Clark sat quietly with Chloe after getting some time alone when Zod and Diana agreed to watch Mara and Lucien. Chloe and Clark sat in silence on Clark's bed it was the only place they could get some quiet.

Chloe looked at Clark waiting for him but neither are sure what to say Chloe might have slept through it but it's still been a decade to her. "I know that we're immortal but one of us should really start talking. Clark where's Lois where's Michael?"

Clark got her a cup of blood and frowned hating this but might as well start off with the pain. "I lost contact with Michael about three weeks ago. He was chasing down a lead about Selene. We have scouts looking but no sign, though he's been gone longer than that before."

"And Lois?"

Clark made a face and Chloe didn't have to wait for the answer. "No, you're wrong she's OK she's fine."

Clark shakes his head no and takes her hand. "Chloe, Lois died almost 10 years ago."

Chloe shakes her head in denial as tears started running down her eyes. "No, no you're wrong Clark Lois is a part of me she's family I'd know if something happened to her."

Clark held Chloe. "Look at me alright. Lois was one of the strongest people I have ever met and she was always so brave and I want you to remember her like that not as a body."

"Tell me what happened." Chloe shouted.

Clark frowned and started the story.

Lois and Clark were standing near black ship waiting for Brainiac at Luthor mansion. Lois and Clark traveled the world and with her help they got the orb together as Brainiac instructed. It was remarkably easy since Patricia Swann was a vampire and Lionel's key was locked up in evidence when he was 'mauled by a bear' the night Clark met Chloe.

Brainiac came out of Superspeed with a little blond haired baby wrapped in his arms. "You take care of this one Kal El. She's our last hope."

Lois walked over and gently and very, very slowly got her arm under her niece's neck. As she slowly took the baby from Brainiac and making sure she didn't hurt her. She smiles seeing tufts of blond hair and Clark's baby blues.

Brainiac smiled and went for the kryptonite but all he found was nothing. Clark smirked and threw a lead box up and down. "X-ray vision genius."

Clark slammed Brainiac onto the ship as Lois put the orb on with her free hand. Brainiac just smiled despite his upcoming demise. His sacrifice means Zod will return to the world. Brainiac disappeared and Clark saw a man arrive in a burnt Z on the ground.

Zod got to his feet. "I see you manipulated the orb to suit your own purposes Jor El."

"Kal El actually." Clark responded. "Supposedly this Jor El guy was my father."

Zod nodded as he looked down at the baby in Lois' arms. "Yours?"

Clark nodded.

"What's her name?" Zod asked.

Clark shrugged. "Honestly she doesn't have one. I was more concerned about getting her away from humans."

Lois smacked him in the back of the head. "Why don't you just name her after her mother?"

Clark took the baby from Lois. "Chloe said she'd kill me if we named it Clark or Chloe. If there was a chance it would bring her back to kill me I would."

Lois frowned. "Are you absolutely sure she's dead? Fine was full of crap looking to betray you."

"I know." Clark shouted. "I didn't want to believe it but I looked everywhere and it all led to the same result. They cut the baby out of Chloe and then they flash fried her body to make sure we couldn't have any more kids. I wish she was here I'm not sure what to do without her."

Lois grabbed his shoulder. Her father was assassinated for showing compassion and trying to take vampires alive for a cure. But the story is his helicopter crashed with Lucy in it. This was her family now. "I'll help you sort it out until then she needs a name. How about Moira after Chloe's mother?"

"How about Lara after Kal El's mother." Zod objected he was happy for Lara. Jor El was smug moralist but Lara was so kind she deserved a child.

Lois pointed at him. "You don't get a say new guy. We busted our butts to get her out we name her."

"Mara" Clark replied as he was walking with the baby rocking her back and forth.

Lois stood there and shrugged. "Nice name where'd you get it?"

"Martha, Moira, Lara, all three of me and Chloe's mothers." Clark explained and if they don't like it too bad.

Zod smirked maybe he can be allies with the son of Jor El and rule this planet as they should. "Can I hold her?"

Clark's eyes turn black as he growled at him. "Not yet we have a lot of work to do."

Chloe smiled seeing that it was because of Lois her baby got away from Luthor and whoever that Fine thing was that would have betrayed Clark. "Lois saved the day."

Clark nodded. "She distracted the machine with a thirty minute pick me up. Let me get the meteor rock away from him. She's the reason I still have Mara with me today. She was pretty much Mara's mother for the first two years of her life." Clark laughed thinking back those were actually happier times. "I got Mara Dr. Seuss books and Lois just threw them away saying she'll never learn anything from them and got her travel books and every day she would read them to her about the places w…they would go."

Chloe took his hand and squeezed she can tell remembering this is tearing him apart a lot more then it should. "Were you and her… I mean it's OK I was technically dead to you for all extensive purposes."

"For six months yes" Clark confessed. "I didn't plan it… you know I didn't plan on it."

Chloe laughed it really must have been the end of the world if Clark Kent and Lois Lane were a thing but maybe working together to raise a kid would do that. "So what happened? How did she?"

"I begged her to stop but she wouldn't." Clark answered.

"Stop what?" Chloe asked.

Clark frowned and looked at the floor. "She wrote about us for the newspaper. I begged her to stop I wanted to turn her into a lycan, vampire, super wolf anything she wanted but she didn't she insisted she'd be human or her words would have no meaning. I was halfway around the world when it happened some psycho General Slade Wilson shot her in the head calling her a bleeding heart fang banger. And in one... lousy second I lost her. And the worst part even today. I miss her too much to be mad at her."

Chloe had tears running down her eyes it was such a Lois thing for her to do. She wanted to stay human because then the words would have true meaning. "So is Slade rotting in jail?"

Clark shook his head no. "He walked and had some super regenerative shot into him. Me, Zod, and two others from the orb Faora and Basquat ripped him into pieces and when we realized he was still alive we packed him up into seven lead boxes and dumped one in each ocean."

"How could he have walked if there was a room full of witnesses?" Chloe asked.

Clark gave Chloe an old newspaper. "Presidential pardon."

Chloe read the newspaper and saw Luthor wins in landslide. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Who else but the savior of humanity would be elected and break the eight year rule." Clark quipped dryly. "Even if he is a lycan."

"I'm going to rip his throat out." Chloe said as her eyes glowed green. What else can Lex take from her?

Clark put his hands on her shoulders and gently rubbed them. "Line starts with me and ends behind every other person here. Problem is there's one person on this planet that can kill him. He has some sort of powersuit that gives him my strength and speed but also surrounds him in kryptonite so I can't touch him."

"But Mara can." Chloe quickly realized.

Clark quietly nodded. "Having you for a mother gave her immunity to the meteor rock. Also made her everything all four bloodlines combined. She's our best chance at killing him."

Lex was looking at the map and smiled seeing they have figured out where Clark went. A radioactive Isotope led them straight to Clark. Those wolves were the trap they were each tagged and their blood led Lex straight to the mythical House of El. "Get Dr. Lane in here."

Dr. Lane walked in and instantly saw the smile on Lex's face. "You found her?"

Lex smirked. "It was only a matter of time she's with Clark Kent."

"Are you finally going to finish it?" Dr. Lane asked.

"And risk having my secret blown to the world no. Send in you son another pack and the big kid. Make sure they're armed with meteor weapons without Clark and Zod they have nothing."

Chloe was finished crying her eyes out she can't believe Lois is really gone. "So where does Zod's wife come in? Was she in this orb thingy?"

Clark shakes his head no. "There was around fifty Kandorians in the orb. Of them only me, Jor El, and Zod remained after the day he betrayed me."

"What the hell happened?" Chloe asked.

Clark shrugged innocence this was all on Zod. "After Lois died I went into a depression I lost you and with her gone I could just barely function. Zod saw the chance for power and took control. He refused to believe a human could beat a Kandorian and led an all out charge on Luthorcorp. Luthor had meteor rock weapons ready they were cut down by their fifth step. Only Zod survived the attack because Diana showed up and got him away. It was a Florence Nightingale effect from there."

"What about that Jor El guy?" Chloe asked.

Clark shakes his head. "He stayed loyal to me… a DNA test would show that he was my father."

Chloe studied Clark he sounded so happy about that she thought to herself. "Not a happy reunion?"

"He insisted on peace that we could co exist but he was wrong." Clark responded well he was half right they are a flawed race. "I tried to get him to see reason believe me I did if just for Mara's sake but he didn't. He took his power away, left the pack, and was executed a week later for not revealing how he did it. There can never be peace as long as Luthor calls the shots. And as long as they're focused on us they can't see the monster he is."

Chloe didn't really see a reason to give a condolence because Clark sure wasn't feeling sympathetic for Jor El at all. "So why didn't you kill Zod."

"He was defeated and broken I didn't see the point."

"What about Diana?" Chloe asked.

Clark shrugged to this day he's still not sure he actually believes her. "She's princess of the amazons, she used to live on a secret island until Luthor nuked it. Lost her mother, her sister, all her friends traveled around the world until she found us."

Chloe nodded that was everyone she met except for the little boy she was crashing motorcycles with. "And little Lucien I don't take it that's reincarnation."

Clark frowned. "No, no it's not. And I wish I could say I would take it back but I wouldn't now I'd just make you his mother."

Chloe took him by the hand. "Then start from the beginning."

Clark sighed. "Me and Bruce went into a secret Luthorcorp lab called 33.1. And we found you… And I mean you the green eyes the blond hair, the fangs the pair shape on your beautiful butt."

Chloe put up her hands blushing. "Alright got it dead ringer for me continue."

Clark chuckled its fun getting her worked up. "Bruce's first thoughts were clone and I should have trusted him because he has great instincts."

"So why didn't you?" Chloe asked.

Clark shrugged. "He had just… started showing up." Technically Bruce never joined anything. "Also if you talk to him for 2 minutes you'll see he never trusts anyone."

Clark continued on about the fake Chloe. "It was you your scent your blood every little detail was you except you had no memory. Looking back it was too convenient and I should have seen it a mile away."

"Why didn't you?" Chloe asked Clark was always able to spot a fake.

"Because Tina… she started to remember things I never told her I thought you were getting you memories back. I noticed that your heartbeat had changed but Tina was wearing a pacemaker I thought it was just something because of the freezer tank but I should have known better… but I didn't."

Clark sighed felling so guilty for this. "I should have realized something was off with the pacemaker but I didn't. And she was remembering so much I just automatically assumed it was you. Maybe I was just desperate not to be alone."

Chloe rubbed her head this is so screwed up. Is Clark actually apologizing to her for sleeping with… her? "So who spilled the beans?"

"Lucien" Clark answered. "Tina got pregnant I was so happy but 7 months in the baby kicked her so hard that it forced her to transform back into her natural state. Luthor wasted no time and attacked. I barely got out alive but a lot of good people didn't. Bart, AC it was just a mess."

Chloe put her hands on his shoulder for support. "So what did you do to her?"

Clark shrugged and thought it over. "I kept her around until Lucien was born and then abjured her. It means I got rid of her but I still keep tabs on her. But as far as she knows I lost track of her after Lucien was born."

Clark took Chloe's hand and had a tear in his eyes. "I wish I could say I was sorry about sleeping with her but I cant. Because she gave me Lucien and he's such a wonderful kid him and Mara get along so well. If it weren't for those kids well."

"Well what?" Chloe asked.

Clark took off his belt buckle and threw it to Chloe. "Mara was a year and a half old and Lex's goons were always chasing me because they knew I was the alpha so any threats would end with me."

Chloe saw the belt buckle had a compartment and opened it as Clark took a step back. Chloe stood up in shock seeing a glowing green bullet with a silver core. "It seemed like the best way to protect Mara was to disappear for good."

Chloe reached up and smacked him of all the stupid things.

Clark rubbed his cheek. "Lois did that too. Of course not anywhere near as strong."

Chloe rolled her eyes and bit him to get the point across. "How could you even think of doing that to Mara?"

"Because I was a thunderbolt for trouble for her. It seemed like a good idea."

"You're supposed to protect her." Chloe shouted. "Clark you're not the last anymore Mara and Lucien are going to need you."

"I know that now." Clark responded Lois nailed the point home and then they kissed for the first time. "It's just you were gone Zod was there to teach her and believe it or not Lois was kicking my ass when it came to being a parent. I didn't see the point."

Chloe sat down on his lap. "Clark we are here for a reason. Maybe it's not to stop Lex but protect Mara and Lucien until they're ready to take over."

"I don't want this life for them." Clark said. "But it's the only way I had to protect them was taking in supernaturals and humans alike. The covens of old are either dead or hiding waiting to be picked off one by one."

Clark studied Chloe and waiting for a response. "Are you OK?"

"I might need another decade to answer that." Chloe replied. "I fell asleep and when I woke up the whole world has gone to hell. My little baby is twelve years old and is superspeed wrestling her little brother as we speak. These past years have nearly beaten you to the point of exhaustion." Chloe closed the compartment and gave the belt back to him. "But I knew you'd be OK because that's what you do with a little help from your friends. You endure no matter how bad things get. Just as you always have and just as you always will."

Chloe smiled seeing Clark actually smile. "Now tell me about my son."

Selene was watching Eve play with Mara and Lucien. She thinks it's the first time Eve has ever played with anyone she looks so happy. Oliver walked over and stood next to Selene. "So how are you coping?"

"I'd be a lot better if I could find Michael." Selene answered. "I went to sleep and woke up 12 years have passed not even Clark knows where Michael is. And now I have this little girl and she's part of me and Michael. Now I don't know if he's even alive."

"Well at least she's happy now you're a natural at this mother thing." Oliver quipped as Selene glared at him. "Or not"

"I don't know anything about her does she drink animal or human is her favorite color red, blue, or black like me?"

Oliver rubbed her shoulder. "You'll figure it out. It's not like you're short of time now."

Chloe was just laughing. She couldn't tell you the last time she just had a genuine laugh like this no chuckle from bloodshed just a genuinely happy moment. "I've heard some wild things you've done before but you have to be making this up."

Clark can laugh about it. At least now anyway when it first happened he was somewhere between terrified for Lucien and the ultimate Papa Wolf. "I'm not Luthor sent this Grey skinned killing machine our way. And I did what Lucien taught me to always do and protected my pack by getting it right the hell out of there. But I did not see this little were pup with his teeth wrapped around my leg."

Chloe's just laughing her butt off at this Lucien definitely got Daddy's MO to protect his friends. "I'm almost afraid to ask but what exactly did you do when you saw him on your leg."

"What do you think I did?" Clark asked sarcastically. "I got Lucien the hell off me grabbed the deformed Hulk and took him off earth and booted him for the sun."

Chloe chuckled as her laughing came to a stop. "You think he'll like me?"

"Yes" Clark answered. "He'll like you. I just wish I never lost you I always wondered what would have happened if I never lost you? I wondered what would have happened if you were his mother."

Chloe took him by the hand. "You can't play what if. It will drive you insane and male you shoot yourself with a meteor rock bullet. I'll try to be his friend maybe he'll grow to love me as a mother."

"He let you play with one of his motorcycles that's progress." Clark admitted.

Clark and Chloe's heads moved closer together as they kiss for the first time in over a decade. Chloe knows Clark made mistakes but at the same time he did what he could with what he knew at the time. Clark enjoys the kiss for a moment until he hears something and quickly pushes Chloe out of the way as a pair of lycan hands punch through his chest.

Clark's eyes turn black as his hands turn to claws. Clark tackles the other Lycan as it pulls him through the wall as the two fifteen feet wolves duke it out. Clark was in awe has Luthor finally cracked the code to Kryptonian wolves?

Chloe looked outside and realized this is the last place Clark would want her to be. He'd want her out front protecting Mara and Lucien. Chloe ran out but seeing so many Lycans she couldn't pull out who's who. A lycan jumped on her back and Chloe quickly ducked before full impact and the lycan fell in front of her. She got her arms around the creature's neck breaking in and nearly twisted his head off.

Clark slashed the fake super wolf across the face as the damage healed. The two god wolves clashed as the both moved in a blur and all the glass nearby shattered as they each connect with a punch to the face. Clark got his opponent in a full nelson trying to rip his arms off but the other wolf powered out and held Clark over his head. Clark struggled to break free as the other growled and said something if he was a human as a lightning bolt crashes into Clark. The wolf repeats the attack numerous times as Clark suffers through excruciating pain not understanding how this is hurting him. The other wolf calls down one final lightning bolt and Clark passes out from the pain.

Chloe was fighting any lycan that tried to take a bite out of her as Selene gunned down the ones attacking her. Mara has taken to her hybrid form and is ripping apart the goons with meteor rock not letting them get close to Zod who is burning the others.

They Lycan that beat Clark got into the building and effortlessly knocked aside Bruce and Oliver with one blow. With one quick swipe the Lycan knocked Diana aside and buried her under debris. Zod's eyes lit up red but he was quickly subdued with meteor rocks wielded by the lycans. Mara went to confront him but for all her power she was still only 12 so she wasn't fully grown yet allowing the creature to grab her.

Selene saw it and took aim with her gun however before she could do that another Super wolf broke through but the first one was careful planned its attacks this one was just about raw brutal power as it swiped Selene leaving her with a bloody back and four claw marks on them as the men gathered up around Eve and chained her down.

Mara struggled to stay conscious but eventually passed out from the pure strength of the lycan reverting to her human form. The other lycan just carried her in one hand as a tiny lycan pup jumped onto his face and started gnawing at his left eye. The other lycan startles and falls back whelping in pain before pulling Lucien off him but the lycan pup takes his eye with him. Chloe shoots at the stub where his eye used to be and the lycan threw Lucien at her knocking them both through a wall and unconscious.

Eve broke free of her restraints and ran at two of the lycans not stopping and ripping their heads off as she charges the super lycan in a fury. A lycan tackled her to the ground and started electrocuting her as the hybrid shouted in pain as she transformed. Eve got her fingers into the lycan's eyes and ripped it's skull in two. Eve watched as the lycan's body reverted to a girl with pale white skin and blue hair kind of made her wonder what experiments she got put through. She runs up but the super lycan swats her away as she hits a wall and falls to the floor unconscious.

Clark gets to his feet and stumbles over and sees a naked Lucien lay out on top of Chloe. Clark gently shakes his son to wake him. "Luc, come on buddy wake up."

Lucien opened his eyes and saw his dad. "Dad, I tried to stop him but he was so strong he took Mara." Lucien started to cry. "It's all my fault he got away because I wasn't strong enough."

Clark hugged him. "Lucien Kent you listen to me right now." Lucien looked at him as he started to calm down. "You did nothing wrong you fought to protect your sister. You even did better then I did." Clark replied looking at the blood over his mouth.

"I did." Lucien asked excited.

"You did." Clark assured him as he woke up Chloe.

Chloe was in very real pain. Thank god she's a vampire or she wouldn't have survived that. Lucien might be 4 but it still feels like she got hit by a wrecking ball square in the chest. "Oh, crushed under a naked four year old. I think I'm good here."

Clark put his hand out to pull her up. "Did you get struck by lightning seventeen times?"


"Then you're one up on me." Clark quipped as the three walked into the shambles of the house of El. Clark stood next to Selene observing the body. "Livewire, that's one crazy bitch the world won't miss. Who did it?"

"Eve" Selene answered. "We still can't find her."

Clark just looked up. "Bruce head count."

Bruce was coming downstairs. "All present and accounted for except for Mara, Eve, and Zod."

Diana frowned. "Luthor owns the world. We have no way of narrowing it down."

Clark thought on it. "I think I do."

Lex was setting up a meeting with his board of directors. The betas of the pack and his most trusted Lieutenants. He sees one by one each chair light up. "Gentlemen our time is at hand. This time tomorrow we'll have the vaccines. the humans won't be able to stop us."

One of them smiled. "At last I'm sick of mainstreaming."

"What of the patient?" A female voice asked.

Lex had a quiet smile. "Subject two has been reacquired along with an unexpected bonus the blood of the gods."

"Where are the subjects now? We can't risk the humans destroying them? Or the house of El retrieving them." An elder man asked.

Lex nodded. "They're both on their way to my personal mansion in Smallville I will create the vaccine myself using the new girls blood. Ladies and Gentlemen this time next week we'll all be gods."

Lex clicked a button and the holographic representations of the board faded out one by one until there was nothing left.

The elder man looked to the floor and saw himself as he transformed into a girl with brown hairs in her 30's. Tina just smiled and turned to Clark. "Do you know where that is? Because I'm not guiding you there I'm not that suicidal."

Clark just nodded. "Been there a couple times though it probably changed in the past eight years."

"And our deal?" Tina asked.

Clark opened the door and Chloe came in with Lucien. Clark kneeled down so he'd look Lucien in the eyes. "Lucien this is Tina she is going to watch you while we go get your sister OK."

Lucien nodded and Clark turned to Tina. "You try to run with him."

"Your dogs rip me apart I know." Tina replied as Clark went for the door but she stopped him. "I know you can never forgive me for what I did but I really did fall in love with you and Mara. Please save her."

Clark nodded as he followed Chloe this time tomorrow the war will be over either Luthor will be gone or they will be.

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