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The list of naruto characters are:
Naruto: Captain of the Feather Storm Pirates, Commander of Angels Alliance, and Luffy's soon-to-be sensei
Sakura: FSP Cheif Medic and childhood friend of Naruto
Shikamaru: Navigator and battle strategist of FSP
Tenten: Weapon specialist of the FSP
Chouji: Chef of the FSP
Neji: Warden of the FSP
Hinata: Assistant warden of FSP

Sai: Shipwright of the FSP/
Rock Lee: Hand-to-Hand specialist and Shipwright of FSP
Ino: Cheif Interrogator of the Revolutionary Army
Shino: New World Bounty Hunter
Kiba&Akamaru: New World Bounty Hunter alongside Shino
Sasuke: Captain of the Hawk Pirates, Captain in the Angels Alliance, childhood friend to Naruto
Karin: Cheif Medic and Lookout of the HP
Suigetsu: First Mate and Swordsman of the HP
Juugo: Chef of the HP
Tayuya: Musician of the HP, Sasuke's Wife
Jirobo: Assistant Warden and Shipwright of HP
Kidomaru: Weapon specialist of the HP
Sakon&Ukon: Navigator of the HP
Kimmimaro:Cheif Wardenof the HP
Jiraiya: Captain of the Toad Pirates, Naruto's Guardian, and Captain in Angels Alliance
Kakashi: First Mate of the TP
Kirabi: Captain of the Raging Bull Pirates, Musician of the RBP, and Captain in Angels Alliance

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Feather Storm Naruto

Sojiro stood still as The Amphitrite docked at the frozen Marineford waters staring into space with his ever present smile. He faintly heard his captain shouting orders as the others left to face their opponents. However his mind was on something else, something that his Captain has pounded into his head since the day he became his student and received that beautiful Wakizashi.

"Remember this Sojiro when you are face to face with your prey and they beg for their life. The strong shall live and the weak shall die, and if they are low enough to beg for life than they are not ever going to be strong. It is cruel and wrong but it is the truth. So Sojiro tell me this before I bring you with me. What shall you do when faced by those weaker than you that think they are superior to you? Will you let them think that? Or will you enlighten them to the power of a predator before its prey? If you do not arrive tonight at my ship with that beautiful Wakizashi stained with the blood of your prey than I shall know your answer."

Those became the words he lived by. The strong shall live and the week shall die. The fact that he had enacted on every other person he fought.

He hadn't been proven wrong yet.

He gripped his Katana, the legendary Kiku Ichimonji Norimune and spoke to himself."Let's see if you can survive when faced against a Predator once again, Mihawk-san"


Dracule Mihawk was still grinning like a maniac, completely uncharacteristic of him. It somehow managed to scare more people away than his Kokuto Yoru. Also uncharacteristic is that insted of just standing leasurely and taking a few down, he was running a war path. Though if anyone were to pay attention they would notice hat he was clearly drawing attention to himself on purpose.

He was exited, although people had always called him the Greatest Swordsmen since he defeated the previous one and took Yoru. He himself new that there was someone just as good if not better than him. He had even more potential than Roronoa Zoro, and was infinetly more dangerous. They had only clashed blades once. It wasn't even a full fight. Just one clash of blades that occured 5 years ago. It had been exhilarating, bloody and changing him completely. Though it didnt hinder him in the least, then again it would have been different if one Traflragar Law(1) hadn't been nearby to help.

He shivered a little bit at the memory of a fight that no one else new about besides those three.

Mabye this time they clashed he wouldn't get cut in half at the waist again...

"Come "Sword of Heaven" I have been waiting for a rematch for far too long"


Sojiro looked at the pile of bodies and the man sitting on top of them without even a small change in expression

"Hello Mihawk-san, how are you doing this fine day." He said as he stepped on someones dismembered organs. "I hope you are well, it would be a shame if you aren't at one hundred percent considering what happened last time." He said as his face was the picture of innocence.

Mihawk jumped down and took his sword into his hand and looked coldly into the smiling eyes of Sojiro. "Draw your blade Tenken, I wish for you to be at your best before I separate your smiling head from your body."

"Hehehehehe your so funny when your serious Mihawk-san" Sojiro giggled out before placing a hand on his Katana. "But if your gonna look at me with that scary look in your eyes then I guess I'll humor you."

Mihawk readied his sword and focused all his attention on Sojiro. All the people that were in the area ceared once he massacred them all laving them no chance of being interupted.

Sojiro started lightly hopping from foot to foot on his toes before speaking. "Ya know I wish I was assigned to fight Kizaru instead, I trained all my life perfecting the speed tecnique that would make me the ultimate swordsman and he just goes and eats an Akuma no Mi to become faster than light. I have to say that that kinda thing really, really..."




"...pisses me off..." Sojiro said, still smiling, from behind Mihawk. Leaning against the Greatest Swordsman in the World's back, sheathing his sword and twirling the cut off feather from Mihawks hat in his hand. Shocked, and slightly scared, Mihawk turned only to stop as his hat suddenly fell to pieces, shredded.

"Ya know" Sojiro said into his ear. I think you should be the one fighting at your best Mihawk-san. Cause this time you won't be facing a simple Swordsman..."

He appeared infront of Mihawk instantly in a whisper of wind with his hand resting on Mihawks chest, right over his heart. With that pure innocent look on his face that made it seem like he was really twelve, not nineteen.

"...You'll be facing a Predator!"


"Haaaaaaaaa this is really not gonna be good" Aokiji mumbled to himself. Before he suddenly exploded into ice shards showing Sagara Sanouske with his fist out stretched behind him.

"Goddamit! That was cold you sunovabitch!" Sanouske yelld at the rapidly forming ice shards infront of him while channeling Haki into his hand to warm it up.

Aokiji reformed with only a slight twitch in his eye to show his displeasure. After he fully inspected the man infront of him he qwirked an eyebrow up in suprize of his opponent.

Now despite being the weakest of the Captains in the Angels Alliance, Sanouske Sagara was far from being weak. He also holds a firm belief that if you are strong that you should show it with your apperance to strike fear in the enemy. Standing at a Hulking 6'9" and jam- packed with muscles, dark brown narrow eyes and stubble on his face and dark hair pushed back with a dark red headband in a style some people would see as akin to a rooster. Dressed in an open white coat with the sleeves ripped off and wearing white ankle length pants with Seastone Geta sandals, a neclace of giant purple prayer beads around his neck hanging to his stomach and his masters cerimonial knife at his waist. Three things stood out though, one was the tatoos and scars all along his chest and arms with the tatoos being what looked like buudhist symbols on his arms and the Kanji for 'Balance' on his chest. the second was the massive single-edged cleaver-like Zanbatou on his back, it had a long handle and three open spaces in the blade, one full circle near the top of the blade, one near the bottom on the edge in the shape of a half-circle, and the last where the handle connects to the lade in a small crescent(2). the last though, was the Giant kanji for 'Evil' on the back of his coat. The symbol of the Sekihoutai that also became a subsymbol of the Revolutionary Army.

"Well, Well lookie here I didn't expect all of you to show up" Aokiji said not looking to worried before getting rid of his Marine coat, he new it would just get in the way. "I didn't expect you to go after a single target either, usually if you were in a place with this many Marines you would be on a war path".

"Tch! yeah right they aren't worth my time and we both know that. No ya see today is a really good day for me Kuzan. Do you know why?" he asked gettng a glare from Aokiji for using his real name, causing him to grin.

"No I don't why dont you tell me before I have to kill you" Aokiji said seriously causing Sanouske to laugh uproarusly.

"Hahahahahahaha. Well first would be cause you Marines seem to be being attacked on your own turf and barely holding us off." He said as he looked down below the platform they were on to the grownd to show The pirates were gaining the upper hand due to the fact that with five strong New World pirates and the Impel Down prisoners doing lts of Damage to not only the Marines, but to the area as well. "The second is that we were told to not only do damadge to the Marines but to structurally destroy this place as much as posible. And on that note I think i should fulfill that part of my orders!". He shouted as he raised his hand and punched the platform they were on, causing a strong shockwave and explosion and forcing Aokiji to jump away to another one.

"Damn! i wish i could blame that on an Akuma no Mi, but that was just brute force. Not an ounce of Haki in that." Aokiji said to himself as he looked through the dust cloud and gasped at what he saw.

There stood Sanouske, grin on his face and fist raised in challenge standing in a crater fifty feet wide and fifteen feet deep. But thats not what scared him.

No, what scared him was that there wasnt any rubble at ALL. Not even a pebble. Also the Crater was as smooth looking as a porcelin bowl. It was as if the ground had all but disintegrated below his fist. Normally Aokiji would have thought that it was an Earth based fruit that caused it, But Sanouske was well known for hating Devil fruits with a passion. Calling them crutches for the weak to fall back on. That means that he pulverized the whole rock beneath his feet with just his fist.

"Hey!" Sanouske shouted at him, freeing him of his musings. "Now I don't know what goes on in your Marine shower stalls but I dont think you gaping at my awesomeness is gonna make me swing that way Mr. Straight-as-a-Circle" Sanouske said only to jump as Aokiji sent a Horde of icicles his way.

"Alright now im havin fun!" Sanouske yelled in mid air as he raised his fist and fell toward Aokiji.

Aokiji sighed. This was gonna hurt...


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2. Yes it is Kubikiribocho, and in this story one of the Nijuuichi O Wazomono Grade swords.

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