A new chapter! Guys, Dir en Grey. I love their Dum Spiro Spero album. Okay, so since the Junjou Romanticist and Junjou Egoist are basically finished, I'm going to mainly focus on the remaining pairs. So, this one would've been about Junjou Romanticist, but now it'll be about Onodera and Takano's story.

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Onodera's POV

I could feel his gaze on me, burning like fire. But I wasn't able to look his way. I was so afraid to meet his eyes. Afraid of dying. I hugged my legs close to my chest in a futile attempt to shrink into nothing. Rocking back and forth with my eyes shut tightly, I felt like I couldn't breathe. I just waited for him to yell at me. I waited for him to tell me that everything was going to be fine. But nothing. So I looked at him. Our eyes locked and looked pissed off. I wanted to close my eyes again but he started talking.

"Please tell me you didn't just take all of them," he cringed as he held the empty box. I shuddered, feeling dizzy with every inhale and weaker with every exhale.

My voice was gone and I had no way of explaining myself.

"God damn it! Are you insane?! What did you think was going to happen?!" he rushed over to me and scooped me up like I weighed nothing and ran out of the apartment.

Takano's POV

Damn it, Onodera! Why'd you do this to yourself?! I put him in my car and got in. I had to stop myself from getting a speeding ticket, so I just went as fast as I could.

"T-Takano-san, slow down! You're going to kill us both!" I heard him yell. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

Onodera's POV

I was scared of what I had become. And I just wanted more time. I felt so tired. And everything was my fault. I closed my eyes, succumbing to the fatigue. The only things I remember before going to sleep was the soft whir of the car and long fingers weaving into and out of the locks of my hair.

General POV

Onodera awoke to the strong fumes of antiseptics and cold temperatures. It only took him a few seconds to realize where he was and why. He wasn't ready to open his eyes yet, in fear of reality's harsh burn. The brunette took a deep breath in and held it for a few seconds before he opened my eyes.
The sun was setting through the open window. The beeping of the machine was calm for now but when he heard a sigh, it beeped quicker.

"Onodera," the older man's voice caressed the silence of the room.

I shivered. I wasn't prepared. I needed more time. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

"I've been so worried, Onodera," he kept talking. "The doctors had to pump your stomach...you've been asleep for the past few days. I was so fucking worried that I would never see the colour of your eyes again."

They both sat there in silence. Onodera's head was turned down at his quivering hands and Takano was hunched over with his head in his hands.

"I...I couldn't stop...I thought I was okay...I-I thought..." Onodera said quickly, breathing heavily. "I fucking thought I was fine! I-!

"Onodera-" Takano tried to cut in.

"I thought I could do this! I thought-!"

"Ritsu!," Takano got up and sauntered over to where Onodera sat gripping the sheets tightly. They locked eyes for a second and then he quickly embraced Onodera.

And the younger just broke down and sobbed.


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