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Summary: What if someone else stepped in to hlp save Ace in the Whitebeard War? What if this person was the only one considered strong enough to replace one of the Yonkou? What if this person was the son of a dead Marine Admiral and a Pirate Captain, as well as the Half-brother of Skanks? What if he's blonde, has blue eyes, and has a serious ramen addiction?

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Featherstorm Naruto

A man sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. First he'd gotten woke up saying there was a storm coming at four o'clock in the morning, which turned into a false alarm. Than his musician tried to lull him back to sleep, only for his hangover to mess with him and screw up his violin. Than they got attacked by Rookie Marines who didn't know who they were dealing with. Now he goes to read the paper to find his Sensei's son is up for execution. Truly today was not a good day.

"Sojiro" the man called to his first mate without turning around.

A slightly skinny man of about 19 stepped out of the shadows. He had neck length brown hair, dark blue eyes and was fairly short, only about 5'7". He wore what could be considered blue samurai wear without armor and had two beautiful swords on his waist, one a Katana with slightly more curve than normal in a white sheath, and the other a beautiful Wakizashi with a black sheath. Also arm guards and shin guards made of white plated armor and straw sandals. He had a smile on his face. But it almost seemed...hollow.

This man was Seta Sojiro, "Tenken" and first mate to the Feather Storm Pirates, despite his young age he's been first mate since he was twelve, and was challenged many times early on for his position. He accepted every one of them.

No one challenged him twice

His 575,000,000 beli bounty attests to that

"Yes Captain?" his voice sounding more innocent than he is.

"Call up my Allies through the DenDen mushi, and before you ask. Yes even him."

Sojiro looked mildly surprised but still smiled.

"Your wish is my command, Naruto-san" Sojiro said as he left

"Damn brat I told him not to call me that" He said as he got up.

He was tall, about 6'2" and with straight blond hair that was in a high ponytail that still went down to his mid-back. He had a narrow jaw whisker marks on his cheeks and piercing blue eyes. Dressed in a purple kimono top with the right sleeve off and pooled around his waist. Purple hakama with the ends tucked into ankle high boots. Bandages cover his arms and a steel wrap around his abdomen. Tucked into his purple obi was katana with a purple handle, a black sheath, and a gold guard. His hands covered up to the forearm in battle gloves. Over his shoulder is a double edged blade with a hollow middle and no guard or regular handle just the space at the bottom that connects both sides of the hollow blade has a grip. Over all this was an elaborate white coat with a high outward collar.

This was Hawk D. Naruto, Captain of the Feather Storm Pirates. Son of the dead Admiral Hawk D. Minato and Pirate Captain Uzumaki D. Kushina. As well as former student of the Pirate King alongside his half brother, Shanks. Nicknamed, Angels Feather due to his attack theme of his Akuma no Mi, as well as his sword style. Also a Sword Collector, as well as the most notorious pirate in New World, bar the Yonkou themselves. He was truly a dangerous person.

His bounty of 710,000,000 wasn't earned through small tea parties and cowardice after all.


As Naruto was waiting for his allies to meet him he thought first of his ship, The Amphitrite, a stolen Marine fleet ship which he remodeled, refurnished, and redecorated to look pretty similar to the old ship. Except it had Angel like wings coming from the port, and starboard side respectively, and there figurehead was of a Goddess Mermaid with a trident. Their Jolly Rodger was of a skull with angel wings coming from it with two crossed Katana behind it.

Naruto suddenly grinned as he looked at a stack of bounties. Two in particular caught his attention. The first one showed a green haired swordsman with 3 swords. One a dark bladed one with a red wave like pattern on the blade and a flower shaped guard. Another with an odd shaped gold guard, red handle and markings on the blade. Lastly, a blade with a black handle and no particular oddities except for the slightly serrated edge.

'I see that boy is taking good care of Mugenjin.' He thought with a grin

The poster read:


Roronoa Zoro

Master of Santoryu

Crimson Lotus

Bounty: 150,000,000

Naruto grinned as he read it, than turned to the next poster. It was of a girl of about 20 with dark blue neck length hair wearing a tank top under a short jacket. She also wore as short skirt and had a tattoo of a wolf holding a sword in its mouth on her left shoulder. She had a sword on her right side with a white sheath, handle and guard.

'Yes Wado, you defiantly picked a worthy wielder', he thought with another eerie grin.

This poster read:


Saito Kuina

Master of Gattotsu Style

Wolves Fang

Bounty: 130,000,000

He thought of those two often, they were the future of swordsmen and women everywhere. He smiles fondly as he remembers when he met them.


Naruto was walking through a town to visit an old friend; he left his crew back at the ship to mingle. He didn't plan to be long. He was just about to turn on his friend's corner when he saw a spectacle up a head. He was just gonna continue walking when he saw what it was, and got closer.

A bunch of teenager thugs with knives were surrounding a green hared kid in a black gi and three kendo swords on his waist. He was glaring lazily at them as if they didn't even matter to him at all.

"Hey kid! Who do you think you are! After all, everyone knows that if you see us you're supposed to bow down and give us all your money, you marimo head!" The apparent leader yelled.

"Now why would I do that when I obviously have nothing to fear from you guys?" The marimo head boy stated in a bored tone of voice

"Why you! Kid, don't just think that you're a kid means we'll spare you!" The leader of the thugs said before rushing at the kid

"You're all full of openings." Naruto faintly heard him say before in a flash he had all of his swords drawn, one in each hand and another in his mouth.

"Interesting stance." Naruto observed with a keen eye as the boy struck.

In a flash, the boy had disarmed the thug with his left sword, afterward striking his side and neck with his right sword and his mouth one, respectively, easily knocking the older thug out. Naruto noted, amid the shock of the crowd and thugs, that while his stance was slightly sloppy, the execution of his moves was perfect.

"Anyone else" the boy questioned, somehow able to still speak clearly despite the sword in his mouth.

The thugs all ran away in fear of the "Devil Child with Green hair" who had just beaten thier boss in one move.

As the crowd dispersed, Naruto watched the boy go with a keen eye. Slowly he approached the boy, who had put away his swords and started walking away.

"Hey! Kid!" Naruto shouted after him.

He looked back at him, analyzing to see if he was a threat, to stop when he saw the sword at his waist.

"What do you want? Who are you anyway?" he asked suspiciously.

He grinned when he said that,"Well hello to you too. You should introduce yourself first before you ask someone's name." He said.

The boy growled a little than said "Roronoa Zoro, now what do you want?" he growled out

Naruto grinned even more, "Well I'm Hawk D. Naruto and I just wanted to say that that was a very interesting style you used. What was it may I ask?" he asked politely

He narrowed his eyes at him before he said "Its called Santoryu, I just started creating it."

Naruto looked at him and then said to him "I see. As a master swordsman myself I can say that it was very well done." He then thought of something else and asked, "Roronoa Zoro, do you have any dreams?"

Zoro looked at him startled before his eyes started to burn with such intensity that Naruto almost took a step back in shock.

He answered "Yes. I do. I Roronoa Zoro will become the World Greatest Swordsmen! I swore it on my honor and to my friend that I would!"

Naruto didn't say anything for a short while, before a small smile graced his face, 'yes he will do just fine, for with determination like that, he might just do it' he thought. "Really, well keep this advice, Roronoa Zoro, that with determination and that unique style, you might just have a chance. However, every swordsman needs a good blade, which you are currently lacking." He said gesturing to his wooden swords.

Zoro got a tick mark and went to draw his swords to show this guy more of his style first hand. When Naruto tossed a bundle from within his cloak at him.

"Wha-!" Zoro started in surprise when the cloth fell away showing a beautiful Katana with a black sheath and circular guard.

Seeing Zoro still in shock Naruto decided to explain. "I am Sword Collector, and one thing I've learned in my time as one is that swords pick the wielder. Not the other way around, that sword was calling for your burning passion when you said your dream to me. Another reason I gave it to you is because every good swordsman needs an even better sword. And feel lucky Zoro, for that blade is the Mugenjin, one of the Juuni Saijo O Wazamono Grade Swords. One of the twelve best blades in the world." Naruto ended with a smirk.

Zoro went even more wide eyed and drew the blade a little bit with shaky hands. Naruto stood there as he marveled over the blades small serrated edge, before he turned and walked away.

Zoro, who saw him walking away called after him "W-w-wait! Naruto-san wait, I can't possibly take this!"

Naruto didn't stop, but turned his head and spoke "That blade chose you, Roronoa Zoro. I didn't give you anything you don't already rightfully own. I expect you to master that blade's Three Secret Arts by the next time we meet, or I'll be severely disappointed in both you and the sword."

Zoro, who seemed to have recovered mentally, shouted back. "Just you wait! I'll have this blade mastered in no time! Then I'll show you that I'm this blade's true Partner!"

Naruto, who was almost at his friend's house, whispered to himself. "I don't doubt it, Roronoa Zoro." He said with a small smile, than knocked on the door of his friend's house.

It was soon answered by a man with a narrow face, golden eyes and short black hair that was smoking a cigarette. He had on samurai clothing and a sword at his waist. His eyes widened when he saw Naruto.

"Naruto is that you" the man asked him incredulously

Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and said "He he, yeah. Long time no see eh Hajime."

Naruto didn't have time to react to the massive hug that Hajime pulled him into as he felt the air leave his lungs.

"HAHAHAHA It's wonderful to see you again, old Captain, it's been what, 8 years?"

Naruto got out of his grip to regain his breath and smiled at his old First Mate "Yeah, something like that. Now I was in the area and decided to check up on my old First Mate and Goddaughter. Now what the hell are we still doing standing here? Invite me in already so I don't look like an ass just barging into your house, and get some Sake while you're at it!

"Same old Captain, you haven't changed at all." Hajime said as he invited him in and got some sake. The two started to chat about their lives when the door burst open to reveal a panting Roronoa Zoro with his wooden swords gone and Mugenjin tied to his back.

"Kuina!" He shouted "Come down here. I've got something to show you! You won't believe what just happened to me!

"What is it now Zoro-kun? Another duel? Do you want to make it 2002 losses now?" Kuina's voice sounded from upstairs.

"Shut up and get down here!" he shouted up the stairs

Both adults watched, one in amusement and the other in shock at this new development.

"Fine, I'll be right down Zoro-kun." She said as she started to go down the steps, but she tripped and fell. Luckily however, Zoro was their and was able to save her from breaking her neck.

However, luckily or unluckily, they both fell on the floor due to momentum. Since Zoro caught her around her chest, this meant their faces were even with each other. Which consequently, led to them locking lips right at the bottom of the steps, neither knew that both adults were watching with the shock and amusement reactions now flipped.

It would be the first of many kisses that those two would share.

Flashback End

Naruto smiled fondly at the memory and was about to go sharpen his swords when Sojiro popped into the room.

"Naruto-san, The Allies have arrived and have their Captains and First Mates coming on deck right now.

Naruto sighed, just when his day was getting good...

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