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"Verbal speech of spirits"



"Yue?" Sokka rubbed his eyes furiously, "Does everyone else see the water currently in human form that looks strikingly similar to the princess of the Northern Water Tribe before she became the moon?"

"Yes, Sokka, because all princesses know each other." The sarcasm was strong in Azula's voice, "We gather in a castle and wear pretty dresses while comparing notes on how we have our hair done."



As the figure of Yue stepped onto the island the grass frosted slightly under her feet. The water of her hand froze into a smooth clear shell through which the water could be seen flowing in repeated patterns and pulses.

"Sokka," she held the hand out towards him, "It has been so long."

He carefully extended his own and took the hand offered. The thin layer of ice, smooth as skin, was surprisingly warm, perhaps it was the water than he could feel pulsing through the ice of her hand. Almost like a heartbeat pumping blood through veins…

Yue's face also froze slightly to define her features into solid form rather than continuous rippling of water. Her blue eyes dimmed slightly as she reached up with her other hand to place it on the side of Sokka's face. Slowly, lovingly, the hand caressed his face as though studying the exact feel of it to commit to memory.

"Is it really you?" Sokka whispered.

The hand holding his face drew him close to hers and before he realised it, he was kissing her. The lips were not the sheer cold formations of ice he expected, but rather a thin layer over warm water which surged against the ice separating it from his flesh as though the water itself was desperate to reach him.

Sokka had a brief mental image of the water dragging him into the lake to completely envelop him hungrily and he swore Yue shook silently in laughter even as her lips continued to press against his.

"So, was this his first love?" Azula asked Suki casually, though her eyes didn't move from the entwined figures. The temptation to see if the ice princess would melt under a fireball was growing as a coil of water extended between the grappling mouths in place of a tongue.

Suki frowned in thought, "I think so, when he met me he didn't really see me that way, we had our first kiss after the Serpent's Pass so I guess he was in love with her long before me."

"That was after we chased them across the country." Ty Lee was examining Yue's form appreciatively, "She's not bad, love the hair colour."

Suki cleared her throat loudly and the kissing couple broke apart, the coil of water retreating back into Yue's mouth, "Is there a point to all this or are you going to kiss him all night?"

"Of course," Yue stepped back slightly, "Forgive me, it has been so long since I last held him."

She glided across the grass to Azula and knelt down to place a hand on her leg, despite the suspicious glare. The hand glowed brightly with spirit healing energy and Azula let out an audible moan of blissful relief.

"I have gathered you here on this night of the full moon, when I am at my strongest, to share in what we all love." Yue's blue eyes led the group to stare at Sokka, who was currently looking utterly lost with the situation.

"What?" he looked around as though for the source of their stare, "An underground lake? Kinda romantic I guess."

"It's you, stupid." Suki grinned, "She's talking about how each of us have an interest in you." Her painted brow furrowed, "Which is slightly weird how many different personalities you attract."

"A Kyoshi warrior, a Northern Water Tribe princess, a Fire Nation acrobat, a Fire Nation princess," Sokka counted off on his fingers, "That poetry class in Ba Sing Se,"

"Poetry class?" the four ladies asked in unison.

He waved a hand dismissively, "Fell through a window into a poetry class for ladies, said a few pieces, made a mistake and got tossed out, end of story."

His words were met with bewildered stares, and he struggled not to laugh at how Yue's face constantly reshaped itself in an attempt to correctly express how she was feeling.

"Well, let's be honest here," Azula rolled her eyes, "He does have a talent with words."

Suki adopted a crafty grin, "His mouth does have a magical ability, when he uses it properly."

"Especially his tongue." Yue teased as her own twisted in the air suggestively.

Three pairs of eyes glared at the embodiment of the Moon Spirit while the fourth pair of eyes, Sokka's, widened in surprise, "Since when you were you that forward?"

"Have you any idea how much I have built towards this moment?" Yue glided across the island to him and seized his shirt, "I am going to give you a truly spiritual experience."

She turned away to Azula who was now back on her feet and looking ready to start a fight if needed, or even if one was not needed, "I require your assistance."

Azula followed the gaze to the shimmering water surrounding them, "I think I understand."

The group watched as the firebender closed her eyes and inhaled calmingly before exhaling a powerful stream of fire from her mouth upon the water. As it started to heat Yue swept her hands and the water began to move around the island so the heating spread across all the water. The environment started to turn into a sauna as Yue regulated the temperature with Azula until the entire cavern was heated.

"Does this remind you of anything, Sokka?" Azula turned with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

He pouted, deep in thought, "That time I was your prisoner and ran you a bath?"

"Very good. Do you remember what happened next?"

His pout went even further out, causing Ty Lee to stifle a giggle, "You dragged me into the bathroom, took off your clothes, and..." he carefully let his eyes drift to the side to take note of the audience reaction.

Suki's eyebrows had vanished into her hairline and Ty Lee's mouth was dropped open.

Without the slightest hint of embarrassment Azula casually started undoing the strings of her uniform before another pair of hands joined in. Her eyes half-closed in appreciation as Yue's hands smoothly slid over the fabric, carefully untying each knot while the warm icy lips teasingly planted kisses down the Fire Nation princess's neck, causing Azula to involuntarily bite her lower lip with a faint hiss.

The green dress slid to the ground and Azula carefully stepped out of it clad in red and gold underwear. Her confident smirk at the reaction of the others turned into a hungry gaze as her eyes locked with Ty Lee and it was fair to say Azula's walk across the grass was nothing short of seductive as her toned thighs flexed with each step and her hips swayed way beyond necessary.

Ty Lee initially stepped back, only to find a wall of ice behind her and watched as Azula advanced right up until her long-time friend was standing right before her with an arm braced on the ice beside her head.

"Azula?" she asked, half terrified and half hypnotically drawn to the golden eyes drawing her in.

A hand gripped her waist as Azula leaned closer until their lips were an inch apart, and waited, allowing Ty Lee the option of how to proceed.

Her own hands gripped the back of Azula's head and her waist, Ty Lee lunged into the kiss hungrily, eagerly roaming over the flesh at her fingertips, Azula's legs, waist, back, hair, but when she tried to pull her closer Azula's iron grip seized her wrists and their lips pulled apart.

"Undress. Now."

Even after all this time she still found it hard to defy Azula's orders, not that she had any objections in this case, and as four hands hastily began undoing the knots of the dress she lost all focus as their lips collided again.

Sokka and Suki, both completely bewildered by the actions of the others, now found themselves unable to tear their eyes away as Ty Lee was also stripped down, to a, predictably, matching bright pink set of undergarments.

"I kinda figured those two had a thing for each other." Sokka nodded wisely, Hawky mimicked him, perched on his shoulder.

Suki, about to ask why neither of the other women wore the green and gold underwear usually worn by the Kyoshi Warriors, found herself restrained and held slightly off the ground as four tendrils of water wrapped around her wrists and ankles. The source of this was Yue as she calmly glided across the grass, the tendrils spouting from her back, "What are you doing?"

"I have been watching you as well." Yue's blue eyes narrowed craftily, "The proud, strong, dominant warrior, who secretly longs for someone to take away control."

A furious blush ignited in Suki's cheeks and Sokka looked away with a cough as she growled defiantly, "That's not true."

"Isn't it? I know how you enjoyed Azula's attention as she and her team defeated you and yours, and the attention as she removed your uniform."

Azula broke apart from Ty Lee and the two Fire Nation females shared a grin as Suki's blush deepened.

"Or what about the times you had Sokka dress in his prison guard uniform with you as his prisoner?"

All eyes turned to Sokka and it was his turn to blush furiously, even Hawky looked at his master in surprise.

"You spend so long in control; you want to see what it is like without." Yue whispered melodically in Suki's ear, watching the pupils fill with lust as the embodiment of the Moon Spirit wrapped herself around the Kyoshi Warrior, water soaking through the uniform, though avoiding the make-up; Sokka had said he liked it on her.

Without warning Suki lunged forward and caught Yue's lips in an explosive kiss. The icy shell momentarily cracked as Suki's teeth bit down on the lip and a small spray of water emerged before the ice froze over.

Yue drew back and proceeded to carry Suki over to the water as shorted tendrils extended from her and sharpened into ice which sliced through the strings until the dress fell to the ground, leaving Suki in her green and gold underwear and squirming in the tendrils' grip as the heat from the water below rose around her.

Gently the tendrils lowered Suki into the water; she let out an audible moan of contentment and stretched out in all directions. She was joined seconds later by Azula and Ty Lee, both joining Suki in expressing their enjoyment through a chorus of moans and sighs.

"Sokka," Yue slid over the frozen grass to him, her hand resting on the side of his face, "I have but this one night to share with you. Will you share it with me?"

He smiled softly and reached up to also touch her face, "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, Yue."

Blue eyes shining, with tears running down the ice that was her face, she smiled, "There are things that we can change, and things that are destined no matter how much we desire otherwise. What we can do is enjoy the moments that we have."

"Come on, cutie." Ty Lee called from the water as Azula and Suki grappled with each other, mouths firmly together as the water churned around them, "Let's see that great sword of yours." With a wink she turned away to undo her top and threw it aside before sinking into the water to remove her underwear.

With a confident nod from Hawky, Sokka carefully removed his clothes and folded them neatly on the grass, before accepting Yue's hand as she playfully pulled him into the water, where Azula and Suki by now had removed the other of their remaining clothes.

The heat from the water was the first thing Sokka noticed, the second was that as he sank into the water that it pulsed with life and he could feel it particularly pulsing around his 'sword'. Judging from the reactions of the others and how their sounds were moving from contentment to a more sexualised series of cries the water was certainly more than just heating them up literally.

Yue moved on him first, pressing down gently so that he lay against the bank of the island with his head above the surface but the rest below. He could feel the water reforming as her aqua form straddle his waist, pressure built on his manhood and Yue let out an audible moan as her hands gripped his shoulders.

"My first time," Yue's arms shook slightly as she arched her back, "Will be with you, Sokka. I trust you. I love you."

It was unusual to feel the outline of a body resting atop him when in fact it was a corporeal form manipulating water to simulate a physical body. Yue's body above the surface remained a form of ice, but below the surface there was nothing there even as he could feel the tingle of her legs and the warmth of her nether region as it slowly lowered onto the tip of his manhood.

Movement caught his eye as Azula, Ty Lee, and Suki moved to join them, Azula's fiery lips catching Yue's blue icy ones, the Fire Nation female's hand gripping the back of Yue's head as their tongues waged a war.

Suki and Ty Lee's heads lowered to the icy mounds of Yue's breasts, their tongues swirling around the frosted tips, teeth scratching on the ice, guiding Yue to accelerate her descent on Sokka as her arousal grew until at last she settled fully upon him, holding momentarily to get used to the sensation before rising up and descending again, slightly faster.

Pulling away from her attention of the spirit's breast Suki teased her, "Come on, Yue, is that all you've got?"

Breaking from Azula's grip Yue glared at Suki as she accelerated her pace.

Ty Lee moved away as Azula's hands, glowing slightly with embers, seized Yue's breasts, causing the spirit to hiss in simultaneous pain and pleasure.

"Feeling left out, cutie?" Ty Lee smirked as she rose from the water to stand over Sokka, before lowering herself to kneeling over his head, "Let's see if that dagger in your mouth can measure up to your sword."

Sokka's hands lifted from the water, seized her hips, and rammed his tongue deep into her nether region. His tongue twisted and turned deep within her in carefully controlled thrusts while his hips rocked against Yue.

Ty Lee's eyes rolled as she gasped for breath, or perhaps for something to swear, but instead she planted both hands on the ground to help hold herself upright as Sokka's tongue continued its onslaught.

"Yes, Sokka." Yue's spiritual voice has heavily influenced with desire as her moans echoed around the cavern, "Faster, harder, give me more, please."

Suki had snuck behind Azula and was administering a triple threat as one hand snaked under the water to the former princess's nether regions, while further up a hand tweaked the erect nipple, at the top the two former enemies waged a battle of the tongues, each warrior seeking to defeat the other.

A sudden vice gripped Sokka's manhood and he thrust once more deep into whatever water form had engulfed him only to feel a mixture of warm fluids spill both from Yue's form, and also from Ty Lee above his face.

With the sudden climax of Yue it seemed her strength momentarily left her and she drifted away on the water with her eyes closed and a blissful expression on her face.

Sokka had barely recovered from his own when he felt another pair of legs straddle him.

"My turn." Azula growled.


Despite the many, many times throughout the night the spiritual energy of the water refreshed them each time, never needing sustenance, never tiring for more than a minute before the energy revitalised them to continue.

As the sun rose and light shone down into their cave Yue's icy form melted down to be replaced with her glowing spiritual form. Her blue eyes shone bright as she watched the group get dressed and pointed them to a tunnel that would lead back to the surface.

"It has been a pleasure." She smiled warmly, "I hope that when next the time comes you will be open to the idea."

She paused long enough for a parting kiss with Sokka before fading away.

And so, with Hawky taking the lead, the group staggered out of the cave, covered in bruises and aches that would take quite a while to heal, not to mention the numerous bite marks on necks, and the chaffing from when Yue had held them in ice chains, or when…


He paused in his step as they made their way through the forest, "Yeah?"

"What are you going to tell Zu Zu?" Azula asked, "About your secret observation of me to see if I am still a dangerous threat."

Sokka considered it carefully, "I will tell him, that you are a very talented individual, and that I witnessed you use your talents to help others in a very… intense situation."

"However!" he declared with a flourish, finger raised high in the air, "In order to be certain of my observations I will need to maintain my… thorough… inspections of you, and the other Kyoshi Warriors."

Azula grinned, Ty Lee laughed, and Suki wrapped an arm around his shoulder as the group continued on their way.


Firelord Zuko carefully finished reading the report from Sokka about the current status of his sister and how the investigation should be continued, and turned to look at the messenger hawk perched on a stool nearby, "He's doing my sister, isn't he."

Hawky took off without waiting for a reply message.

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Azula: Seems he had more female attention than Sokka.

Maraxus: Well Korra was just a friend, Asami barely friends, Ginger hardly any interaction, Kuvira would be the Azula character I guess, the insane world conqueror type.

Azula: Excuse me?

Maraxus: My question is this, should I have a LOK Ladies Man series with Bolin, or should I try it from Korra's perspective? In that case it would be between, Asami, Kuvira, Mako and I don't think she had any other potential love interests. For the record I wouldn't even count Mako on the list either, being together Season 1 finale made me certain they wouldn't last.

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