with Jade Hark. They'd all laughed together while playing tag, all teased one another about fancying others, all said goodbye to one another when the time came for war. Their entire childhoods couldn't have been complete without Jade Hark by their side. Yet Rebekah was the only one of the Mikaelsons that seemed to remember everything good about him. Everything pure that he once was.

And seeing him standing there now, on death's doorstep, wanting nothing more than for her to know he loved was eating Rebekah inside and out. He needed to know that she loved him back equally.

So she walked forward quickly, his eyes raising to meet hers in hope. One hand landed on his on the bar while the other slipped through and wrapped around his neck, pulling him to meet her in the middle, between the bars, where her lips touched his for the first time in five hundred years.


Kol knocked on the door to the house. When no one responded, he turned the handle and stepped in slowly. "Carolly?" he sang into the empty house. "Klaus sent me to check on you." He shut the door behind him, looking around.

"Oh Kol!" came her voice from up ahead. He followed the stairs to the top, seeing her leaning over the railing with a huge smile on her face.

He walked forward, standing directly below her. "I thought you weren't feeling well. Get down here," he instructed.

"I'm in love with you," she declared in a loud voice, opening her arms to make it more dramatic.

That stopped Kol dead in his tracks. "What?"

She giggled and ran to the stairs, taking her time as she walked down. "I've been waiting to tell you for so long," she sighed halfway down. "It's been eating at my heart to tell you. You're in my dreams, Kol!" she practically sang out.

Kol held his hands up, truly confused and a tad frightened. "What is wrong with you?"

"Love me?" she cried, running up to him.

His face had gone white. "Oh Klaus is going to kill me..."

Caroline took his hands in hers. "Forget Klaus!" she cried. "It's just you and me. We'll take over the world together, Kol!"

He had no words. If Klaus knew that she was throwing herself at his younger brother, he'd kill him in a second. Kol shook his head. "Caroline, breathe."

She pointed at him in an excited way. "Hey! That's a good band!"


"Breathe Carolina. They're gr-"

"I'm sure they're just fabulous. Now, how about we sit you down?"

"Will you sit with me?" she asked, snapping back into the dramatic mindset.

"No," he said shortly. "I'm leaving before I get killed."

"I won't kill you!" she quickly corrected. "I'll love you t-till-" Her sentence faded into giggles rather quickly. She doubled over and shook with laughter. "Your face was just..." she managed to gasp out.

Kol frowned at her. "What is going on?"

She stood up suddenly, flinging her hair behind her and inhaling deeply. "I can lie again and I'm just having way too much fun with it," she said in one breath before breaking into cackles once more.

Kol went from looking confused to pissed off. "You do realize I almost smacked you, don't you?"

"But your face," she said again in between breaths. She sobered quickly and wiped her eyes. "Alright, so what are you here for?"

Kol sighed. "I just came to check on you."

"Yeah, well, obviously I'm fine."

"You're fine? You just practically gave me a serenade."

She scoffed. "Get over yourself. I'm obviously in love with Klaus, moron."

Kol's eyebrows shot straight up and Caroline's eyes slowly widened. "Whoa whoa whoa!" he started to smile, pointing at her in excitement. "You just said-"

"I didn't mean for it to come out-"

"Oh but it did-"


"Doesn't matter. You're in love with my brother and you can't deny it."

"Fact denied. Ha! I can lie, remember?"

"So you're denying it now? That's too bad; Klaus will be so disappointed." He made to leave, but Caroline grabbed his arm and pulled him back in place. "Ow! Relax, would you?"

"You can't say anything to him," she hissed desperately.

"Seriously? I'm not getting involved in that screwy relationship," he scoffed, taking his arm from her and straightening his jacket out. "My brother's first love in over a thousand years - I'm not meddling in there."

Caroline actually smiled at his words. "Really?"

"Why is this so surprising?"

"You're Kol Mikaelson. Mikaelson. You guys aren't nice."

He frowned and looked up. "You're right. Thanks for the reminder," he smiled, and turned to leave once again.

He halted in his stops once again when she ran in front of him. "Seriously, stop."

"I'm a joker, Caroline, I don't stop." He smirked down at her, loving that he was being able to tease someone freely. But she didn't look affected by his playful words at all. She knew what he was really doing.

"Can I hug you?"

Kol didn't even wait to hear the end of the sentence before he rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around her himself. He felt her arms instantly react and embrace him in return. "I don't know if you've picked up on it yet, but I'm really a very touchy person," he said. His jaw was shut against her shoulder.

She chuckled. "I gathered that. But it's nice. At least now it won't be completely weird at family dinners."

Kol pulled back and frowned at her. "You take this entire thing for granted, you know that?"

She shrugged. "I've got a deeper connection to Klaus than you think."

He narrowed his eyes at her. It took a lot for Klaus to actually open up and connect with people. "What exactly happened when you guys were gone?"


Rebekah came back up the stairs, her eyes dry. She'd managed not to shed a single tear, and she was honestly proud of herself. But then again, there was nothing to cry about.

Klaus turned to her with a worried look on his face. He raised his eyebrows, awaiting her nod of approval for Jade to finally be ended. Which she gave to him. Under one term: she got to witness all of it.



Caroline's eyes lit up as she heard Klaus' voice. She licked the bit of ice cream off of her spoon and turned her head to watch the kitchen hallway, waiting for him to walk into her view. Kol took another scoop of cream from the container and raised his eyebrows at Caroline's excited actions. She really was in love with him. She'd gone from rolling her eyes at him to sitting up straight in her place and waiting for him to show up.

Which he did, all too soon. Kol couldn't see him, but the way Caroline's lips stretched into a huge smile let him know that she could. "You seem better," he commented, walking into the room. But only then did he realize Kol was still in the house. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm kidnapping Caroline and torturing her," Kol sighed back. "What does it look like?"

"You don't belong here. When were you invited in?"

Caroline hopped down from the counter, setting her spoon down. "Klaus, it's fine. He's here. So what?"

Kol dropped his spoon into the container and stood up from the counter, sighing. "He doesn't want me here because he's being protective," he answered. "Or selfish. One or the other. And, having thrown that out on the table, I think I'll just leave you two lovebirds alone," he smirked, walking around them towards the door.

Klaus stared down at Caroline, not pleased with his brother, but he wasn't letting that get to him too much. Caroline looked back up at him, watching him as if she could read his thoughts.

They waited patiently until they heard the front door shut behind Kol, and within a second, she had his hands in hers and was beaming excitedly. "So, something happened..."

"Care to explain, or are you going to make me guess?"

She bit her bottom lip in anticipation and bounced on the balls of her feet. "I can lie again!" she exclaimed.

Klaus, however didn't seem too thrilled. "You can," he repeated. "Since when?"

"Since you left earlier to go finish everything. I don't know what happened."

"I do. Jade lost his connection on Bonnie Bennet and she came back, instantly taking the curse off of you because she felt horrible."

Caroline's smile faded and she looked to the side, disappointed. "Ah."

"Why do you seem upset about that? Your friend is no longer evil."

"Yeah, but...I thought I was going to be able to rub it in her face for a while..." she mumbled.

Klaus chuckled. "You may no longer be under a truth spell, but you still bluntly speak your mind," he admired.

Caroline's eyes went back to his hesitantly. "Yeah. I realized that with Kol," she muttered, kicking herself mentally.

"What happened with Kol?"

"Nothing. Seriously. Anyway, how did everything go?" she changed topics.

Klaus took a tired breath. "Jade is daggered - properly - and everyone is still at the house, deciding what the plan is for tomorrow."

"Wait, we need a plan?" They'd been through enough, hadn't they? What else could there possibly be?

"The Salvatore house is a complete disaster and Elijah and Finn both decided that it was only right that everyone help...clean."

Caroline stared at him in disbelief. "Are you kidding me? I have to go tomorrow and clean?"

"I thought you loved to clean."

"I do when it's not a chore! Can't they clean tonight?"

"Would you want to clean after everything that's happened today?"

Caroline moaned in annoyance with him. "Why can't life just be fun..." she groaned, turning around and sitting back down, looking at the ice cream in longing.

"It can be," he said, coming to sit next to her side. "But you just have to get over the rough patches."

"How many are there?" she asked, not really looking for an answer to that one. She was just pouting now. She picked up her spoon and dangled it above the ice cream, entertaining herself.

"Hundreds," he answered, "but if you know how to jump over them, then everything works out wonderfully in the end."

Leaning her head on her hand, Caroline turned to look at him. "What if I don't know how to jump over them?"

He smiled, almost proud of the conversation they were having. "Then I'll pick you up and carry you. I'll take the rough patch instead while you enjoy relaxing."

Caroline laughed. "Yeah, sure, alright."

"I'm not kidding. I can be here, if you want."

Her side chuckles came to a stop when she heard and recognized the sincerity in his voice. His eyes weren't holding any sort of amusement. He wasn't joking one bit about his words. He wanted to be there for her.

Caroline smiled brightly, even through her overwhelmed breath. What was wrong with her? Her emotions were all over the place. She went from hating a man to loving him within a mere deep conversation. It had taken less than a week. Less than ten days, as she had been planning. He definitely had wooed her. Charmed her to the moon and back. Actually, no. He hadn't really charmed her at all. He'd just opened up to her, and she completely fell for the man he showed her.

Klaus took the spoon from her, dipping it into the hard cream and holding it out to her with a smile. "Let's not think about that. It still seems a touchy topic," he decided.

Caroline wrapped her lips around the spoon and slid the cold substance off. "It's not a touchy topic," she said, moving the food around in her mouth so she could talk. "I'm just thinking about how much I like it."

"Like the thought of me being with you?"

"I like the thought of us. Not just you liking me. But us one," she said slowly, searching for the words that had escaped her.

Klaus chuckled. "I understand what you're saying. I just don't know why, or how."

She shrugged. "I don't know, either. But I'm all for it. Let's just make it happen," she set up the plan, feeling her heartbeat pick up at just the thought of their future, "and see where we go from there."

Klaus licked his lips, looking down at the counter. Caroline shifted nervously in her seat, waiting to see if he agreed or backed out. She honestly didn't know if she'd be able to control herself if either happened. If he agreed, she'd be completely overjoyed and lose her ability to think once again. But if he said no...she wouldn't recover.

But he cleared his throat, and nodded. "Very well. Where do we start?"

"I love you."

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