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Misaki padded into the the bathroom of the large penthouse. It was around 5:00 a.m. and the young brunette couldn't sleep. He turned on the faucet and splashed his face with water to try and make himself feel better. He lifted his shirt and looked in the mirror at his exposed chest. He grimaced at his chubby tummy and pinched the fat. He never noticed his weight until now. Maybe I am worrying about this because it's really early and I haven't had that much sleep. He looked down at himself and noticed his thighs weren't as toned as they used to be. he grabbed them, pulling and squeezing them, leaving white nail marks on his skin that lasted for just a few seconds before turning red. His chest started to burn at the feeling of his shirt rubbing his stomach when he moved, becoming hyperaware of all the weight he had put on.

He locked the door, just incase Usami-sensei were to somehow wake up and look for his brunette lover. Misaki sat on the toilet seat after closing the lid. He took a deep breath and let out a shaky sigh. His hands trembled thinking about what he was going to do.

His eyes welled up with tears and he tried his best to not let one escape but it was a futile battle. One by one the burning tears fell and his mouth opened in a silent cry. His thoughts wandered to how he was a failure. He imagined the worst scenarios possible about what Usami-san would say or do. And then he cried more about how he shouldn't let this bother him. All that crying drained him of his energy, so he got down from the toilet and leaned against the cold door, falling asleep there.


That morning, Usami-san woke up with no one next to him. He got up and checked around the large penthouse. He first checked the kitchen. No one. Then, he looked in the boy's room. No one. He then went for the bathroom. He turned the handle, but it was locked. BINGO. He knocked softly.

"Misaki," he called out smoothly. He heard a rustling noise, a toilet flush, and water running. Then after a few seconds, Misaki appeared, rubbing the sleep out of his swollen eyes.

"Are you okay?" Usami-san asked, worried about the boy.

Misaki hesitated, "...I'm perfectly fine!"

Misaki pushed past Usagi-san and quickly hurried down the steps. As his rushed downstairs, he slipped and busted his ass on one of the final steps. Tears welled up in his eyes in response to the aching pain in his lower back. While trying to get up, he heard the quick footsteps of Usami-san.

"Oi! Misaki, are you okay?" the author asked, a hint of panic laid in his voice and in his eyes.

"Uuhgh..." Misaki groaned, rubbing his lower back "...I'm fi-"

Usagi-san lifted the boy into his arms princess-style and Misaki grimaced from both the pain in his back and the fact that it seemed like Usagi-san was straining a little bit when he picked the brunette up. The blonde laid Misaki down on the couch and went to the kitchen to grab an icepack and a towel to wrap it in. He then came back and lifted Misaki's back enough to place the icepack underneath.

"There," Usami-san confidently said, "Now you just rest."

Misaki looked down at his hands and said in a teeny tiny voice, "...thank you, Usagi-san..."

Misaki drifted off a little until he was disturbed by loud banging and an awful smell. He shot up like a weed, feeling the sharp twinge in his back start to pulse again. He grabbed his back and stood up as carefully as possible.

"Usami-sensei...what are you doing...?" he asked in a low voice, already knowing what the man had done. Misaki looked at the strange concoction that resided in a large pot.

"Soup," Usami-san explained proudly.

Misaki and Usagi-san sat down at the table. The brunette looked at the contents of his bowl with disgust.

During lunch, Misaki didn't eat much of the soup, but who could blame him, Usami-sensei was not the best cook. Misaki made sure to thank the man quietly after he got up from the table to wash out his bowl. He sighed as his stomach growled angrily. He subconsciously pinched and pulled at the fat on his stomach and on his thighs.

Usagi-san had went back upstairs to work on his manuscript and told Misaki to call for him if he needed anything. The older man walked behind the brunette and wrapped his arms around him. Misaki felt weak against Usagi-san's presence and the boy's face became hot.

Over the next few days, he began to make lists of all the things he ate and the calories that each piece of food had. It had been a few days since he began his regimen. It was a full-proof plan. It had even fooled Usagi-san. Everyday he would move his food around his plate, cutting up the pieces he would eat, and chewing them thoroughly.