-The Crazy misadventures of the Callaway Brothers-

"House…" Wilson approached his best friend in his usual warning tone.

House shot him a dirty look.

Wilson rolled his eyes and sighed. "Fine! James, would you please step away from the mini bar… "

Raising his arms over his head, House obeyed and comically stepped back from the mini fridge.

"I don't understand why you had to get yourself an ID with MY first name on it…" Wilson spat out; he did not appreciate the irony and he was finding it hard to get used to.

"It's something to remember you by once you're gone… " House replied nonchalantly as he threw himself back on one of the beds and pulled out a packet of overpriced mini fridge pretzels he managed to sneak into his pocket before Wilson caught him in the act- much to Wilson's dismay.

Wilson rolled his eyes, "It's… It's disturbing…"

"It's the truth…" House stated with a mouth full of crunchy salty goodness, "Get used to it, Kyle!"

Wilson pinched the bridge of his nose, taking in a deep breath. House couldn't help but to look up at his friend. Though it was fun being on the road and free for the first time in his life, House also knew it was his responsibility for the next few months to watch over Wilson's wellbeing until… Well, he didn't want to think about that part just yet, but the name he chose to live the rest of his life with served as a subconscious reminder.

"Give me those!" House snapped out of his thoughts. Too late- Wilson managed to grab the bag of Pretzels away from his sticky hands.
Wilson smiled victoriously as he threw one pretzel in his mouth.

"You take advantage of my brotherly love…" House growled, his lips forming a crooked smile.

"Oh yeah…" Wilson walked over to the small desk in the corner of the room and picked up the two shiny new identification cards. One had House's smiling face on it, a sight that made Wilson giggle. The shadow of the man that was Gregory House, now dead and buried, and instead the card read: "James Callaway." The other ID had a picture of Wilson looking confused. Naturally House would pick the worst picture as a joke. That one read: "Kyle Callaway."

"Why did you choose for us to have the same last name?" Wilson asked curiously.

"Two guys alone on motorcycles together 24/7? It was either brothers, or me having to tell the story of how I met my "life partner" to romantic-hungry-for-love single waitresses in their fifties in every diner we walked into on the way…"

Wilson shrugged. "You could just tell them we're friends…"

House got up and limped towards where Wilson was standing, he grabbed the pretzel bag back from him and shot a poisonous glare when he realized the bag was empty.

"Brothers just sounds better than Bromance…." House proclaimed, "And everybody lies…"