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Man in suit: *shakes head and points to gun*

Well fuck!


I can remember as far back as a year ago. Everything before that is irrelevant. It's pointless. It's not worth my effort. I tell myself this to keep busy and not wonder why my parents never call me. I know it's because they don't care.

I don't care that they don't care. So there.

I guess you could say I'm a little spoiled.

I come from a very wealthy family. My father owns almost every building there is to own, and my mother is a pampered queen. She's never had to work a day in her life.

I am their only son.

I am also their biggest regret.

See, in our household, we look down on things that aren't considered normal.

Really, what the fuck is normal anyway?

In our mansion, full of maids, cooks, random businessmen... I was always alone.

I never really fit in with any of the people my parents wanted me to associate with. They were always sending me to other rich children's houses, always wrapping me up in white lace and placing teacups in my hands.

I never got to fucking spill a goddamn drop.

I realized a long time ago that I fall into the category my parents hate. I am abnormal. I want so much more from this life than what if being given to me. I decided I was going to follow whatever dream I could think to create.

A man is only as good as his word, ne?

So when my sister came along, I decided to leave the family name to her. I was only 10 at the time, but I already knew what I wanted.

By the age of 15 I was in a prestigious boarding school.

By the age of 18 I dropped out, and dropped my last name.

I am now simply Hibiya.

I will never be 'Mommy's little prince' again. I will never be anyone's prince again.

I only want to find a way in this world on my own. I don't want any fucking help.

I'd rather die happy and broke than rich and miserable. Wouldn't everyone?

Well, no. My mother is quite content with the way things are. Ah well.

Stepping off the Greyhound bus, I look around at the damp city streets. It's raining outside, and everyone is scrambling for shelter. Everyone except me. I stand there and raise my face to the clouds, welcoming the drops to splash on me.

I realize it's a little strange, but I never got to do it as a kid. So, I'm doing it now. I'm even laughing a little. Oh mother, look at your little fucking prince now!

"Excuse me sir, you dropped this." an elderly man says, handing me my umbrella. I look closer and realize he's a beggar. A damn hospitable one to help me out when he has nothing. I smile at him as nicely as I can.

"Keep it. You need to have a shelter."

"G-God bless you, sir!" he squeaks, taking the damn thing like it's made of gold.

"No problem."

I turn and make my way down the empty street. I'm soaked to the bone, but I don't care.

I'm happy right now. For the first time in 20 damn years, I'm happy. I'm glad I made this move. I'm glad no one knows me. I'm glad my life of lace and teacups is over.

I stop under a streetlamp and pull out my damp map. I observe it wistfully, trying to figure out where the hell I am. I hear a voice behind me.

"You lost?"

I turn and am instantly greeted with a pair of magenta eyes locked into my own. The owner is a tall blonde man, headphones around his neck, and an umbrella over his head. He holds it over me now too.

"Ah, thanks. Yeah, I'm kind of looking for an apartment." I inform the stranger.

"Oh okay. Where is it? I'll help you out before I go to my meeting." he says cheerfully.

"No clue. I don't have it yet." I grin at him.

His face is in a frown now, obviously trying to process why I'm happy when I'm homeless. He doesn't know of my home though, and why I'm glad without it.

"You're sleeping in the streets tonight? In this weather? Kind of hazardous, don't you think?" he smiles impishly. Obviously this man has a sense of humor.

"Mmm, maybe. But at least it's warm outside." I reply.

He laughs at this, the sound filling me with more unexplainable joy as I join in. I'm seriously giddy right now.

"You can stay with me till you find your non-existent apartment. It's better than nothing." he says.

"Oh, no. I couldn't possibly do that. We just met!"

"No, we haven't even met yet. I don't know your name." he grins.


"Your parents stopped at Hibiya? There's no last name?"

"They decided not to give me one. Just Hibiya."

"Okay then. I'm just Delic."

"Good to meet you, but I must be off now. I've got to contact someone about a place to live and I need to start filling out job applications-" I'm cut off.

"Whoa, whoa. You're coming with me. It's not really that long of a walk. It's fine. You can go out tomorrow and job hunt." he tells me smoothly.

I stare at him incredulously.

"Are you being serious? You're letting a complete stranger in your house?"

"No. I'm letting one into my apartment."

"Smartass much?"

"One of my flaws."

"I thought you had a meeting." I say dryly.

"You can come too. It's an open thing, it's cool."

I stand there and weigh my options. Okay, I said I wasn't going to rely on anyone anymore...But really, what other options did I have? It was stay with Delic, or stay in the street.

"A pretty thing like you will get raped out here." he pushes.


"Fine, fine. I'll come with you. I still can't believe how nice you're being to someone you just met." I sigh, folding up my map.

"Haha, I'm usually not. There's something about you though. I need to keep you close I think. You're interesting." he laughs, walking forward with the umbrella hovering over both of us.

"What about me?" I push.

"Golden eyes are rare. You must come from an interesting family with great genes to have them." he says.

"...They're as rare as pink eyes..." I huff at him.


We walk to a large brick building. Instantly, I tense. What is he's a rich guy and this is a business meeting? I really can't handle any damn business meetings. I'm a little nervous right now... I don't want to befriend another rich asshole.

"Delic." I say, my voice shaking. He looks at me in concern. "W-What kind of meeting is this?"

"It's a meeting for nymphomaniacs." he smiles.


"Sex addicts."

Oh mother, if only you could see the mess your prince is in now.

The teacup is on the ground now. I finally spilled it.

And you know what?

It feels fucking great.

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