'Fine I'd like you to observe a few people for a while, I'm sure you'll find some interesting things…

Lione, Sophie and Rein.

Good luck!'

Stunned by this mission, I stare in awe at the Altessa before me.

Suddenly the door is thrown open, a familiar turquoise haired girl rushes in, breathing heavily and waving her hands in panic.

'Lione, Lione she has-' she starts

Lione…one of my observing targets..

'She's told the principal that the club is disbanding now!' she exclaims.

Altessa shrugs and sighs, showing no signs of worry.

'We have her,' she says pointing at me.

'Me?' I ask.

'Oh yes you!' Sophie charges straight towards me, holding my hands tightly,' you will join!'

I shake my head in horror, I must decline.

'Um, yes?' I hear myself say and at the same time mentally hitting myself in the head.

I walk back to the classroom and a huge crowd surrounds me immediately as I step in. Confused, I wave my hands around for Rein or someone, to explain this to me.

My hand is grabbed and strongly pulled away from the clutches of the crowd.

'Thank you…Shade,' I smile warmly.

Hey hey, is it true that you're part of the smeddler club now?

Really is it true?

What is Altessa like in the club?

Oh you're so lucky!

My head is spinning in confusion, how did they find out so quickly?

'That's enough guys,' a familiar voice calls.

All attention is on Altessa now and the crowd immediately surrounds her, leaving Shade, Rein and me alone.

'Don't worry, I'm joining too,' Shade says.

I thank him for not leaving me alone.

I get a loose hug around my shoulders and I hear a few whispered words:

'Fine, you mustn't spend so much time with her – I'm joining as well.'

I turn my head back, Rein is giggling. Oh the twin business…

Back at the club, I inform Altessa that two more people have joined which makes five. Showing a lack of enthusiasm, she nods.

'Fine, are you good at smeddling?' she goes, straight to the point.

'Uh…no..' I bow my head in shame.

'Aw, don't worry Altessa! Lione started like that too!' cries Sophie at Altessa's grumbles.

It reminds me of Altessa asking me to observe Lione, someone whom I've never seen or spoken too yet once part of the famous smeddler's club.

'She's a bit of a troublemaker…you'll see,' says Altessa, answering my puzzled expression.

'You there!'

I whip my head around, the blinding light of the sun sweeps through a slightly cracked window. The wind is blowing gently and a figure stands in front, glowing.

I squint my eyes to see who it is.

It must be Lione. It was no doubt about it – orange hair and a cunning attitude that seemed like a troublemaker.

'I declare war!' she shouts, pointing her finger straight at me.

She walks away, feeling proud of herself, leaving me wondering why on earth she decided to randomly come up to me and claim war.

'She declared war,' I say sighing.

'I know,' Altessa murmurs.

Shade has taken Rein outside, who is trying to explain to him the principles of being a smeddler since both of us were not in the mood to talk.

'What are we going to do?' I ask.

'Nothing,' she sighs.

I thump my hands hard on the table; I've had enough of this emotionless talk.

'Isn't Rein a bit too close to you?' she asks.

'Don't you change the topic-'

'She is isn't she? Is that your answer?' she continues.

'No, I'm positive…I have no sister,' I conclude.

'If you say so'

'Don't tell Rein though, she doesn't need to know'


The conversation moves on but a certain orange haired girl was just outside…and heard.

In the bathroom, admiring myself after stressfully explaining a few principles to Shade, I could rip my hair out right now if I wanted to.

The bathroom door opens and I take no notice.


I whip my head to the direction of the voice, to see an orange haired girl before me, whom I've never seen before.

'What do you want?' I ask, taking a few steps back.

'Fine…she doesn't think that you're her sister,' she begins.

'That's not true!' I shout

'But it is, she told me,' she continues, smirking.

'Don't leave me Fine! Please don't! She's your mother too! I just know we are twins! You must believe me; you can't just dump me like this. I won't let go! I like you! You're my twin! We were separated by birth and you don't have any recollections of it. Don't worry I can't remember much either but I know your my twin. Believe me. Don't leave!'

'You're right, Rein, I am your twin, stay here.'

My hand grabs my head tightly, not letting those beautiful memories escape. I hear a few muffled giggles but I block my ears too and I find myself sinking…sinking down the tiled floor. All the memories drained out from my head.

Fine is not my sister.

She lied.

Here lies Ms Magaret who died of overworking.

I know the tablet is not right – she died off some pill. See they lie too. Everyone lied. The world lied.

I grab hold of the tablet and wrap myself around it. I want my mother back. I wish I never found that photo book, never decided that Fine was her. Now…I'm all alone.

And I cry until I can cry no more.

Something is not right with Rein, constantly avoiding me, ignoring m calls and eye contact.

I confront Shade in the yard about whether or not he said something weird to her.

'You said something didn't you?' I ask, grinding my teeth.

'No-' he begins.

'I said it,' a familiar voice answers.

''I said you were not her sister,' she repeats.

My eyes widen in shock, I don't even care why she knows, troublemakers find out everything and when they do, they make trouble of it.

I lunge forward to try and punch her in the very least. Out of the corner of my eye, another figure appears in front of Lione before I can even land a scratch on her.

'STOP!' Sophie calls.

'Lione didn't mean anything, seriously!' she yells.

I look at her, wondering what she was talking about. Lione, the troublemaker had spoiled my day, probably my life was even ruined too.

'I'm really sorry!' Lione says bowing her head slightly.

Before considering whether I should accept her apology I spot a few tears trickling down, I lower my arm.

'Why did you do this?' I ask solemnly.

'Because – because I was not good! I'm terrible at smeddling!' she reasons.

It seemed like Sophie knew that Lione would come back and was no such harm. I guess it was the same for Altessa too; she set up such a perfect act. Eventually they let me and Shade quit and it seemed like Rein had already left.

I look up at the sky and wish I had never lied to her. I knew she was suffering like she was before.

I walk up to the crying girl who was lying against her mother's grave. I couldn't stand seeing her suffer from this. I felt like I wasn't even made up of a small portion of her life. It was like I had disappeared as quickly as I appeared in her life. But this time, I could help her.

'Rein..' I whisper softly.

She doesn't look up, her blue haired in a mess and tears still streaming down her face.

'When I was training to beat Fine after she beat me up and earned the champion title I came across a girl who was swinging gently on the swings. She smiled and waved at me, from then on we met there but I noticed that she continuously grew thinner everyday. One afternoon she told me that she had a sister who she separated with when she was young – a sweet blue haired girl. We had a few more conversations but just a few days later…she disappeared. I later found out she was dead,' I tell her.

Her head moves slightly.

'She said that she wanted to see her sister before she died, play with her again and see her smile. I wish I could've helped her, she wouldn't let me,' I continue.

She lunges towards me, wrapping her feeble arms around me.

Her tears trickle onto my shoulder and her cries are louder than ever.

'She- she remembered me?' Rein asked quietly.

'Yes, she did'

'You're not lying?'

'I have her picture,' I say

She grabs it and clasps her hand around her mouth, strands of hair covering most of her relieved face.


'Raine,' I answer

'She was called Raine,' I repeat.

I attended the school the next day, after returning to Fine's house yesterday and receiving warm welcomes. I knew the truth now and Fine was immediately told the story. She was now no longer bound to be my sister.

Fine you are not my actual sister.

Shade patted me gently on the back for being so strong after knowing the full story.

I asked Bright why he never told me about this. He said he wasn't sure until she mentioned sisters and my face looked a lot like Raines'.

Raine, my sister, wherever you are in the heavens, I hope you are still watching me. You placed my path to the truth and finally I am able to speak to you mentally without caring if you can hear me or not. My fate was written out for me by you. I shall write to you every day.

I will write my fate.

And that my friend is the end of this story! Thank you to my consistent reviewers who showed their continued support for me. This story may be short but i hope you will support my other stories which will hopefully grow longer!