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"So, you didn't see the Doctor before the lights turned off?" Rory asked, looking over at Jack. He was certain he'd been there, glancing down at them, looking confused and worried.

"That's what he looks like now? A grey blob?" He laughed, taking another bite from his sandwich.

"You couldn't see him? Standing right over us, in the jacket and the bow tie? Floppy hair?" Rory now looked even more worried. He looked up again, but the ceiling was still blacked out. The grey Nova Bugs couldn't even be seen.

"There was no one up there. Just the Nova Bugs." Mickey stated, also looking up at the dark roof.

"He was there..." Clyde glanced up again, "Don't worry, Rory, he was definitely there. Exactly as he was the last time I saw him."

"Maybe he could only be seen by those who have seen his face before?" Luke offered up. He shoved the last of his sandwich into his mouth, and walked towards the wall, he put his ear against it and listened out for any noises, "I think there's someone out there."

Jack stood up and walked towards him, and listened too, "He's righ-"

"Jack?" Mickey and Rory stood up and walked towards the place where Jack had just vanished from.

Wilf stepped towards them and shook his hand through the air, "How can he just be gone?"


"Oh my God," Amy stepped forwards and caught Donna with the help of Martha, "Is she alright? Why is she gold? It's the same as the mist the Doctor was choking out the first time I met him. Is she a Time Lord too?"

"Kind of, but she's not meant to know." Martha lay Donna down and she checked her pulse and listened to her breaths, "She sounds like she should be alright, but aliens are always different." Rose sat down on the other side and bit her lip, "What do we do, Rose?"

"I don't know, I have no idea."

"The Doctor will save her. He was up there, he'll save us all."

"Up there?" Jackie asked, looking at Amy like she had grown another head, "There was nothing up there 'cept those weird grey things."

"You didn't see him? None of you saw him?" Amy looked bewildered, she looked up again, but it was black.

"You're just seeing things. Now calm down and help us with Donna and Gwen." Jackie snapped.

"Rani, come and help too?" Martha asked. She looked around to gesture at the girl to come over and found no one, "Rani? Sarah Jane, where did Rani go?"

Sarah Jane looked up from where she was watching Gwen, "She's gone?" She stood up and looked around, "She can't be gone." She put a hand to her mouth and felt the tears building up in her eyes.

Everyone else turned to look at the last place anyone had seen her, and by the time they looked back down at Donna, the red head had vanished too.


"How about first, you tell me who you are?" The Doctor asked, stepping away from the door, "I'd rather not step out there and get killed."

"How about I show you instead?"

"I'd really prefer if you told me, to be perfectly honest." The door swung open anyway, and the Doctor came face-to-face with Madam Kovarian. Her eyepatch glinted a bit in the light.

She was stood with two armed men and a young girl, who was smirking at him. A blonde woman was being held by one of the men, blindfolded, gagged and with her arms tied behind her back.

"Okay, hello, didn't expect to see you again." He lifted his Sonic up and pressed the button, "Okay, so who are you then?"

"Melody." The young girl answered with a twinge of an American accent.

"Pond then?" She nodded at him, "And who is this?" He pointed to the blonde, who had started struggling.

"I believe this is your daughter," One of the men pulled the blindfold and the gag off and watched as the girls eyes blinked several times, getting used to the lighting.

"Jenny?" She looked up at him, a hint of confusion showed.

"You're not my dad."

"Enough of this." Madam Kovarian cut in.

"Yes. What have you done to Amy and Rory?"

"You only want to know about Amy and Rory?" She asked, laughing.

"Why? Who else have you got?"

"Why don't we show you?" Melody offered, smiling brightly and turning to lead the way.

They had only walked a short distance when they stepped through a door. There were about three dozen Nova Bugs slipping around the glass dome.

He looked down through the glass under his feet, "But that's not just Rory or Amy; that's Rory, Jack, Mickey, Pet- Wait, how did you get Pete?"

"Well, we're very clever." Madam Kovarian spoke, laughing a bit at the Doctor's angry glare.

"You're so clever you decided to risk tearing down the walls between universes to get to me? Don't tell me you have Rose too?" He was starting to fume, "Who else have you taken?"

"Let's see," Melody stepped over to the wall and flicked a switch, the lights changed below, and he could now see the women walking below him.

"What have you done? If Donna finds out what has happened, she could die."

"Donna?" Jenny asked, glancing down at the red headed woman who was clearly shouting at who she also remembered to be Martha, "She named me. That's Donna and Martha. They were brilliant. What is going on?"

"How are you doing this?" The Doctor asked, "How are they in the same place, but unaware of each other?"

"Just a touch of some interesting technology we found." Madam Kovarian smirked.

The Doctor looked down in time to see Amy smile at him, he waved, and then everyone looked up at him, "Well, they now know I'm here to rescue them. So, plea-" He cut off when a burst of golden light flickered beneath them, they all glanced down as Donna collapsed.

"Oooh. And now the fun begins." Madam Kovarian gave a slight cackle, and clapped her hands together, "So, Doctor, we've got a little game to play." She stopped for a dramatic pause, before continuing, the Doctor's anger continuing to grow, "Who will the Doctor save first? Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, your sweet, innocent daughter Jenny or young Rani Chandra?"