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-babies crying-

As they always do, the nurse proudly walks in, carefully carrying the new lives that had just been given to this world.

A new mother emerges from their seats both happily crying through everything.

Wondering why i left out the part about the father?

Well you see just before the babies were born a telephone call was made, there was not a clear idea of who was the caller but the words stated were very clear:

'A young man, who I believe is Mr Mutsumo will not be able to come to his wife and will not ever appear in front of her again. '

Of course the nurse was the one who took the call. Of course she kept it until the mother had recovered from her pain.

Then she poured out the news, no emotion in it, monotone voice. Really sympathetic right?

Then came the emotional outbursts, the suffering of a loss of life, thinking for eternity that she would really never see her husband ever again.

So there you have it, the beginning and now a description:

Fine: red-haired, ruby eyes

Rein: blue haired, aqua eyes

These two little babies had to live surviving upon one adult. At first it was fine but years later the burden of a mother became heavier.

Flowers and bees everywhere, the flowers having a variety of colours. Red, orange, yellow and so on. A very artistic blue haired girl carefully picked up some flowers, then somehow she managed to weave them into a beautiful arrangement. Happy with her efforts she smiled and called out to her mother.

'Mama, I made this flower hat for you!' Rein cried

'Mama lets go there'

'Mama what's that?'


They were playing in the garden and the mother was still pondering about her decisions and getting very annoyed at the disturbances that she was getting. Not taking a moment more of thought she threw the flower hat from her grasp, Rein bursted into tears.

A once out-going, kind woman, now a selfish and cruel woman.

And that selfish and cruel woman plotted a plan to put off a load of her worries.

'Today we are going to visit a friend of mine, come on hurry up!'

-friends house-

Not much you can say but it was like a pigsty, magazines and clothes all over the place not to mention socks that gave off a weird odour.

Her plan was going accordingly. Can you guess?

Fine walked up to one of the socks and gave a sniff. It was too unbearable to stand still any longer and she started running like crazy.

On the other hand, Rein decided to be a goody-goody and clean up this mess. One by one she picked up the magazines and threw them under the bed, the clothes were hidden inside the already full wardrobe.

Fine comes back running towards her making a loud aeroplane drone, not making a sign that she was planning to stop anytime soon.

Sure enough Rein and Fine crashed into each other, a whole heap on the floor they both laughed at what just had happened.

Next the little pair of girls decided to hide in places, namely the game called hide-and-seek. It was a very popular game and they could hardly ever find any good places to conceal themselves.

But today was different. Just looking around they could see that this house, despite its appearances had many rooms, mouse holes, hidden passages, anything a young child would ever think of.

Innocently Rein counted to 10.


Excitedly the seeker ran around the house, peering in every nook and cranny, expecting to see her sister hidden in one of them. Seeing the game that they were playing an wicked eye looked at the two siblings. This was her chance. An evil grin appeared on her face, her plan was going better than expected. Originally the trip was to ditch one of them by force but now it was even better: she could leave with Rein now.

And that's what she did, nothing really was suspected when she called Rein over to tell her that they were going shopping and that Fine as going to be alright with herself. Of course Rein followed, still not having been able to find Fine. She hoped that they would come back soon.

But of course they never did.

As soon as she had Rein in her clutches the witch drove away, laughing at how this had turned out. She even threw out everything that reminded her of Fine. All that followed afterwards was a bit of screaming, crying and begging from Rein and this didn't matter too much to the witch. One less child to raise, this was nothing.

-5 years later-
it was 5 years ago that the twins were separated. Rein never once disobeyed her mother, always believing that she was just an only child. One day being told to clear out her room, she passed upon an old, worn photo album. Rein had never seen this before, curiously, she opened it.

There weren't that many photos inside but in all of them she recognized herself but not the other girl that she was with. She seemed so familiar yet not at the same time. She wondered who this person was, this person with red hair and her smile- it gave her warmth and happiness.

Then this was the moment that Rein was determined. She was going to find who this was. Not through her mother, it really did seem like this was something that her mother had hidden away forever not to be seen.

Silently, Rein took one of the photos out, one set in a garden and her with the other girl making flower hats, she was going to keep this one.

'Rein come over here!'

It as the sound of her mother's voice. Hastily she kept it hidden under her pillow.

Determinedly, she made up her mind:

the angel who gave warmth with her smiles, someone who I should keep dear to my heart, I must find her!

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