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Amy shifted slightly, turning to make sure Rory hadn't been woken up, she slid out of their bed and padded across the cream carpet to grab her dressing gown. Pushing her red hair out of her face and twisting it into a ponytail, she yawned quietly and slipped into their bathroom.

It hadn't even been five minutes since she'd washed and dressed when she heard the Doctor calling her name. She walked down to the TARDIS console room, jogging slightly as she grew closer, the Doctor was sounding panicked now.


"Hey, calm down, I'm right here, what's up?" Amy frowned as the Doctor pushed his floppy hair back, away from his face. He looked worried, really worried. And that was never a good sign. She stepped closer to him, "Doctor, what's happened?"

"No, no, no, where's Rory? I called for Rory too. Where is he?"

"He's asleep. It's too early for the Roma-" Her words were cut off as they both fell to the floor as the TARDIS shuddered violently, before a warning siren went off above them. "Doctor, what the hell is going on?"

He held out his hand to help her back up, before turning to turn a few buttons, before the TARDIS went silent again, "Quick, where's Rory?"

"In our bedroom, like always?" Amy questioned, her Scottish accent tinged with confusion.

And with that, the Doctor raced up the stairs and down the hallway, as soon as he reached the correct door, the TARDIS shook again, the siren started blaring again, this time though, he managed to hold himself up using a railing.

"Amy, are you alright?" He asked, after no response, "Am- NO! NO!" Turning he found Amy to be gone.

Opening the bedroom door, he found an empty bed, and no one in the bathroom either. "Oh, God, no. I knew it."

He raced back to the console, pressing buttons, twisting knobs, pulling levers, until the monitor showed a picture of a a planet, "So, that's where they are? Ziema, that's one I've never visited before." He flicked through the information, "Home to the Nova Bugs of the Rainbow? Well that doesn't sound too evil... Grey skin, lumpy, three foot in height, good with transportation beams and, ah... usually work for another race. That's never good."

The Doctor turned and pulled another lever, before fixing the TARDIS to land on the planet.

"I wonder who's trying to get my attention this time." He muttered, fixing his bow tie before walking towards the door and swinging it open.

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