John: "Good luck."

Punk: "Thanks."

They get in Amy's car. Punk opens the letter. How in the world does she keep on finding out where he is at? Does she have a GPS in his shoe or something? It really unnerved him that she just knew where to leave these notes for him. Had she been watching him a lot longer than he'd realized? Maybe she lived near him and frequented the same places he did. If that were the case, why hadn't they met sooner than this? Surely he'd have to have bumped into her at some point in his life. Maybe he had bumped into her and they'd talked to each other numerous times. Maybe she knew someone who worked at Mickey's and just happened to get lucky that particular night that he was there. Maybe she was a cop or detective. Did she know his family too? Now he was going a little over board with this.

"My Dearest Punk

I saw you tonight. You were hanging with your girlfriend as you usually do. I didn't want to intrude on your time. Don't worry about finding out who I am. When I am ready I will come to you. Just know that you are in my heart and that I am thinking about you. "

He damn near scares the shit out of Amy by suddenly just crumbling the note in his hand out of frustration.

Punk: "What is this woman's angle? She sounds like one of those bad romance novels. "When I am ready I will come to you" I'm waiting for her to call me darling and say she can't live without me."

Amy: "God, must you always be so cynical? It's actually kind of sweet."

She tries to steady her racing heart and lets out a loud breath.

Punk: "I didn't mean to startle you. If this were some guy leaving you random notes, would you think it was so sweet? Especially at your house and where you hang out."

Amy: "I would assume it was someone I know fucking with me."

Punk: "And what guy do you know fucks around like this or what girl do you know?"

Amy: "You asked. Hey, my first instinct would be to ask if it was you. This is some crazy shit you'd do just to make me think there was an admirer after me."

Punk: "I wouldn't waste my time with notes. I'd just tell you to your face what I was thinking and how I was feeling. You know that."

Amy: "Not everyone in the world is blessed with your ability to open your mouth and just blurt out what's inside your head. We don't all carry pipe bombs."

Punk: "This is true, but she could at least leave her name. I'd like to be able to address my reply to her name. Not just "Hey purple and orange paper chick" cuz that's what she left me. "

Amy: "Just randomly jot something on paper. It doesn't have to be personal."

Punk: "Yeah, but who's to say she's expecting me to write back and the post man doesn't have an address for her. It was just some random drop and run."

Amy: "Exactly and she won't be looking for a response back anywhere."

Punk: "What if I do this?"

He pulls out his phone and goes on twitter.

"To the girl with the orange and black notes

I have no way of knowing if you're getting this. So, here it goes. I have an answer in my mail box."

Punk: "Now we wait. I'm about to get about 15 million phone calls asking me what that's about."

Amy: "It's no body's business."

Suddenly, his twitter goes off.

And it's just a random smiling icon with UNKNOWN. He smiles

Punk: "I gotcha."

Amy: "Did she say something?"

Punk: "Oh there's no need. It's just a smiling icon from an unknown sender. I'm willing to bet if you put a trace on it. It would come back to some random coffee shop and just ping forever. She's very clever and well played."

Amy: "I still say you're giving her way too much credit. She's not some cyber hacker."

Punk: "I dig crazy chicks."

He smiles thinking he's got her right where he wants her. He will have a face that goes with those letters soon enough.