-Chapter 3

I walked into the living area space of the tour bus where Chris stood waiting for me. He looked pretty calm and it seemed that he wanted to talk about something. I looked around to make sure my mother wasn't around since she could have put him up to something. After all, we're going to be one big happy family soon.

"What do you need Chris? Do you want a backrub or something? Or do you need my mother for something?" I asked crossing my arms under my chest.

Chris blinked several times and he told me, "I don't need your mother right now because she is mad at me for defending you. I wanted you."


"I bought you a gift," he told me tossing me a box after pulling it out from behind his back. He looked pretty serious about the gift thing. "I picked it out myself last night when you and your mother were sleeping. I am pretty good a sneaking out."

I caught the box and I asked him, "Why would you get me a gift if I dumped my dinner all over you? I was so cold to you and still you got me a gift."

"I know that you were cold to me but that doesn't matter. I have had worse happen to me before," Chris told me with a smile on his face. "Anyways, I hope you like the gifts since I did go looking through your stuff to figure out what you needed during this tour."

"Okay." I opened the box and found several things inside. I found a journal, some clothing, and some pens inside the box. "You got me a freaking journal Chris? Why would I write in a journal?"

Chris laughed and told me, "You can write all your secrets inside and no one will know since it comes with a lock and key. I would never read your journal so you can write all you want in it and I wouldn't know what it says inside Luna."

"I wouldn't trust you with any of my secrets old man! You would tell my mother about what I wrote inside and then I would have to kill you," I told him placing the stuff back inside the box.

"You must be so worried about me spreading rumors then, right? I wouldn't do such a thing because I get rumored spread about me all the time." Chris picked up some drinks and he handed me one. "I hope you don't mind drinking a little alcohol."

"I haven't drunk alcohol before," I confessed. "My mom wouldn't let me since I was trying to be a famous actress and she told me how drugs ruin your mind."

Chris laughed and told me, "Drugs only ruin you if you over do it. Try not to drink too much, okay? I wouldn't want your mother to blame me for all your problems then."

"I wouldn't drink a lot anyways. It'll probably make me sick within a certain amount of time," I told him opening the drink which is Bud Light. I took a sip and nearly gagged. "This is the worst tasting drink ever! I am dumping it down the drain."

"I'll get us some wine then," Chris told me taking the beer from my hands. "Are you okay with red wine or some other type of wine?"

"I told you I haven't done alcohol before!"

Chris walked into the kitchen and he pulled out two wine glasses. He then pulled out a red bottle and he told me, "This is port wine. It is a very sweet tasting thing and I love it a lot. Maybe I can take you clubbing in Vegas so you can taste some really good crap."

"I don't think my mother would approve of us clubbing together," I told Chris with honesty. "She would kick me out of the house if I got caught with you…alone somewhere getting a bite to eat and in your car. She would probably kill me too!"

"Anyways, how do you feel about getting a tattoo?" Chris asked me with a smile on his face and I knew he was changing the subject for some reason. "When we get to Indiana, I want you to get one."

I titled my head in confusion and asked him, "How did you know that I wanted a tattoo? Are you a mind reader or something now?"

Chris placed poured the wine into the wine glasses and he walked over to me with the glasses in his hands. He handed me one and I took a sip of the sweet fluid inside. Chris smiled knowing that I liked the taste of the wine and usually someone wouldn't smile about that.

"I saw the drawings you did on the bed. You drew the design you wanted," he told me. "I'm sorry for being so into your business but someone has to look out for you. What is the design anyway?"

"The design is piano keys around my right wrist," I told him finishing my glass of wine. I felt a slight headache coming on but I usually got them anyways.

Chris nodded his head. "You are very talented Luna. You probably can make it big out in the world one day and I want to help you reach your goal but you are going to have to trust me. I think you should be on stage for Fozzy and sing a little to get noticed. Can you sing at all?"

"I don't sing too well even though people say I am good," I told Chris softly.

"Then you might be good enough to be on stage with me and my band. Can you sing me a little something?" he asked me and I did try but I made no noise. "I think you are going to have to get comfortable around me before you start singing in front of me and an audience."

"That is a good idea," I said looking at my empty wine glass. "I am going to lie down until dinner. Can you get me if my mother makes anything good?"

I exited the living room area with the box and I left Chris with the empty wine glass. I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes trying to think of starting on my future. I didn't want to be at the same place I am now in like ten years! That would be a nightmare for me and my mother.

I began to sleep and I loved the dreams that begin. I was famous in my dreams and I knew that was because I wanted to be famous. I wanted to make money to give to charity so I can help people like me get better lives. Divorced kids who need some clothes to wear since one parent isn't as rich as the other. Maybe I could buy them some therapy to talk about their feelings.

I felt someone shake me a bit and I opened my eyes to find Chris above me. "It's time to eat dinner," he told me and I sighed heavily.

"That was fast," I told him and he laughed. "You haven't had dinner with my mother on a normal day in a home with her. She cooks dinner so late."

Chris helped me out of the bed and told me, "We are in Indiana so we'll sneak of tonight and get that tattoo you want but you have to eat something for dinner whether you like it or not. If you don't eat, I am going to convince your mother to send you to a mental hospital claiming that you need to get better."

I rolled my eyes and asked him, "What is for dinner anyways? I am starving!"

"We are having turkey sandwiches and salads," Chris told me with a smile. "I am going to get a burger later at one of the sports bars if you eat and get the tat."

"Can I have some chicken noodle soup instead? I'm sure my stomach can't hold in a turkey sandwich and salad if you are all over my mother," I told him without a smile so I could show him how serious I was about what I just said.

Chris nodded his head and he took note of my serious look. "I won't be all over your mother at dinner since she was mad at me for sticking up for you," Chris told me. "I think you'll love the chicken noddle soup I have in the cupboard. Do you want any crackers with your soup?"


"You didn't say anything about your mother," he told me pointing out the fact I didn't bash my mother. "Do you have some sense of humanity in you or something?"

I laughed at that and told him, "I have a sense of humanity in me!" I slapped my hand onto Chris's arm and it really hurt. "Ouch! What the hell makes up your arm?"

"Muscle and my perfect DNA," Chris told me and he added, "Sorry about your hand. I didn't mean to hurt you at all Luna."

I nodded my head and told me, "It's totally okay dude. Seriously, don't work yourself up over my stupid hand injury caused by your rock hard arm. Are you sure you aren't made up of rocks Chris?"

Chris laughed at my joke about his arms being made up of rocks and he told me, "I hope I am not made up of rocks because I'll weigh everything down then. I wouldn't want to weigh anything down." He pushed a hand through his hair and it just made it fluffier than before.

"Can I change before we head out? I don't want to look like this when we are walking down the streets of Indiana," I told him. "What city are we in again?"

"Indianapolis." Chris smiled.

"You didn't answer my question," I told him and I heard him say something under his breath but I couldn't make it out at all.

"You can get dressed," he told me. "But it can't be rated R."

"I only dress in PG-13 or PG." I smiled softly and I was glad I could change out of these clothes I am wearing right now. "After all, I don't need people staring like crazy. That would make me feel very weird and like I have something wrong with me."

Chris took me to the dining area of the tour bus and he told my mother who looked unhappy to see me, "I'm going to be right back. Your lovely daughter has requested that I make her chicken noodle soup."

"Whatever dear," my mother said popping an aspirin in because I am giving her a headache just from being in front of her. "Just come back within twenty minutes so we can have a normal family dinner from now on. Does that sound good to you dear?"

"Yeah," Chris said smiling. "I will be right back."

Chris left me and my mother alone and we didn't even talk. I didn't look at her but I could tell she was looking at me madly for being me. I can't help it that I need to express myself to the entire world. I would have thought that she would be more mature about it instead of upset about it.

I looked down at my nails and thought about getting them done while me and Chris were out but it'll be too late at night to find someone to do them. I then remembered that they sold fake nails at drugstores and Wal-Mart. Plus, they also sell nail polish stripes you can put on your nails. That'll do.

Chris finally returned with my soup and crackers. "Here you go Miss Luna Carson," he said placing the food in front of me and he placed a spoon inside the bowl of soup. "It is hot so be careful dear and how is my lovely girlfriend doing?"

My mother smiled and told Chris, "I'm good but I have a killer headache. Can we just get dinner started so I can get to bed?"

Chris nodded and he sat down. "Let's eat."

We ate in complete silence which was so not normal for a dinner between me and my mother but thanks to Chris being there it was pleasant. My mother finished first and she went to bed. Chris got up and picked out my outfit for tonight.

He showed me the black t-shirt that would show a lot of cleavage if I wore it and a black miniskirt with black tights to match it. "I don't want you to be cold inside any stores we go into," he told me. "You are going to look good if you wear some pretty makeup with your outfit."

"I think I look fine," I told him. "As long as I don't look like a hot mess, I am totally fine for tonight. I just need some good clothes and you got that covered."

Chris nodded and he picked up my dinner. "Let's just pick up a burger at the sports bar and maybe drink a bit," he told me. "Then, we can go shopping for some good tour clothing. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like a plan to me Chris." I smiled softly thinking about eating a burger and looking totally fabulous compared to others.

"I can't wait to get you that tat! It's going to look amazing," he told me happily. He got rid of my food and he smiled at me to let me know it was time to go.

We exited the tour bus after I got dressed which only took five minutes top. I made sure the driver of the tour bus didn't say a word about me and Chris heading out to town for a bit. How? Let's say some things come at a price and I did bribe the guy. With what? Money of course!

Chris asked me, "Are you sure you are ready to get a tattoo?"

"Yeah," I told him pulling out my wallet and then he took my wallet from me. "What are you doing? That is stealing!"

"Not if I am going to give it back to you after I pay for you tattoos and food," he told me. "Plus, I am paying for your new clothing."

"You don't have to do that Chris. You have done enough for me and my mother already," I told him. "I have so many nice things already so you can get someone else some clothes and food."

Chris laughed and he told me, "I can't give someone else food that is from this city unless they love cold food and old food. If I did, they'll have to live in this city to get it warm."

I rolled my eyes. "You are so demanding and harsh with what I do. Are you my father or something now Chris?" I asked him with a smirk on my face. "I have always wondered what authority did to someone once they are forced to watch someone's kids."

"I'm not being forced to do anything for you," he told me. "I am doing this all willingly and I'm going to buy you everything you need since I have the most money and you don't. Got it?"

"Yeah…grandpa," I replied and he laughed. "I did mean that as a joke you know."

He nodded his head. "I know that you did."

Chris finally found the tattoo parlor and we entered. Chris pulled out my drawing and he handed it to one of the tattoo makers there and he studied it. He looked at me after Chris said some words and he nodded his head as if he understood everything going on.

"Come over here!" Chris told me and I listened. "This is Luna Carson and she wants to get a tattoo. She is twenty-four years old and here is her license."

Chris showed him my ID and the guy took me over to a chair. He made an outline of what the tattoo was going to look like once it got onto my skin from being stabbed by a needle with ink. I didn't fear getting a tattoo since I have always wanted one. I wanted to be different from my mother since my mother has no tattoos and I adore tattoos that mean something.

What do the piano keys mean? Well, I used to have a friend who played the piano and they died after teaching me how to play. I have always wanted to remember them by having a tattoo to show that I love pianos, keyboards (the musical kind), and my friend.

After a few minutes of waiting and cleaning the area, the guy began on my tattoo. I didn't feel a lot of pain so I didn't really care about getting one. I felt calm the entire time and Chris was monitoring from the side to make sure everything went smoothly.

Once I got the tattoo and the guy was done, Chris paid for it and he made sure he got a good picture of the tattoo which made a question pop into my head. I wondered how I was going to tell mom I got a tattoo and who paid for it for me. I didn't want to lie to her face but I could lie about anything without her truly knowing if it is fiction or non-fiction.

"You have to clean it with soap that won't harm it. I will make sure that happens and always put sunblock on it since it'll be easier to catch the sun's rays. Okay?" Chris asked me.

"I got it. Sunblock and no bad evil soap," I muttered out thinking about the lies I was going to tell my mother and I knew Chris was aware of what was on my mind.

He told me, "I'll tell her I got you it as a gift. You are twenty-four and you need to do more things with your life. You need to experiment with things and find out what you like and dislike."

"I know right? I have told my mother that but she wouldn't listen," I replied staring off into space. "I couldn't convince her to even buy me more clothes if I tried. All I can do is lie to her face and that is about it Chris. I can't do much if all she does is yell at me."

"I know."

"Anyways, let's go get that burger now and maybe that drink," I told him trying to switch the subject and I knew it wasn't working because his face showed it.

We walked into a place called Richie's Grill and Bar and took a seat. I stared over the menu and then someone approached us. "Can I take your order?" they asked and I looked up.

"Oh my God!" I shouted realizing I know this person serving us.