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Misaki wandered into the bathroom of the large penthouse. It was late at night, or quite early in the morning. He lifted his shirt and looked in the mirror at his exposed chest. He grimaced. ...How did I get to be so chubby? I eat healthy, right? I mean, all the other guys my age have flat stomachs and slim sides. But me, I look like a pig...Sumi-senpai pointed it out to me a few days ago...now that I think about it...I really am kind of chucky...

He locked the door, just incase his lover were to want a bathroom break at this hour of the night. He sat on the toilet seat after he closed the lid. He looked down at his legs. My legs look like cows...anyone can see that...Why would Usagi-san want this?

He continued to criticize his body and think of reasons why Usagi-san would want to make love to a "pig" like him. He silently-or as silently as he could- cried. He cried about how Usagi-san would soon lose interest in him and his body. And then he cried more about how he shouldn't let this bother him. He cried until no more tears fell down. And all that crying drained him of his energy, so he got down from the toilet and leaned against the door, falling asleep there.


That morning, Usami woke up with no one next to him. He got up and checked around the large penthouse. He first checked the kitchen. No one. Then, he looked in the boy's room. No one. He then went for the bathroom. He turned the handle, but it was locked. BINGO. He knocked softly.

"Misaki," he called out smoothly. He heard a rustling noise, a toilet flush, and water running. Then after a few seconds, a tired-looking Misaki appeared, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

" -YAWN- What are you doing up so early, Usagi-san?" Misaki asked, drowsily.

"...What are you talking about? It's almost lunchtime.." Usami said, confused about what the boy was talking about. "...Did you sleep in the bathroom?"

Misaki paused before coming up with a pretty good lie, "No! I didn't go to sleep in the bathroom! What kind of person would do that anyways! Besides, I was just really tired, so I didn't realize what time it was."

Usami replied, "Well, now that you know what time it is...*cough* Lunchtime *cough*"

Misaki got instantly frustrated with the man infront of him. Couldn't he wait a few minutes before asking to do that? "Yes...I know...But I have to make lunch...What do you want?"

"You," he said proudly. He leaned in and kissed Misaki will full passion. He pulled back to look at an annoyed Misaki. He chuckled and reached out to ruffle his lover's chocolate brown hair as he made his way back over to the couch.

Misaki blushed a little before turning on his heels to head for the kitchen to make lunch.


During lunch, Misaki moved his food around on his plate, making it look like he ate more than he really did. He soon got up from the table and rinsed out his dish and put it in the dishwasher. He sighed as his stomach growled angrily. He would have to do this slowly, kind of like how Hitler slowly but surely put his plan into action. He couldn't just stop eating cold-turkey. That would be abuse. He would just drink water during the day at school so that it would be something to fill his stomach without having to fill his waistline.


At school the next few days, he walked with Sumi-senpai drinking out of his water bottle, keeping his stomach from growling. It had been a few days since he began his regimen. It was a full-proof plan. It had even fooled Usagi-san. That was the only thing keeping him from moving forward. Everyday he would move his food around his plate, eating a few bites as to not look super suspicious.

This. This is really gonna work, isn't it? I'm finally going to look attractive...