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From Sprog101

Worried- Michael

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Michael's POV

I stood at the window, looking down from one of the highest apartments in the area. I was looking down at the street below. It was bustling with traffic and people. The people looked like ants from up here. Everything looked like ants. It reminded me a lot of Japan. Don't get me wrong Japan was a beautiful country but it wasn't home. I had missed America. I had missed my home, my family, my dog… but I had missed Mia most of all. I had missed her smile, I had missed her laugh, I had missed just speaking to her. It wasn't the same when we spoke through emails. Sometimes it seemed like she liked me still but other times she seemed distance.

Yes I was still in love with Mia. I was hoping that she still felt the same. I was worried that she might not. All I ever thought about was her while I was away, even though I was in Japan building something that could change medical history. But then I would always remember the reason why I had decided to build the arm. So her parents and grandmother (mainly her grandmother) would accept me and the fact that I loved Mia. I knew that there was a big change that she had moved on (since she was dating that jerk (Boris kept me updated)) but I still hoped that she still had feelings for me like I did with her.

She was beautiful. She was gorgeous, smart, and funny. Over the last two years she'd gotten more beautiful if that was even possible. But she proved it was obvious.

I knew it was my fault that she had left me. If I had never been with that annoying Judith, I would never had lost Mia. I would still be with the love of my life if it hadn't been with Judith. I had lost the thing that made my life complete and I would do anything to get it back.

When I saw her the other day, with Lilly pulling her towards me, I saw that Mia looked as she as she had when I'd first met her. She looked scared and worried all at once. Like she didn't know how to react to what was happening. I could see a little pain as well, and I guessed it had something to do with how Lilly was pulling her along. I knew Lilly could hurt when she grabbed your arm. I tried to hide my shock and nervousness that she was there and I think I got away with it. I was stunned to see her, she looked just as beautiful as she did when I last saw her. I thought I saw some type of love in her eyes. I was going to her birthday party tomorrow so I had to find the perfect gift for her. I wanted to prove that I still wanted her, that I still loved her. I wanted to prove that she could love me instead of that jerk.

I'd just met up with her for an interview for the school paper. It had been a very interesting morning, it had been a lot of fun too. It was good to be having a nice conversation with her. She had sent me her story to my phone but I had jokingly started to read it to tease her. I knew how she would react and I knew it would be funny. Even though I had gotten hot chocolate over my jeans, it had been fun holding her close while she tried to take my phone off of me to delete her story that she had just sent me. But she had failed. I had just started to read it and wow it was hot! I just hoped that she still loved me.

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