Hey, my friends and were talking about this and I watched it and this came into my head, don't worry there will be a version were it is lava girl and shark boy.

Max's POV

I watched shark boy try and escape the eels but he dove down and never can back up. I start panicking.

Shark Boy POV

I gasped as Mr Electric poured in the electric eels. I heard lava girl scream at me to swim away. I jumped back and swam down. I tried to kick them away but to no avail. I felt the pain for only a second before I faded to unconsciousness.


I try and go into the water. But it shocks me.

"Can he survive down there?" I ask lava girl.

"He can hold his breath but not forever he'll drown if I don't go get him" she replies as she takes a step closer to the water. This can't be happening. I can't lose her as well. I can hear my heart pounding against my rib cage.

"I-I can't let you go, you'll die to!" I stutter. I grab her arm and try and make her stay. She looks back at me pleading with her eyes.

"He's my best friend" and with that she jumps into the water. I try and stop her but jump away from the splash. I don't see them for a minute and then lava girl pops up gasping for breath. I quickly jump and grab shark boy, I can feel this really weird feeling in my heart and i don't really know what it is. I pull him up and lay him on the ice. Lava girl pulls herself up and lies down on the ice as well. "Come on shark boy" I say as I shake him. Why won't he wake? I must not be dreaming hard enough. I am worthless. "Shark boy, wake up shark boy!" my voice cracks with emotion.

I shake him but his eyes stay closed, I will with all my heart for him to open his eyes and that's when I realize that I love him. I feel an air that seems familiar and I turn to look at lava girl. I stare with eyes open. I crawl to her. "Lava girl!" "Lava girl" "please, lava girl" I feel warm tear drops fall down my face. I turn and look at sharkboy. He still shows no signs of waking. My tears are starting to fall harder. "What am I going to do now?"

Tobor comes down and asks me what I think I should do.

"Dream a better dream" I mumble.

"Interesting" he replies.


"I wanted all my dreams to come true, but I only dreamt for myself, I wanted to escape the real world and then world needed my help to make it a better place. Selfish dreams shouldn't come true" by the time I finish i can taste my salty tears.

"You are becoming a very good dreamer max"

"A very good dreamer indeed"

I look at robot and then back at shark boy.

"What do you do? When your dreams have been destroyed?" I hear myself asking.

"Dream a better dream an unselfish dream" he replies.

I watch him drift off. All of a sudden I hear a low groan.

It breaks me out of my trance. My head snaps back to shark boy. "Shark boy?"

"That's my name isn't it?" he replies somewhat stiffly.

"Oh shark boy! I thought I would never see you again!" I cry while hugging him.

"Hey, it's ok, even if I left, you would be able to dream me back" he says soothingly while rubbing my back.

"r-really?" I hiccup.

"Yes" he whispers.

I look up at him and stare at his pink lips and without thinking, I lean up and capture his soft lips with my own. He seems shocked but relaxes into it and starts to kiss me back.

We pull away- our foreheads touching.

"Thank you" I mumble.

"For what?" he asks.

"For giving me hope when I had none" I reply.

I can surly save this planet because after this me and shark boy can be together.'

~may the odds be ever in your favour~

Did you like it? I know I am not that good of a writer so don't say that this is crap. I know. Anyway bye!