An Early Present

"Hey Shizu, you've got a card here."

The blonde poked his head into the little living room to peer at his girlfriend curiously. He didn't get many cards. He lived close enough to home his mom didn't feel the need to send them. He normally received bills.

"How cute, look at this little holiday sticker!" Emma giggled as she crossed the room to point out the sticker that was placed over the seal. It had a little wreath on it. "Let's open it!"

Shizuki took one look at the sticker and his heart nearly stopped. "WHAT DAY IS IT?" he screamed, bolting out of his seat to snatch up the card.

"I-it's the sixth. . ." Emma murmured, watching her boyfriend as he held the card at arm's length and danced towards their bedroom. "Shizu, what's going on? Are you hissing?"

"It's nothing! Just a guy thing, um, I think I left the stove on will you go check?" he called desperately.

Emma didn't feel like fighting. "You haven't been cooking today. . . " She chalked it up to being one of his odder quirks, and went to sort through the rest of the mail.

In the safety of the closet Shizuki huddled around the little blue envelope, his skin crawling. With great care he broke the seal and pulled the card out. It was in English, as all of its predecessors were. Shizuki fought to swallow the lump in his throat as he read the outside, thinking: he never sends them this early.

Gathering his nerve the man opened the card and peeked at the inside with one eye. The inside was festive, and had a nice little holiday greeting in it. He couldn't help scowling at the Merry Christmas! scrawled in neat English across the bottom. Shizuki almost squealed when a picture fell against the bottom half of the card to reveal a very naked Umeda clutching mistletoe in his mouth.

Well, it was more imaginative than last year's Santa hat. The pose was certainly more creative.

Shizuki huffed and pinched the corner of the picture to hold it as far away from himself as possible. He reached up onto the shelf and pulled down a shoe box labeled: MAN CAVE. With great haste he slid the card and picture into the box for it to sit with the other four. On the off chance that crazy bastard ever came to the States to track him down—and likely rape him—Shizuki would have proof of his harassment.

It never occurred to him that a shoe box full of nude picture of men hidden in his closet might make him look, oh, say, gay.