Chloe was standing in the armory gathering weapons for the coming battle with Selene. "Think we'll make it in time to help."

"We'll make it." Selene assured her while loading her guns.

"How are you so sure?" Chloe asked Lex could be dissecting their kids for all they know.

Selene packed up and was ready to go. "Because we have to be."

With that Selene left Chloe there as she took that statement in. She has no idea if Eve is alive or not right now. Selene can just hang on to that belief because it's all she has right now. Chloe picks the last of her weapons and sees Clark putting on a new suit after he destroyed the last one by changing into the wolf. Chloe watched him from the door. "So many people here. Is it a good idea to send in only four?"

Clark nodded lacing up his boots. "Our best shot is lightning warfare hitting him fast and hard in several locations."

"Are you sure that will work?" Chloe asked.

"No, but I don't have a better idea. And it's one of Bruce's plans so as crazy as it sounds it should work flawlessly." Clark replied.

Clark, Chloe, Selene, and Diana stood outside Luthor's mansion as Selene ripped open the side of the house with her strength. Selene wasted no time and put little grenades at each floor of the manor as the tablet Clark gave her showed her.

Lex was watching as Mara and Eve struggle for a way out there's enough magic in that door to keep Houdini in check. "It will hurt less if you fight it."

Lex smiled seeing them struggle until he heard his name shouted at ground level. Lex walked out of his room and down the steps to his surprise he saw Clark looking up at him. "You know I knew you'd act recklessly if anything ever happened to her. I didn't think you'd actually be foolish enough to come here by yourself."

"He didn't." Chloe replied walking out and joining her husband at the front door of the manor.

Lex looked at them. "A decade long game of cat and mouse. You threw it all away for one child when you could have simply had more. Your humanity makes you weak Clark that is why you lost the pack and that is why you can not stop me."

Zod waited at the bottom of the mansion chained up in a room of kryptonite. He smiled hearing the guards panic as something tears through them. "What the hell is she the meteor bullets don't even work?"

"That woman is the devil herself. Keep firing."

"It's no good she just keeps deflecting them back at..."

Zod smiled hearing bone curdling screams of the guard as Diana opened the door and approached him. Zod looked up at his wife with a smile and a bloody lip. "You're late Diana."

"We had to give you time did you give him our message?" Diana asked.

Zod nodded. "Of course I did first chance I had to. So what's the signal?"

"Believe me you'll know." Diana said.

Lex stared at Clark and Chloe they made this too easy. They made this too easy! "It's a trap. Flash fry the lab."

Selene hears that and quickly pushes the button as explosions rock the manor and silver nitrate is distributed through out the mansion crippling the weaker wolves. Clark covers his eyes silver doesn't hurt as much as being that close to Lex made it uncomfortable. Clark and Chloe look up and see Lex is gone and a black haired boy no older then Mara looking at them.

"OK now Lex is just messing with us." Clark quipped.

The boy raised his arms up and shouted. "SHAZAM!"

Clark watched as lightning hit the boy and instead of exploding he transformed into an older man with a scent very familiar to Clark. "Go get the girls I can handle him."

"He's only a boy please don't kill him." Chloe ordered.

"That's not a boy that's a monster dressed like a boy." Clark replied as she looked at him. "Go save our daughter."

Chloe nodded as Clark tackled him out of the way and Chloe ran after Lex.

Lex walked to the lab and saw a most disheartening scene. The girls were still alive and the doors were opened. "I want an explanation for this Dr. Lane."

Dr. Lane went to inject a needle into Lex's skin but Lex simply caught his arm mid pull. "You honestly think a syringe would hurt me?"

"Colloidal silver with a mystical tip, your bio suit only exists outside the skin."

Lex was impressed that would kill him. "Now what did I ever do to you?" Lex asked as he grabbed Lane and smashed his head into the wall as he fell down dead.

Chloe moved at her full speed and tackled Lex as she snarled at him. Lex simply shoved her in the chest as she bounced off the ceiling. Lex grabbed a hand with a syringe seeing Dr. Lane is up again. Lex pulls the syringe out of his hands and effortlessly breaks his neck. Chloe jumps up to tackle him Lex catches her in mid air and throws her down to the floor denting it as Dr. Lane gets up again.

"You don't die do you?" Lex asked. "I'll fix that."

Lane got up with a crooked smile. "I wish like hell you could. I've had many names Jack the Ripper, Curtis Knox but my personal favorite is Vandal Savage. I have been speared by Mayan warriors... ...survived Mongols' arrows, and the cold steel of crusaders' blades. Try as you might lord knows I have tried nothing can kill me and that is my curse."

Knox watches as a group of regular Lycans run up and block the way out. He'd like nothing more then to shatter Lex's skull for taking his Sophia away but he's out of his league. It's going to come down to Mara just like Clark said so he takes a sword and rushes them.

Chloe rushes towards Lex but the billionaire simply grabs her by the throat with his superstrength. Chloe stuck out her fangs and Lex simply smiled until he heard a snarl and growl. Lex turns around and looks down into the eyes of the one hybrid that can kill him as Mara transforms to her hybrid form. Chloe took the opportunity to break free and watched as a giant wolf approached them and turned to Knox this screamed his handiwork. "What the hell is that?"

Knox simply shrugged. "An overgrown werewolf made with a cocktail of subject 2's blood."

"Yeah we call here Eve now." Chloe replied. "Why the hell did you make that?"

Knox simply shrugged cutting a lycan's head off. "Lex was starting to get suspicious. I had to give him something."

Chloe simply rolled her eyes and rushed the giant wolf.

Selene ran through the basement of the mansion gunning down any lycan she's seen. Clark assured that anything that is with him is immune to silver so she has license to kill on anything Wolf in this house. It's also her job top keep them from getting up to where Clark and Chloe are. Selene mindlessly guns down three more as she hears another door open and quickly aims her gun only this time she sees a man in a cloak jump out and lunged at her.

Selene went to dodge but her attacker was so quick she was easily shoved into the wall and bounced off it to the floor. Selene moved at superhuman speed but to her surprise her opponent caught her and delivered a slash across her face. Selene hissed as her face healed up and she kicked her attacker in the ribs knocking him back. Eve came down and saw her mother fighting this thing and quickly jumped on its back. Eve is taken back and distracted as the creature throws her off.

Eve watches from the floor as Selene readies some explosive throwing…bat things she borrowed from Bruce. "Mom, no!"

Eve transformed from the floor and ran over to the cloaked figure jumping in the air and taking its mask off.

Selene saw the black eyes and blue skin that was enough as she turned off the explosives. "Oh my god, Michael?" Selene looks him over his eyes are glazed over. But he has no problems snarling and growling at her.

Michael lunged at her and Selene rolled out of the way. Selene quickly countered with a kick knocking him back.

"Michael!" Selene yelled trying to reach the man she loved. "You're being controlled. You have to fight this."

Michael simply looked at her before scratching at her chest but she quickly moved out of the way.

The whole mansion rocked as Clark slammed back into the wall and the kid in red with a white cape slams into the other wall. Clark snarled as he and the other guy got back to his feet and both transformed and proceeded to lunge at each other.

Chloe dodged the giant lycan fist coming her way and quickly ran up the wall performing a back flip to get away. When she lands she's hit with the lycan's giant hand and is batted into what looks to be Lex's office and sees Zod and Diana fighting off regular old lycans guarding a laptop.

"What's on the computer?"

"Lex's dirty laundry and it's all going viral I think Kal called it." Diana replied ripping apart one of the lycans.

Chloe simply nodded. Good riddance the world deserves to know the kind of man Lex is. She simply takes a silver grenade off of Diana's belt. "I'm borrowing this. Big lycan and he heals fast."

Chloe put her vampire face on as the lycan weapon punched through and she quickly hopped on its back and started to ride it. Chloe held on for dear life as she straddled it through the mansion. Digging and clawing into his back seeing it keeps healing from little attacks. Chloe wasted no time and threw the grenade into his back as it finished healing up. Chloe waited and the bomb went off simply staggering the creature to Chloe's annoyance until he started filling up like a balloon. Chloe quickly realized what was about to happen like too much air in a balloon.

"Awww fu…"

Knox's Experiment exploded inside out covering Zod, Diana, and Chloe in its blood and guts.

Chloe stood there trying to shake it off not that it would do any good all three of them are completely covered. She looks over to the unhappy couple glaring at her. "Well I killed a Super wolf what did you do today?"

Clark tangled claws with Captain Marvel as both wolves went tumbling down the steps as the whole mansion shook from their attacks. Clark went to shove his fist through the captain's chest but Captain Marvel caught him and hoisted him up over his head again and made a grunting bark just like before as Clark was hit with lightning. Clark wasn't about to let an encore performance happen again and quickly shrunk back down to his well human sized form as lightning hits Captain Marvel's shoulder from the change of position in his arms. Captain quickly dropped Clark and Clark stared at a defenseless little pup. The pup went to make a noise and Clark quickly put a hand over his mouth. "Fights over son."

Selene was dodging attacks from Michael and Eve was on his back trying what she could to slow his arms down and give Selene a chance to match his hybrid strength. Selene backed away from each slash desperately. "Your name is Michael Corvin. We met because you were the descendant of Alexander Corvinus. You got turned into a lycan by Lucien and a hybrid by me. We stopped Marcus and William we saved the world and for the next six months we spent a good deal of time together."

Michael growled trying to get his arms around Selene's throat. Selene just looked at Eve knowing what to do. "Eve, let go."

"But mom"

"Eve do it. It's the only way we have to get him back."

Eve did as instructed to her and hopped off Michael's back as the hybrid ran after Selene. Selene wasted no time and took Michael's legs out from under him. She quickly pounces on him and grabs his arms. She won't be able to hold him for long but hopefully she will be able to hold him down long enough to actually reach Michael in his trapped mind.

"Michael look at her." Selene pleaded pointing Michael's head at his daughter. "In the six months between defeating the elders and the purge we fell in love. It was something I didn't even think would even possible for someone like me after finding out how much Viktor played me. You were always there for me for those past six months we were together. And it was our love that gave birth to that incredible girl right over there. Her name is Eve and she's a hybrid just like you. I love you Michael please come back to us."

Michael throws Selene off him and into Eve knocking both girls down. Michael calmly and methodically walked towards the girls though Selene noticed his right arm moving like it had a mind of it's own as it claws into his own chest. Selene had her hands on a gun seeing one arm about to strike Eve and while the other dug deep into himself. Michael stops short of striking Eve and rips something out of his chest that kind of looks like a computer chip.

Selene quickly caught him as fell to the floor. Eve took him from her mother as Selene grabbed the chip and dialed a number. "Bruce I need to know what this chip is." Selene read off the serial number and waited.

Bruce dutifully looked up the chip getting through the firewalls in seconds. "It's an experimental chip usually attached to the nervous system. It's a form of mind control. Is there any particular reason why you're asking about this?"

Selene simply squeezed down and crushed the chip in her hand. "No reason."

Mara pushed Lex into a wall in the mansion pushing him through it at Superspedd as the two blurs bump all over the mansion to grunts and growls. The young hybrid shoves her fingers through Lex's shoulders as he shouts out in pain. Lex wastes no time and transforms into his lycan form. Lex sees they ended up in the garage and slams Mara's head through a car as she goes in one door and out the other. She turns around adn saw Lex pushing down with his hands on her throat. She made a mistake she'll be powerful enough to kill him but only when she gets older but she won't as she looses consciousness. He feels a slight pelt on his head and turns around seeing Chloe shooting at him while running into the room. Lex simply rolled her eyes and when she got close he punched her and with the strength the bio suit gives him it punches a hole through her stomach. Lex idly watched as Chloe fell to the floor. He turned his attention back to Mara and smiled raising his foot ready to crush the twelve year olds skull until he was hit by two surging beams of heat unbalancing him and knocking him aside and through a couple walls.

Clark walks into the room as his eyes turn back to blue. "Yeah there's something you can't do."


Clark turns around and sees Mara cradling Chloe in her arms. "What happened?"

"I don't know?" Mara said as Clark took Chloe off of her.

Clark looked into closed eyes and just shook his head no holding her close. "Come on Chloe wake up you didn't come back after all this just to die on us now. We have been through so much together I'm not letting you go now. We've been married we survived through all the elders and you even drank…Corvinus' blood."

Clark moved aside a wave of Chloe's blond hair and sighed. "Please God let this work."

Mara watched as her dad bit down on the side of her mom's neck. She watched in X-ray as her mother's bones started to painfullyreform and the gaping wound started closing up by itself. Clark let Chloe go and smiled watching her body start to heal. Then he felt weak as Lex ran up in human form and put him in a choke hold from behind having one arm at his throat. Mara tried to move but Lex's eyes showed she'd just get her father killed.

Lex watched as Clark weakened in his grasp. "You know it didn't have to end like this. I wanted you by my side we could have saved this planet Clark."

Clark coughed for breath trying to break free. "This planet was fine as is. You're the one who turned it into this madness… and now the whole world knows it."

Lex's eyes shot out. "What have you done?"

Clark smiled as he started to explain the true purpose of the plan. "Distract you while Zod and Diana unleash all measures of hell by outing all your dirty laundry on the internet for all to see."

Lex spun Clark around and started punching him in the face repeatedly which gave Mara the chance she needed as she moved at superspeed tackling him through the wall and started slashing him across the face with her claws until she drew blood. Lex got a hand up and knocked her away while transforming. Mara simply jumped on him full force landing on his ribs and continued her assault on Lex as he tried to blur out of the way. Mara's eyes lit up as she burned the back of Lex's head. Lex threw an elbow and knocked Mara off as someone new attacked him almost unseen.

Lex got to his feet and saw what he thinks is Chloe. She now has pale white skin her eyes are hybrid black with greenish swirls instead of Mara and Eve's blue. She's also taller as far as Lex can tell she's almost six feet. Lex went to attack her but Chloe simply caught his arm and squeezed down.

Chloe smiled seeing him whimper in pain. She figured Mara got her kryptonite immunity from her so she should already be protected. Chloe watched as Lex tried to run and she simply grabbed his leg with her other hand. Mara smiled and copied her mother's action grabbing an arm and leg herself.

Clark walked in just in time to see his two favorite girls rip Lex in half and Clark just stared in shock at the two halves of the former billionaire. "Jesus, I mean, Jesus."

Chloe and Mara turn back to their human forms and Chloe points at Mara. "OK you are going to have a much different life then the one me and your father had. You're going to be a lawyer, or a cheerleader, probably not doctor because of all the blood but you're not doing this again. You are going to be a normal kid from now on got it."

Mara rolled her eyes not amused we'll see abut that.

The three Kents see the last of the wolves coming their way. But they're quickly taken down in an assault of swords, gunfire, and just plain ripping their head off. Knox, Zod, Selene, Diana, Eve, and Michael as everyone gathered together.

Zod focused on Clark. "Kal El where's Luthor?"

Clark silently pointed at one half of Lex and then at the other half. "Now stop ogling my wife Zod."

Diana looked at Zod and could tell he was as she elbowed him in the ribs.

Zod rubbed his now bruised side. "I wasn't staring I was smelling. She's kryptonian now."

Knox studied and simply shrugged. "Ms. Sullivan you never cease to amaze me."

Chloe looked down at her chest and quickly covered up realizing how big they are now. "I didn't want these. My body was perfect the way it was thank you."

Mara simply shrugged not seeing the big deal. "Michael's staring too can we go home now."

Michael's eyes quickly shot open as he walked for the exit. Selene simply shrugged not seeing the point. It's a part of the body nothing more and she'd be lying if said she never checked out Clark after shrinking down to human size. She loves Michael and considering the kiss he gave her when he came to Michael clearly still loves her. Selene smiled as she walked out the door with Eve realizing she now has what Viktor took away from her so many years ago as she followed her family out of the building.

2 Years Later

Chloe sat peacefully in the place that has been her home now for the past year. The Kent barn which was now rebuilt by her and Clark, Oliver got it for them as an anniversary present. Chloe smiled hearing a small whine coming from a basinet close to her. Chloe smiled and picked up the infant girl with raven black hair and her green eyes.

Chloe gently started rocking her back and forth. "You know I named you after my cousin. I didn't think you'd actually cause as much trouble as she did Lois." Chloe looked around what used to be a barn but they don't keep any animals here. Clark said he and his first were going to make this his own quiet place but when they moved back he turned it into an office for her.

Chloe smiled hearing familiar footsteps. "Hey Luc, what can I do for you?"

Lucien smiled seeing her. "Mommy come play with us."

Chloe smiled hearing him call her that. Tina gets it too but she can't complain. "Just give me a couple minutes I want to finish something OK."

Lucien nodded and disappeared in a blur. Chloe smiled and opened a book that was her chronicles of her life as she wrote them and it was fittingly the last page.

"So much has been won and lost over the time of me and Clark's lives. My loving husband who started off 5 months younger then me is now 12 years older then me. And in a lot of ways I feel like our lives are just beginning. He's happy here. He's happy to be home. Clark led the house of El for another year after Lex's death. However when I got pregnant again he decided to abjure himself. We're both welcome he just didn't want this pack to think he turned on them like the last one did. To everyone's surprise he put Diana in charge after he left and while she's a little hot headed no one has any problems following her and we're a phone call away if needed. Congress still has hearings about us not that they even know who we are. Bruce took some advice to heart from his mentor before all this started. 'We must be more then men in the eyes of our enemies.' So instead of looking for Clark and Chloe Kent they'd look for Ultraman and Superwoman as we're called by them. They leave us alone and we hunt vampire and lycans anyone that even tries to follow Lex's vision."

"Selene and Michael left but started a new life for themselves. They also have a new addition to their family another hybrid simply named Sonja. I won't forget the smile Lucien gave that day she was born it was kind of cute. They stop by once in a while and we see them. We all enjoy watching Clark and Selene butt heads on what they think is best. I got pregnant with my own little miracle and gave birth on this farm to our second daughter Lois Lane Kent. Our wars are done… for now. Now it's time for me and Clark to simply live and see what adventures our kids are going to put us through next."

Chloe smiled reaching the end of her journal there was so much in it. The deaths of the vampire elders the purge her life story for now. She'll get a new one in the morning to list her new adventures with her family. She closed the book and walked down the stairs with Lois and simply smiled seeing Mara and Lucien riding on top of Clark in his lycan form. The baby in her arms and the three people goofing around are her home for now she and Clark will get to have that normal life they always wanted. The war has ended at last.

The End

Author's notes

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Seriously I get they didn't actually have him but why didn't they just do a T4 style cameo of Michael saving Eve and end the franchise there since Kate Beckinsale said she won't be back for 5.