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Amelia drove into the small farm grown town she liked rural places like this. They reminded her of how humans use to exist before Viktor forced the elders to leap frog through time. Although that's not the only reason she has come to this town. Much like Viktor she can not abide by the taste of livestock. This is why once every 2-3 years she comes to a remote region and gorges herself on human blood. Gorge herself burn the bodies and the news cast chalks it up as a horrible fire.

Amelia has the car stopped close enough. She hears 5 heartbeats. Even better 2 of them are children, pure bloods no drugs or alcohol. She decides to start with the farm. Much bigger place so much less chance the two girls next door will hear their screams. She easily sneaks up on the farmer and sinks her teeth into his neck. Warm blood rushed into her mouth like a flood. She kept biting down and refused to let go. It wasn't until there was nothing left to drink that she finally let go and the dirty blond haired farmer fell to the floor.

Amelia was distracted as the farmer's wife came down checking to see what that racket was. She screams when she finds her husband's drained body. Amelia uses this to her advantage and attacks her from behind sinking her fangs into her neck. Amelia enjoys it as the red ambrosia slides down her throat and she's actually surprised by the wife's heartbeat going up it usually goes down when people die.

"Oh god don't look baby don't look don't lo-" The wife pleaded as life went out of her eyes. Amelia drops the red head and wonders who she was talking to. She looks up and sees a 5 year old little boy who just watched his mother die.

The boy had tears in his eyes and was ready to attack.

Amelia raised an eyebrow. "It will hurt worse if you fight it." The vampire elder warned.

The boy ran at her and tackled her causing them both to go flying through two walls landing outside. The two landed creating a crater and the boy unloaded on the vampire elder with lefts and rights. His dad taught him to control his strength but since he's gone he can't exactly ground him. He hits Amelia in the ribs and a couple times in the face knocking out some of her teeth including a fang. Amelia finally gets a grip on the kid and tosses him back into the house.

Amelia catches her breath as new fangs grow in. How did one child pack so much power into such tiny hands? She hasn't felt anything like that except for going up against Viktor and Marcus. She gets to her feet and decides to call it a day. However the wall to the house explodes and the boy crashes into her again knocking her to the floor. This time the boy got his hands around the vampire's neck and squeezed and pulled. The boy being as powerful as he was it wasn't long until a disgusting pop was heard and the elder's head came clean off.

From the woods the whole fight was watched by creatures with an uncanny resemblance to wolves but they were bigger and more human looking. At the command of their leader they stayed back. The head wolf went into the house and upstairs in the farmer's room so he could get some clothes on after he transforms back into a human. He came down stairs in white T shirt and jeans. He has a full brown beard and long brown hair and blue eyes. He comes to where the farmer and his wife fell and hears the boy sobbing cradling his mother's body.

"Mommy you can wake up now the bad lady won't hurt you anymore." The boy promised.

The man sat down next to the boy and saw his blue cerulean eyes and the black hair. "Son who is she?"

"My mom" The boy answered. "She won't wake up."

Lucien is muttering under his breath how is he going to explain this. "That's a different kind of sleep she's not going to wake up."

Clark looked at his mother and knows what she is thanks to accidentally running into a cow at full speed last month. "She's dead isn't she?"

Lucien wishes he didn't know what that word meant but he won't lie to the boy. "Yes"

Clark started crying. "But we didn't do anything wrong we didn't deserve this. Why did she attack us?"

Lucien just wrapped the child in his arms. "Sometimes bad things just happen to good people there's no method to it."

Clark just looks up at him. "So what's going to happen to me now?"

"Don't you have family?" Lucien asked.

Clark shook his head no while starting to cry. "All I had was them."

Lucien turned the boy around and hugged him. He imagines Viktor would do the same before blaming his kind like he did with Selene's family all those years ago. Funny thing was Lucien would never free William he is an uncontrollable monster that does nothing but makes more monsters. Lucien looks the boy over he can't be more than 4 or 5. Black hair Cerulean blue eyes. Make his hair brown and he could easily see this boy as the hybrid child he and Sonja were robbed of by Viktor. Especially considering how effortlessly he killed Amelia. He went up against an elder and there's not a scratch on him. "How would you like to come with me? Have a chance for revenge against the vampires for taking your family away."

Clark just nods as Lucien hears something Amelia's bodyguards. "Boy what's your name?"

"Clark Kent"

"It's nice to meet you Clark Kent my name is Lucien and you are about to see something that might scare you but please remember that I am your friend OK."

Clark nods as Lucien turns into a monster before the boys eyes. Clark watches as Lucien and the four others change into monster wolves for lack of a better word. Clark being so little just thinks it's cool because there are people who have to keep it a big secret like he does.

Amelia's security is quickly ripped apart they were expecting beer bellies with shotguns not Lycans and a dead elder. Lucien reverted back to human form and Clark walked out.

Clark looked on in wonder as the other Lycans transformed back into humans. One was an angry man who looked completely dedicated to the cause. The other three just looked like they were enjoying themselves. Clark approached them more curious then scared.

Clark looked at the group of Lycans. "How did you do that?"

Lucien just put his hand on his shoulder. "We're Lycans we can change into that at will when we're old enough."

Clark just looked up at them. "What about those guys he pointed to the dead vampires. And the bad girl that attacked my mom and dad."

Lucien just had a sad face. "Those are called vampires they drink blood."

"I hate them." Clark said looking at the bodies.

"Good kid that just makes you one of us." One of the Lycans said until a glare from Lucien told him to back off.

Lucien looked down to Clark and introduce him to his friends. "This is Raze, Simon, Jacob, and Auron."

"Can I go with you guys and be a Lycan?" Clark asked.

Lucien looked at him. "Wouldn't you rather stay here? This is your home."

Clark shakes his head no. "I have no friends or family no one will take me in because of how different I am. They'll think of me like a monster."

Lucien can see he won't give this up. And maybe it was sympathy or his own pain from the child he lost. "Clark…you can come with us I already told you so."

Out of Lucien's respect for the dead the Lycans bury the Kents and decide to bite Clark later that night. Clark Kent will never learn that he was once called Kal El of Krypton. Or of his spaceship in the storm cellar. His great destiny has been destroyed. Superman will never fly and lead the heroes. Amelia has destroyed his destiny and gave him a deeply embedded hatred of all vampires. He'll hunt them all and kill them all.

15 Years Later Metropolis

A pair of women are walking down the subway a blonde and brunette to be exact. The brunette just stared at the blond she's practically glowing with happiness she wonders what that is about. The brunette is curious as the blond is never this happy.

The brunette just stops and turns to the blond. "OK Chlo spill"

Chloe looked at the brunette in confusion. "What do you mean Lois?"

Lois just pointed at her. "You're practically glowing cuz. Did you win a Pulitzer and not tell me or are you finally getting out of the basement of the Daily Planet?"

Chloe rolled her eyes she hates that her cousin can read her so well. "Nothing that big Lois but a guy I know is coming into town tonight."

Lois smiled as she started getting the picture. "What kind of guy?"

"A guy I plan to spend as much time as I can with" Chloe answered.

Lois just looked over the picture. "So that's why I couldn't talk you into the dating website could have just told me you have a guy Chlo."

"You'd want details and we're not ready to spill yet." Chloe answered honestly lying to Lois is the one part she hates.

Chloe and Lois were rudely pushed aside by a man with long blond hair.

Lois just looks at the man. "Why don't you learn some manners you jerk?"

He was followed by three people one of whom Chloe recognizes as she's meeting him later tonight. The first one was dark skinned bald man in brown dirty clothes after him was a man with shorrt brown hair. The last one was easy enough to identify as Clark he was in a long black trench coat and black pantsblack hair and blue eyes.

Clark smelled the air behind him. "Raze 20 vampires are coming up behind us. And Viktor's little girl is leading the charge."

Raze sighed seeing them. Viktor took extra measures to add to the death dealers after Amelia was 'ripped apart by lycans'. He pulled out a machine gun and fired at the vampires shooting recklessly just trying to hit something as everyone fled. Not caring whoever he hit. To Clark's shock he did hit vampires but he also hit a couple civilians including Lois.

Clark pushed Raze hard into the wall. "Go, I'll deal with them."

Selene hid in the corner in shock. She was a death dealer for centuries but never saw quite an effective bullet as 3 of her friends melt away like they were exposed to sunlight. She also never saw a lycan attack his own like the black haired one did after the other one started shooting humans.

Clark walked over to Lois and saw the damage as the brunette girls was shot in the shoulder. Clark took a breath and breathed on her wound freezing the tissue damage until they can get her to a hospital. A vampire walks over and shoots Clark in the head with a silver bullet while he's distracted. The vampire's face turns to shock when the bullet bounced right off him.

Clark just got to his feet and glared at him. The vampire showed his fangs and Clark just kicked him in the stomach sending the vampire through the air right into the path of an oncoming train as he exploded on impact and blood splattered out. Clark turned around and just looked at his chest as all the bullets were fired and did nothing but bounce right off.

Clark just smiled and took his own gun out and started shooting the vampires with one shot each. Selene watched as 8 more of her friends fell apart. Clark walked over to the blond haired man who was helping another person that got shot and stuck a syringe in his arm and took out some of his blood.

Clark just looked at him. "Be thankful none of my brothers did this part." He jumped down the sewers at this point.

Selene caught a lycan trying to grab the blond haired man and take him with them she was actually impressed by the guy's courage. Selene aimed at the brown haired wolf and shot him full of silver bullets in grief from all the comrades she lost. She led the death dealers she had left into the sewer.

Chloe and Lois looked over the scene in shock what the hell did they stumble into. They see the last of Selene's men follow her down and he just turns to them and growls teeth out.

The blond haired man came over to Lois. "Is she OK?"

"I don't know." Chloe answered.

The man looked Lois over. "It's a flesh wound. And the ice should stop any further damage until we get her to he hospital Ms…"

"K-Sullivan, Chloe Sullivan."

The man offers his hand. "Michael Corvin"

Clark went down to the sewers he'll be home in mere moments…well maybe a little longer he takes his trench coat off and leaves it aside as the death dealers move in.

Clark turns to them. "Go away I'm busy tonight!"

The death dealers open fire and the bullets bounce off except one that goes into his pocket and Clark hears a glass shatter.

Clark reaches into his pocket and picks out shards of a glass ice skater he thought she would like it tonight but as usual vampires strike again. "That's it."

Clark let out a loud roar as his body started to changes shape as the death dealers continue their assault. First his arm grew a foot and then his whole body started growing hair as it grew. Clark's lycan from was bipedal standing at 10 ft tall. The death dealers standing at Selene's side were frozen in their tracks and Selene had to step back. Clark let out a howl and with simple movements tore the death dealers apart carving them to pieces with his claws or ripping them apart in his jaws. Selene retreated as she was the only one left. She saw that raw seething hatred before she often sees it in her own eyes.

Clark sees a vampire twitching for life and just steps on his skull. He lets out a mighty roar signaling his victory.

Lucien emerged from the tunnels watching the show. He was the one that bit Clark and he knows the reason Clark hasn't killed Selene is the same reason Lucien hasn't she reminds them so much of Sonja. Whom Clark has in his head thanks to Lucien.

Lucien looks up to Clark's eyes. "What did I tell you about using your Lycan form against vampires?"

Clark reverted to his human self and looked down at the floor. "Leave no witnesses. Sorry Dad"

Lucien just nodded knowing Selene will be the dutiful daughter and tell her father. "Be more mindful of it hopefully our man will pull the wool past Victor. Corvinus' heir."

Clark walked over to his trench coat and gave Lucien Michael's blood. Lucien held it and looked at Clark. "What happened to the rest of him?"

"Taking Corvinus' heirs that's your idea not mine it also got Jacob killed." Clark answered walking away.

Selene drove into the mansion full stop nearly knocking the gate down. She went right to the weapons dealer. She stops by the Death dealer Kahn and gives him one of the weapons she retrieved from the fallen lycan. "We have a serious problem. Where's Viktor?"

Selene entered the room to see Viktor having a talk with Kraven. Selene rolls her eyes at the disgusting troll of a vampire. Why Viktor gives him so much power she'll never know. The waste of space is a politician not a fighter.

Viktor looks at his adoptive daughter. "Where are the others?"

"They're dead." Selene answers.

Viktor stood there. "The scout said three lycans only you have should have handled that easily."

Selene just nodded if there was three lycans it wouldn't be a problem she has killed as many on her own. "The last lycan, Is it possible for William to regain his human form?"

Viktor calmly shakes his head no. "He is a mad beast locked in his cage for eternity leave him where he is."

Kraven cut in. "Could it just be that our Death dealer is upset that she played cowgirl and had her spurns handed to her."

Selene glared at him and pulled out a knife. "I'm not. We emptied entire magazines into that creature and they bounced right off. And his lycan form he was twice the size and more powerful than any Lycan I've ever seen before. I still don't know why he spared me." Selene slit her arm with the knife. "You don't believe me see for yourselves."

Viktor could see the passion and distress in Selene's eyes he knew she was telling the truth. Though it wouldn't hurt to know what exactly they're up against. He drinks some of her blood and sees images of Michael along with Clark in the subway. "Abomination…Kraven"

Kraven instantly turns around alert. "Yes my lord."

"Find out everything you can on this new form of Lycan." Viktor ordered.

Kraven just nodded and ran out the room. "Yes my lord."

Selene gathered up another round of Death dealers to cover the Subway tunnels. Kraven called Soren and arranged for a departure from the mansion by car. They waited and Lucien and Raze showed up.

Kraven just glared at the lycan elder. "What did I tell you lay low and keep your little science project on a leash."

Lucien just grabbed the cowardly vampire by the throat. "Mind your words Kraven for they could be your last."

Lucien let go and Kraven gasped for breath and warned. "Viktor knows about Clark. Your boy's days wouldn't be numbered if you had listened to me and laid low."

"If you had done your job and kept the girl in check Viktor would not be awake right now. And if your kind had followed your own rules Clark would be living a happy life as a farmer's son." Lucien replied.

"So where is he now?" Kraven asked. If Viktor finds out about this coup Clark is pretty much their big gun against Viktor.

Lucien shrugged he had no clue. "Probably off to be with his mate that he doesn't think I know about."

Kraven rolled his eyes. "The beast is in love. So who's the girl?"

Lucien got out of the car. "I'm his father not his handler."

Chloe got out of the shower and rapped herself in a robe. Lois is downstairs in her apartment out like a light thanks to the painkillers she was given. Even for her life this was a strange day. Her private life mixed with her other life. She smiles blissfully hearing someone tap on her window. Mainly because she only knows of one person who would knock on her apartment building window when it's on the 6th floor.

Chloe opens the window and Clark floats in. Chloe still can't get over all the stuff Clark can do. "How do you do that?"

Clark just shrugs. "I just do. I learned being different is a blessing not a curse a long time ago."

Chloe just nodded. "So how's your life?" Chloe asked.

"Bloody as always." Clark answered. "So how's your cousin?"

"Lois is knocked out on painkillers downstairs in her apartment and we're both still working at the Daily Planet basement." Chloe answered.

The two stood in silence for a moment until Chloe stopped it. "So are we caught up now?"

Clark just nodded. "Oh yeah." The twos lips collide and their tongues seek each other out. Clark has been gone for too long as his hands slide down and unties Chloe's robe letting it fall to the floor.

Chloe woke up on Clark's chest seeing Clark has probably been awake since the sun touched him. She starts drawing lines on his chest with her fingernails "So are you going to be in Metropolis for a while this time?"

"If the blood's a match I'm here to stay." Clark informed Chloe who just erupted into a bright smile.

Chloe had another thought going through her head though. "Clark if you're this big bad super wolf can't they just send you after Viktor and go home."

Clark couldn't doubt the logic in Chloe's reasoning. "I think this is something Lucien wants to deal with himself. Viktor killed his whole family until he found me."

Chloe nodded seeing Lucien had justification for his vengeance considering what Clark told her after he said Sonja in his sleep one night. "Is it a crime to want to see my husband more often?"

Clark just smiled at her and kissed her on her forehead. "No more then me blowing off the others so I can see my wife."

Author's notes

Don't ask how this one got in my head. After ANP's wish episode I was curious what Clark would be like as a werewolf and didn't want to do another Buffy crossover.