Chapter 7

The last 3 days had been torment for Elizabeth. Angie had taken every opportunity to tease her. Light teasing touches… whispered comments… accidental brushes of her body against Elizabeth's. It was driving her insane.

And worse… there had been more dreams. More delicious, frustrating dreams that always ended a bit too soon to satisfy her. Dreams that left her hot, bothered… and longing for more.

One night she was awakened from an unusually dreamless sleep by a hand gently shaking her shoulder.

Her eyes opened a crack, then flew upon as she saw Angelique. "What the hell are you doing in here?" she said, voice a bit too sleepy to sound as firm as she would have liked.

The witch was still dressed in her outfit from earlier… and looking unusually awake for the middle of the night. "We're going swimming" she announced with a grin.
"Now… are you crazy?" she asked, waking up a little more. She had to admit the prospect of a midnight swim sounded like fun.
She nodded. "Yes now… it's too beautiful a night to waste. Come on… get up!" she said in a tone that would allow no refusal, blue eyes glittering. "Alright, alright I'm up…" Liz said, rolling out of bed.

Angie grinned widely and grabbed her arm, pulling her through the door and down the hallway. Liz laughed as she was half led, half pulled down the hallway toward the back of the house.
Her arm was relinquished when they reached the door that led outside to the pool. The cooler air hit her as she walked outside, banishing the last traces of sleep. She almost gasped when she looked up. The sky was perfectly clear and covered in what looked like thousands of stars.

"You're right… it is beautiful…" she said softly. "Told you so…" said Angie playfully, a trace of smugness in her voice.
Liz glanced over at the pool. "We don't have anything to swim in…" she pointed out. Angie grinned wickedly and walked past her to stand near the edge of the pool.
Her eyes widened as the witch started to unbutton her blouse. She slid it off, revealing a slender white back and a side glimpse of perfect, luscious curves. Liz could do nothing but stare as the skirt and underwear joined the blouse, revealing even more of that flawless porcelain skin.
Angelique was beautiful, breathtaking in the moonlight. It was all she could do to not walk over and touch her.

She glanced at Liz over her shoulder before diving into the water gracefully. Liz watched as she resurfaced with a splash and a laugh. "Come on in… the water's fine…" she said daringly.
Liz bit her bottom lip as she looked at the water and Angie's teasing, daring grin. Knowing this was probably a bad idea she started to unbutton the shirt of her pajamas. Angie's grin widened as she slid it off and dropped it.
Once she had taken off the pajama bottoms she dived into the water, smoothly… though not quite as gracefully as Angie had managed to. The water was pleasant, warmer than she had expected.

Angie started to slowly drift towards her, a wicked grin curving her full lips. Liz flashed her a cheeky grin and started to drift backwards.

Liz swam away as Angie chased after her, always just a little bit ahead of the witch. Several times she let her almost catch her, getting just close enough for her to touch before swimming out of reach.

Angie feinted left then swam right, managing to trap Liz against the side of the pool. She took deep breaths as the witch moved in close, her face inches from Liz's. "You caught me…" she said, voice rather breathless.
"Yes… you're at my mercy…" whispered Angie, leaning in to kiss her. This time there was no hesitation, no resistance as her lips met hers. Liz kissed her back softly, sighing into the kiss.
The witch deepened the kiss, pressing her body against Elizabeth's. The feeling of those soft curves pressed up against her sent a delicious shiver down Liz's spine.
She slid her hands into Angie's hair, kissing her back just as passionately. Liz knew this was a bad idea but she couldn't stop. It felt entirely too good to stop for even a moment.
Angelique's hands stroked her waist, making her sigh softly. The sigh became a soft moan as her hands slid up to cup her breasts, thumbs brushing over her nipples.

Liz looked at Angie as Angie broke the kiss. A self satisfied smile curved the witch's lips as their eyes met. She leaned in so her lips were by Liz's ear. "Tell me to stop and I will" she whispered, voice husky with desire.
When Liz said nothing Angie grinned widely and gently kissed the side of her face. Liz's eyes half closed as Angie's lips trailed down the side of her neck. She felt her bite her skin gently and her breath caught in her throat.

Angie's fingers slid slowly, teasingly up her leg as her lips trailed down her neck to her collarbone and shoulder. "Angelique…" she said softly, breathlessly.
Her lips brushed against hers again as her fingers slid up her thigh. She couldn't help moaning softly against Angie's lips as her fingers slid between her legs.

Then her fingers were there… touching her lightly, teasingly but not yet giving what she truly wanted.
Another moan escaped her lips as she squirmed slightly, wanting more. A grin curved the witch's lips as she saw the effect she was having on her. She touched her more firmly, feeling Liz's hips jerk slightly.
"Angie… please" Liz whispered. She didn't know if she could take much more teasing. Angie's grin widened and she slowly pushed her fingers into her. A moan came from deep in Liz's throat, her head falling back.

Liz's eyes slid half closed, hips moving slightly against the other woman's fingers. Slowly… too slowly she started to thrust her fingers, sliding them back and forth. She grinned at the soft moans and whimpers that came from Liz's mouth as her body shuddered around her digits.

Just when Liz was thinking she couldn't take anymore of the delicious torturous teasing she increased the speed, pressing her hips hard into the wall.
Her world narrowed to her and Angie. Angie's body close to hers in the cool water… Angie's oh so talented fingers pushing her closer and closer to the brink.

It was another half an hour before they got out of the water… and several hours later when they finally fell asleep in Angelique's bed.