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The team was sitting on the couch; not really doing anything important. They were watching six of the seven founding members of the Justice League talk about something in the corner. They were all facing backwards on he couch; Robin completely turned around with his chin on his chest.

If anything, the younger crew of heroes could only be curious. Superman seemed to be in a verbal fight with Hawkgirl and Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Flash were watching it from the sidelines. Batman seemed to be absent from this little meeting however and one could only wonder where he was.

The team knew that the members arguing in the corner were discussing them; as Robin has asked them a question and this in which had caused them to began the whisper argument and then that turned into a screaming match. The question had purely been to see what their reaction would be and, to say the least, they got a reaction.

"This is probably how most of their meetings go," Robin whispered to Kid Flash, who shrugged indifferently at the statement pointed out. Inwardly, of course, he was agreeing with it as Flash had sometimes come home growling how inane Superman could be sometimes.

"Probably," Artemis whispered back, supplying an answer for the boy wonder.

"Man, they are really in a bad mood," Connor said, glancing at how red Hawkgirl's face was. M'gann giggled as the Thanagarian picked up her mace threateningly.

Kid Flash suddenly looked toward Robin with a slightly confused look on his face. "Hey Rob," he began, "how do you know if bats is in a good mood?"

Without skipping a beat, Robin replied, "He'll tell a joke."

Everyone stared at him with upraised eyebrows and Kid Flash rolled his eyes. Glancing back at the fight and then at Robin, he continued, "No, seriously, how do you know?"

"I'm being serious!" Robin exclaimed, turning back towed the Leagues argument. KF just turned back toward it as well, no believing Robin in the slightest. It seems that Flash had joined Superman's side on this argument and was yelling at 'GL'.

Recognize Batman 02

Batman stepped out from outside the zeta-beam transporter. He walks straight up to the group of arguing league members, who had yet to acknowledge him, and stopped the fight with the clearing of his throat. Everyone's head snapped toward him, even Young Justice's, and awaited for him to make his move.

"Why aren't you in the Watchtower discussing this?" he questioned, his voice low and dark.

He members looked at each other and then finally at the team, who they know saw had been watching the whole escapade.

"Screw that," Flash exclaimed, "where were you!"

Batman turned back toward the zeta-beam transporter; a small smirk grazing his features that weren't covered by the cowl.

"Flash, I don't have to answer to you; I'm Batman," and then he stepped through the transporter toward the Bat-cave.

Robin turned to look at Kid Flash's mouth, which was agape, "I told 'ya he'd tell a joke!"

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