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Feather Storm Naruto

Sasuke sighed as he overlooked the battle in front of him from the figure head of his ship. Not many people were capable of challenging him any more so whenever he saw mass battles he couldn't help but think on how average a lot of the marines and pirates were in skill. He hated weakness; it's why he chose such a strong woman like Tayuya to be his wife.

He smiled when he thought about her. He was always attracted with her since he first saw her; even if he wasn't thinking about things like romance at the time. Of course when he asked her if she thought the same when they first met she simply said that she had thought he was "Slightly less of a shithead than every other male on Orochi-pedo's ship". This for Tayuya was a basic translation for being practically in love at first sight. He sighed; his wife was such a tsundere…

He was taken out of his musings when he felt a pair of familiar arms wrap around him and a head rest on his shoulder. A head with familiar reddish pink hair.

She spoke softly, a rarity for her considering her personality, "Are you sure you're gonna do this Sasuke?" she asked looking at him softly.

Sasuke turned and wrapped his arms around his wife and not for the first time did he see how beautiful she was. She had a figure that women would kill for at the age of 33. Long reddish pink hair that went to her butt, and slightly tanned skin along with her heart shaped face and brown eyes gave her a beautiful face, she wore high heeled stiletto shoes that he knew wouldn't impede her movements at all. She also had fingerless gloves and detachable sleeves on her biceps. On her torso was a black battle tunic with no sleeves and for her lower body she had a pair of tight black shorts that went to her mid-thigh. On her right leg she had thick belt-like laces crisscrossing all the way from the end of her shorts to the top of her shoes. On her left leg was a long black detachable sleeve with purple outline that started right above her knee and almost completely covered her foot. Over all this was a dark purple sleeveless coat that went to her ankles but started flaring out around the waist due to the belts on her waist over the coat. Strapped to one of these belts was a thin needle-like sword about two and a half feet long with no guard.

In other words, beautiful in a don't you fuck with me kind of way.

Still he answered her all the same, "I'm the only one who can, Kizaru may not be the strongest Admiral that title goes to Akainu. However he is the hardest to deal with since his logia doesn't even have a natural enemy. In order to deal with him you need to be either extremely skilled in Haki like me, be almost as fast as him, or have an insanely large bag of tricks up your sleeve" As he said this his wife just nodded, resigned to the path her husband chose.

"Then if I can't stop you then let me do this", she said as she grabbed his face and kissed him with all the passion she could. They stood there afterwards with there foreheads touching and both panting softly. Sasuke was about to give her another kiss when he saw a bright light out of the corner of his eye. He turned fully and was just able to make out Kizaru decimating enemy pirates after just beating back Marco. Sasuke stood and prepared to head over since his ship finally docked when Tayuya grabbed him.

"I know I can't stop you" she said, having a major dere moment "But just…..come back alive Shithead-kun, or I wont forgive you!" she then shoved him away switching back to tsun-tsun mode and lightly glaring at him, "Go on, get the fuck out there and show that fucker that my Shithead-kun can kick anyone's ass!" she finished.

"Yes dear" he said rolling his eyes before turning and leaving to confront the Yellow Admiral.

Tayuya sighed when her husband left. Slowly she put a hand on her stomach. "I'll tell him after the battle" she says, confident that they will win. "Besides…..

Telling him he's gonna be a father might be a bit distracting."


Sojiro stood about ten meters away from Mihawk slowly tapping his left toes on the ground and smiling, he was a little scuffed, lightly cut all along his arms and his entire right sleeve gone. Mihawk has definitely improved, after the first exchange he almost lost his whole right arm. Still, Sojiro has this mach in the bag as long as Mihawk watches his sword and body. He saw Mihawk getting ready and took up his Iaijutsu stance

Mihawk on the other hand was a little worse off than his opponent, with his hat and necklace gone and a large but shallow diagonal cut on his chest. His opponent moved so fast and he can't even figure out why. The only reason he is still alive is a combination of his Hawk eyes and Kenbunshoku Haki. He took a ready stance and grits his teeth. Focusing on his blade he swung down and a large green energy blade went flying at Sojiro at speeds that would catch an experienced Soru user off guard.

Sojiro was faster.

After seeing the energy blade coming at him he grinned and with a quick footwork maneuver disappeared. A trail of dust and small craters would form where his feet would pass leaving a narrow gouge in the earth. Within point seven five seconds Sojiro was at Mihawk's left side and started drawing his sword. Mihawk quickly saw this and positioned his Yoru to parry. He then kicked at Sojiro's chest and slashed his sword, cutting deep in Sojiro's left bicep and shoulder. Sojiro ignored the pain and drew his wakizashi with his left hand and whipped it like a kunai where it cut a line on Mihawk's stomach and imbedded itself in the wall behind him.

They backed off a bit. Sojiro was still smiling, but was inwardly wondering why Mihawk was also doing so. Mihawk on the other hand decided to take a small gamble, if it worked than his chances of winning would significantly rise, if it didn't then he would probably lose a leg.

Mihawk was a gambling man.

He raised his large sword and stabbed it into the ground, causing large green shockwaves to extend and rupture the ground. Sojiro moved and appeared way to the left and barely dogged a large green energy blade flying at him. He moved in circular patterns, swiftly dodging all blades while keeping his Iai stance. Sojiro losing his patience finally rushed at Mihawks unprotected lower body. Just as his sword was coming out of his sheath, Mihawk channeled Busoshoku Haki to his left leg and stomped on the ground.

The large shock wave was enough for Sojiro to be completely off guard. Wide eyed, he barely dodged the green energy covered Yoru's beheading strike and retreated back a distance.

"It is as I thought" Mihawk spoke to Sojiro. "It took me a while to recognize it, but now I now your secret Tenken, though seeing your technique I should call you Doken (Earth Sword). To think someone, after hundreds of years has mastered the Shukuchi (Earth Reducing Step), though I am surprised as to how you know the one art of the blade that I do not have in my arsenal."

There are three main focuses when learning the Art of the Sword: Speed, Strength, and Skill. Strength for powerful heavy swings, people who focus on this aspect of it usually are very large people who use long swords or zanbatous. Then there are the people who focus on skill, usually they focus on counter attacking and wielding more than one weapon to out maneuver faster or stronger opponents. Lastly there is speed, people who use this aspect are usually wiry individuals who use a single blade and focus on hit and run style of fighting. To become a great swordsman like Shanks or Mihawk, it was believed that one needed to focus on them all to become truly great. However, by sacrificing an aspect of this triangle and focusing on the other two, one can achieve great ability almost unmatched in there field of combat.

Shukuchi, the Earth Reducing Step, is an ability that is the product of Sojiro sacrificing the aspect of strength and focusing all of his effort on speed and skill. By using powerful footwork prepped by his foot tapping, he accelerates at high speed and disappears from the eyes of others. What makes the Shukuchi so dangerous for both parties though is that it has no acceleration or slowdown time. In other words one moment your standing and the next you're moving at top speeds until you stop with no slowing down beforehand. Doing this puts enough pressure on the legs to make a combination of Soru, Rankyaku, and Geppo taken up to eleven look like a leisurely walk in the park. This is why the Shukuchi has stages called Steps, determined by how many times you tap your foot at the start of the Shukuchi. The steps go from twenty to one and the true Shukuchi is step Zero, where ones self completely disappears to all perception. The lower the higher the amount of steps the slower you move, this system was designed so users of this technique could warm up there legs so they wouldn't blow up the muscle from too much strain.

Sojiro just kept on smiling despite having his secret technique discovered. "Whoops! There goes my surprise advantage. But ya know what Mihawk-san? I ain't worried at all." He said and started his foot tapping again

Mihawk raised an eyebrow in curiosity, "Oh really? Why not? Now that I know just what it is you're doing my chances of winning ar-AHHHHHHH!" Mihawk was stopped when Sojiro disappeared and re appeared back where he was smiling and holding something in his suddenly bloody hand. Mihawk on the other hand screamed and clutched the right side of his face with his left hand.

Sojiro's grin turned so big and gleeful looking it was scary. "Oh I don't think I need to worry Mihawk-san." He said his voice so sickly sweet it could be sold in a candy store, "After all, at least I'm not half- blind right now am I Hawk-eye-san?" he said as he held up the eyeball of Dracule Mihawk in his bloody left hand.

"Besides" he continued to say to the seething Shichibukai, "that wasn't even true Shukuchi." Mihawk started to feel a large sense of dread overwhelm him but Sojiro continued, fully aware of his Prey's growing despair. "That was" he held up three fingers, "three steps short of Shukuchi earlier and two steps short when I pulled out your eye." He held up his left hand, still covered in Mihawks blood with his eye in it, and grinned. "Can you live long enough to see the real thing Mihawk-kun?" he spoke as his grin turned sadistic and he crushed the eye in his hand.

For the first time in a long time, Mihawk wondered not if he could win. No he was wondering if he could even survive.

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