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Chapter Eighteen.


As predicted, Arya wasn't pleased with the demands made by the thorny Tyrells. The Hand almost threw a fit in front of her colleague, Lord Tyrion. She brought the matter up to her brother, Jon and the Queen while they were in the sitting room of their private chambers in Highgarden. It was already in the evening and both the King and Queen were in their sleeping robes when their Hand came with demands from the House Tyrell. Jon was ruminating as he stared at the documents prepared by his Hand, Lord Tyrion. He looked at his wife wondering what she thought of it. Dany pursed her lips before sighing.

"Well alright. If that is what they want..." Dany said, acceding to the requests made by the Lady Olenna. She looked exhausted and was yawning the entire time. The journey to Highgarden had been a rather long and tiring one.

"Your Grace..." Arya said, addressing the Queen. Her blue-gray eyes went wide as she looked at Dany.

"We give them back their bannermen. Make Garlan Tyrell the Lord Commander of the Crown's forces and Ser Loras Speaker..." Dany said and looked at Jon.

"The Tyrells have always been loyal to my family. We have no reason to fear them Jon. In fact we should build alliances with them."

Jon was shocked that she would agree to the Tyrells' demands. It was quite unexpected. Dany had always been very firm and unyielding.

"Dany are you sure?" Jon asked and looked at her closely.

"Jon...I didn't ask for their forces. You did..." Dany said and gave a soft yawn, covering her mouth. "And you were the one to give Angus Karstark the position of Lord Commander..."

"Actually Your Grace," Arya interrupted. "It was my mother who appointed Lord Angus when she was Hand. A form of penance since the Karstarks contributed during my late brother's campaigns in the North. But Robb had executed Lord Karstark. Lord Angus was the late Lord Karstark's nephew and surviving heir. My mother favours him as Lord Angus helped us a lot after the war."

"Yes..." Dany said and gave a small, terse smile. "So it was Lady Stark's doing then..."

"I had reasons to ask for their bannermen Dany...You know I did." Jon said with a frown. "I needed to control the Houses and their forces. Having the bannermen directly under my command would be a form of assurance..."

"I know you don't trust the Noble Houses Jon..." Dany said gently. "But you need to build alliances with them and you don't build alliances by pissing powerful people off."

Jon grew quiet and breathed, trying to calm himself down. He didn't want to get into an argument with his wife but he didn't want to bow down to the Tyrells and be taken hostage by their demands. It was ridiculous, asking for ninety thousand of their bannermen that were under the Crown's commands

"No." Jon shook his head. He rolled the document that Tyrion had prepared, pushing it aside. He did not gave his seal or signature, refusing to budge.

"I am their Overlord and King. The Tyrells should serve me and you, their Queen. As it is their privilege to serve." Jon said bluntly.

"I gave them amnesty for the calls of Independence and secession Loras Tyrell and his factions made in Parliament that were treasonous in nature. That was my mercy and gift to them. There will be no demands whatsoever...I won't stand for it." Jon looked angry as he spoke.

"Jon..." Dany called and stared at him, astonished by his stubbornness.

"Once we start agreeing to the Houses and their petty demands, it will never stop Dany..." Jon said and Dany kept quiet.

Jon had a point, Dany realized. She shouldn't let the nobles try to manipulate her even though the Tyrells had been loyal to the Targaryens during the Usurper's Rebellion. There is limit to one's generosity, especially that of the King and Queen.

"So what do we tell them then?" Arya asked as she looked at Jon and Dany. "Willas is marrying Sansa. And if we don't give some favours we might cause problems especially with the Queen of Thorns."

"She may be the Queen of Thorns," Jon said firmly, his dark eyes hardened. "But I am the King of all Seven Kingdoms, and that includes The Reach. My wife sits on the Iron Throne, a Targaryen Queen. We will not be twisted and manipulated by anyone."

He looked at Dany who then nodded in agreement. She took Jon's hand and squeezed it as a show of support. Jon was silent for a while as he pondered before finally making his decision.

"Tell them, that because we are generous and magnanimous, the Queen and I will agree to appoint Garlan Tyrell as Lord Commander but he will serve under Angus Karstark for a few years before taking over the post, so it would not seem as if he was there because of Sansa's marriage to Willas." Jon paused before continuing.

"Lord Garlan will not sit on the Small Council until Lord Karstark retires his post. As for Ser Loras' request as Speaker, he will be interim Speaker but Parliament will have to vote for a new one and if he wins then he stays." Jon said and looked Arya.

"Well that's going to be a hard one," Arya quipped. "Ser Loras isn't that popular with the Council of Commoners and the Septon leaders. I doubt he will win if it comes down to a vote."

Arya groaned softly and shook her head. She smirked, thinking of Ser Loras and the power games he was playing. Loras was getting way ahead of himself. Loras wanted the position of Speaker but knew he wasn't quite that popular and liked in Parliament. The clergy heard the rumours that swirled about his preference for men and the Council of Commoners never liked his elitist politics. Loras only had the support of his faction, which consisted mainly of the wealthy Houses in the Reach and the Westerlands. And that did not even make a majority among the lords and nobles in Parliament.

Ser Loras thought himself smarter than his peers and tried to find a loophole by asking his brother Willas, who was popular with everyone to run for Speaker and in turn, give up the seat to him after Willas had won. It didn't work out as Willas withdrew his nomination and Sansa won the votes. But Loras was trying again by unseating Sansa using the marriage to his brother in hopes that Sansa would give up the Speaker's position to him since he will be her brother-in-law. The King of course saw through Loras' attempt and dealt him a political checkmate. If Loras Tyrell wanted the seat he would have to win the votes fair and square without going through loopholes and using unions between the House Tyrell and House Stark as leverage

"What about their bannermen?" Arya asked.

Jon shook his head and grunted softly. There was no way he would allow the Tyrells their ninety thousand bannermen.

"Tell the Lady Olenna that if she wants her bannermen back, Lord Willas will have to give up the title of Lord Paramount of the Reach and Warden of the South and have it transferred to the Florents of Brightwater Keep..."

"Wait..." Dany spoke and looked at Jon, her eyes gazing with curiosity. "Why would you..."

Dany glanced at Jon and he stared at her back, both of them sharing a look as she figured out his move. Dany then smiled and fell into Jon's lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him for a kiss. Dany may be the conquering warrior Queen but Jon was definitely the King in courtly affairs and Westeros politics.

"That is brilliant my Love..." Dany murmured and kissed him.

Arya looked at Jon and a smile formed on her face. The Tyrells and the Florents of Brightwater Keep had been at each other throats for years. The rivalry so fierce since Aegon the Conqueror's time when the Tyrells had retained Highgarden after the demise of House Gardener during the battle at the Field of Fire. The Florents had long disputed the Tyrell's claim of being the Overlord of the Reach, arguing that they were blood relatives to the Gardeners, the old Kings of the Reach while the Tyrells were merely the stewards of Highgarden, glorified servants to House Gardener.

There was no way the House Tyrell would renounce their Paramount of The Reach and Overlords of the region only to have the titles transferred to their bitter rivals. Not for a million bannermen if they had them. And if the Florents were the Overlord of the Reach, they would have been so happy for being rewarded the much sought after title, they wouldn't ask for any of the Reach's bannermen back from the Crown. It would also be a slap to the Tyrells' faces as they had once banished the Florents from Brightwater Keep when the Florents raised their banners for Stannis Baratheon during the war, seeing that his late wife was Selyse Florent.

"And to ensure that I am not bluffing we will appoint Ser Erren Florent as one of our military advisors in the Council immediately. He had served Stannis Baratheon before. I am sure Ser Erren has the necessary experience." Jon continued. He then smiled at Dany and kissed her more while she sat on him.

"I told you no one will ever own us Dany...We will not yield or be beholden to anyone," Jon whispered softly to her.

"We are the Blood of the Dragon my Love. We answer to no one." Jon's voice had become low and gravelly and the words whispered were for her ears only.

Dany smiled, suddenly enthralled by his assertiveness. Dany realized she liked this side of Jon. There was something intriguing and seductive seeing him taking charge. She nodded, kissing him again, both of them not caring that Arya was still in the room. Arya cleared her throat uncomfortably and Jon reluctantly pulled his lips from Dany's to look at his sister.

"Bravo Your Grace," Arya said and smiled widely at her brother, pleased with his decision to stand firm.

"You just sent the Tyrells back into their manicured courtyards, tails tucked between their legs and in their own castle at that..."

Dany looked at Jon and they started laughing. Arya joined in as well. When Arya reported it back to Tyrion, he was grinning from ear to ear himself. He was sure the Queen of Thorns and her foolish flock of hens would be in a tangle of brambles and thorns hearing what he had to say.

The wedding ceremony was held two days later at the Highgarden's Grand Sept. The bride, Sansa wore a beautiful pale blue gown, made of the finest antique lace and satin. The lace fabric kirtle was embroidered with silver threads, blue silk chiffon roses with crystal embellishments were on her sleeves and neckline. Pearl buttons trail the back of the gown. A long pale, blue, delicate lace veil covered her and there was a silver circlet made with roses and vines that were carved and encrusted with diamonds and emeralds on Sansa's titian hair. The bridal gown had a full skirt with a long train carried by one of the curly brown-haired, green-eyed, rosy-cheeked children from House Tyrell.

The Grand Sept had been decorated with arches of roses and other flowers. There were blue winter roses, the bride's favourite on the pews and aisles. The Lord of Highgarden had worn a rich green jacket embroidered with silver and gold threads with a silk shirt underneath. He looked handsome standing next to his two brothers, the gallant Garlan and the handsome heartthrob of The Reach, Loras. Willas' green eyes never left Sansa as she walked down the green carpet of the cathedral's aisle, carrying a bridal bouquet of blue winter roses. When she finally reached him, Willas was grinning from ear to ear ready to make Sansa his, his hands holding Sansa's tight and his eyes gazed at her, as if she was the only one in the room.

While Willas and Sansa were exchanging their vows, the Lady Olenna, matriarch and the true Head of House Tyrell had a smirk on her face. She didn't get everything she asked for but at least there was something. She then sighed and whispered to her granddaughter, Margaery who was sitting beside her.

"Well at least we got Garlan as Lord Commander...That should count for something."

"Yes Grandmamma but he has to wait a few years for that and Garlan won't even be part of the Small Council till Lord Karstark leaves. If we hadn't made any demands, the Florents wouldn't even be in the picture. And now Ser Erren sits on the Small Council..." Margaery whispered to her back. "He was a prisoner of Highgarden during the war Grandmamma."

"Oh Please..." Lady Olenna said dismissively. "A military advisor? And what will Ser Erren do? Play with soldier figurines on some map?"

"Now we know that we can't make demands so blatantly to His Grace," Margaery said softly. "He won't fall for it and we are lucky he did not punish us by taking away some of our privileges."

"Yes...He is rather sharp for someone from the North." Lady Olenna commented. "I've always thought those Northern men must have blocks of ice as brains. Seeing how their dreary cold weather might dull their minds..."

"We should never underestimate people Grandmamma..." Margaery said, her eyes narrowed and frowned at her grandmother. "You've always taught me that."

"Well... I hate to say it but I was wrong. You were right about everything Margaery. We asked for too much far too soon." Lady Olenna spoke.

"It was not entirely your fault Grandmamma," Margaery said and let out a soft sigh. "Loras is too impatient."

"Loras is Loras..." Lady Olenna complained and rolled her eyes, thinking of her youngest grandson. "Loras thinks just because he represents House Tyrell in Parliament now, he knows everything there is to know about court politics. Loras got greedy. He can be a big oaf like his father and his grandfather sometimes...but he is young and he will learn from this."

Lady Olenna turned to see the King sitting with the Queen on the pews across the aisle. The Royal couple were still so young, not even a quarter of a century old. The King caught her gaze and looked her way, his dark eyes, unfathomable and doubtful and Lady Olenna gave a smile to His Grace. Strangely the King returned her with a rare smile of his own.

"I am getting too old and losing my touch my Dear. I tried to play chicken with the King and he is a far younger opponent, therefore quicker than me. I should have known I would lose..."

The Lady Olenna then smiled brightly at Margaery as she looked at the bride and groom who had finished saying their vows and finally kissed. The people cheered and threw rose petals at the newlyweds.

"But at least we got Garlan as Lord Commander and Willas is finally marrying the woman he loves...So we haven't lost it all," Lady Olenna said.

The Lord and Lady of Highgarden's wedding banquet was a grand one held at the large, main courtyard of Highgarden. There were tables laid with food. Roasted pheasant, baked partridge pies, a whole cow was roasting on a spit as well as lambs and pigs. The finest wines from The Arbor that flowed from the fountains. There were stacked trays of various desserts and cakes that shaped like roses. There were puddings with icing of roses, direwolves and three headed dragons to mark the three Houses. Tyrion Lannister was standing with his brother, Jaime and Varys. His secretary Podrick was there as well as the Head of Tyrion's security and commanding the Lannister bannermen, his good friend Bronn.

"I've never been to such a grand wedding before," Podrick suddenly said and drank his wine. He was savouring every single drop of the expensive Arbor wine. Podrick had never been to any such grand banquets and events before.

"Well..." Jaime sighed. "Get used to it Podrick. You're part of the Royal Court now..." Jaime said and patted Podrick's back.

"It's weird to get used to Lord Jaime. Years ago I didn't even get paid wages..." Podrick said as he looked at his empty glass of wine.

A banquet server passed by with a tray of wine and offered Podrick. He gleefully took another glass of the Arbor wine and when another server came by with savoury meat pies, Podrick took a few as well.

"Is that so?" Vary asked shocked that a Secretary of the Hand wasn't given a salary. Podrick gave a nod.

"I find that baffling. Secretaries who don't get paid?" The Eunuch said.

Bronn looked at Varys and shrugged as he bit a cheroot between his teeth and lighted it with a match. "He was a squire then Lord Varys...They don't get paid."

Bronn offered it to Varys who declined. Podrick however took the cheroot and inhaled it only to cough badly afterwards.

"You used to be a squire?" Varys asked Podrick, still shocked by the information. He had thought that Podrick had been one Tyrion's scribes all along. Why would a squire want to be a Secretary and not a knight?

Tyrion only sighed and rolled his eyes impatiently. "Podrick saved my life when Scowling Stannis and his forces attacked Blackwater Bay during the War. I rewarded him well and paid for his education, as Podrick is more a bookish type than a warrior. So now he serves as my Secretary."

"Well Brother you always had a thing for the Underdogs..." Jaime murmured."What was it you said to me once?" Jaime asked. "Cripple, Bastards and broken things?"

"I do Jaime..." Tyrion said and gave a snarky smile. "Which is may be the reason why I recommended to the Queen to bring you to court. Rather than see you mope around in our home, a broken man..."

Jaime just shot his brother a sharp as daggers glare and left the group, searching for the company of others who would not deem to insult him. Tyrion shook his head as his brother walked away.

"He's still sour as a bowl of curdled milk," Bronn commented of Jaime Lannister. The Lord of Casterly Rock had been in a foul mood all week.

"That's what happens when the Queen left you on the shelf for far too long..."Varys said and smirked. He then covered his mouth while he chuckled to himself.

"He'll get over it," Tyrion said with a wave of his hand. "He's the Great Lord of Casterly Rock and House Lannister. Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. He shits gold when he's bored. Jaime will lick his wounds and get over it."

Tyrion sipped his wine and looked around. He saw Lady Olenna waved at him, beckoning him to come. Tyrion gave a small smirk and looked at his friends.

"I have to go gentlemen, it seems the Queen of Thorns is calling me..." Tyrion said.

"Well don't rip yourself too badly Eh..." Bronn said jokingly. "And I know you haven't had a noblewoman in ages Lord Tyrion so try not to fuck her..."

Podrick looked at Bronn and both of them started laughing hard. Even Varys joined in. Tyrion was annoyed and walked away.

"Never even cross my mind to fuck with the Lady..." Tyrion muttered to himself on the pun. He wouldn't want to cross hairs with the sharp tongued matriarch for all the fucks in the world.

"Lord Tyrion..." Lady Olenna greeted the Hand, smiling brightly at him.

"My Lady...Good Evening." Tyrion bowed to her. Lady Olenna held out her hand and Tyrion went to kiss it.

"It is a beautiful wedding isn't it?" Lady Olenna said to Tyrion as she watched the bride and groom at their table.

Willas was smiling and kissing his bride and they looked really happy with stars in their eyes. Lady Olenna sighed to herself. They really did make a perfect couple. Political unions aside, the wedding and marriage was one that was real and full of love. Lady Olenna didn't doubt it one bit. Willas and Sansa would make each other happy for the rest of their lives.

"Yes. Indeed..." Tyrion said as he looked at the smitten newlyweds himself. Finally a wedding of two Great Houses in Westeros where the bride and groom actually looked happy and genuinely in love.

"I must say Lord Tyrion. I have had dealings with the late Lord Tywin myself years before. And seeing you now, I've realized that you truly are your Father's son..." Lady Olenna said and Tyrion looked at her, bewildered.

"Why my Lady! I think you just paid me a compliment." Tyrion said and chuckled. Lady Olenna laughed as well.

"The King sends his regards and his blessings to the Lord of Highgarden and his family." Tyrion spoke. "He wishes everyone well and for the Lord and Lady of Highgarden, all the happiness in the world."

"Yes...very gracious of His Grace," Lady Olenna responded.

Lady Olenna gave a nod and sighed. "He's a smart one, our King...I must say I underestimated the young man. His Grace has a strong head on his shoulders and some wits about him."

"Oh...Don't be too hard on yourself Lady Olenna. You're not the only one to underestimate the King my Lady. We all did. Even I..." Tyrion said as he pondered for a while.

"His Grace is quite adept at court politics. It surprises me for someone so young," Lady Olenna commented and looked at Tyrion.

"I know the King's Ned Stark's son but I won't be surprised if his mother turned out to be one of those power grubbing, court savvy Lannister courtiers. No offence to you of course Lord Tyrion."

"None taken Lady Olenna but I assure you my Lady, that His Grace's mother is not a Lannister. That I can say with absolute certainty," Tyrion told her with a confident, almost cocky smile.

He looked at the royal table surprised that both the King and Queen were not there. Tyrion groaned softly, knowing he had to get Varys. The royal couple had probably slipped away for the night going on their many secret adventures.

Jon was happy that his sister Sansa and Willas Tyrell had wedded. The ceremony and the banquet were grand and the courtyard where the wedding banquet was held was filled with people. Nobles, Lords and courtiers. All the elite aristocracy of the Capital and the Reach were present to celebrate the grand affair. The Tyrells thought they could get their way but the King, who hated to be maneuvered and manipulated by anyone, especially the Noble Houses, refused to give in. Jon was annoyed by the audacity of House Tyrell. They owed their wealth and ascendancy to the Targaryens after all. Aegon the Conqueror himself had given House Tyrell Highgarden and made them the Overlord of the Reach.

Jon smirked to himself when he thought of the Tyrells. He wasn't a conceited person by nature but Jon was pleased with the way that he had dealt with them. The Tyrells had naïvely thought that the Crown would agree to their demands. When his trusted Hand, Tyrion had broken the news of the King's decision to the Tyrells and they weren't happy about it to say the least but they accepted it of course. What could they do? Willas wasn't too bothered, seeing that all that mattered to him was making Sansa his wife.

Ser Loras however was angry, so angry that he supposedly smashed a vase and had to be comforted by his sister Margaery. The Lady Olenna was disappointed but in the end relented, acquiescing to the King, and admitting her defeat. She had looked at Lord Tyrion and shook his hand, passing to the Hand of the King, a rose brooch made of emeralds and diamonds, a gift for the King and precious pearls and emerald necklace for the Queen."For their Graces generosity..." Lady Olenna had said.

Jon had worn the rose brooch on his gold embroidered jacket for the wedding. It was a bit too feminine for his tastes but he didn't want to insult his host. Jon looked at his wife and seeing the pearls and emeralds on her and smiled. Dany wore a green silk dress for the wedding, the top made of her sheer chiffon, with a full gold and green silk skirt. The cutting on Dany's top showed plenty of skin, as dresses often worn by the Tyrell women were and had a plunging neckline that showed her cleavage. Dany's revealing top made Jon kept looking at it and unfortunately so did other men much to the King's dismay. The Royal couple were rather bored during the feast. There were dance performances and musicians but Jon and Dany wanted to be away from the crowds. So they had slipped away unnoticed from the wedding banquet and went down the slope to the many manicured hedgerows that formed mazes in the gardens of Highgarden.

"I miss the children," Dany said to him, a sad smile on her face. Jon hugged her and kissed her forehead firmly.

"We'll see them soon Darling." Jon told her. He took her arm and led her into the maze. Jon had a lantern with him. They zigzagged their way through and finally reached the end where there was a large pool.

Dany giggled and ran towards it. "Care for a swim Your Grace?" She asked him cheekily.

"Are you sure?" Jon asked, his dark eyes went wide. Dany gave him a wink and started to immediately take her silk dress off.

"What if someone sees us?" Jon asked as he looked around. It was dark and there were only hedgerows and rose bushes. Jon placed the lantern on the ground..

"I don't care," Dany said with a shrug. Jon shook his head and laughed. They were being silly and reckless but the gardens were deserted with everyone at the other end of Highgarden in the main courtyard where the banquet was held.

Jon watched as his wife stripped naked and he started to take off his heavy clothes as well. The gold embroidered damask jacket and silk trousers. Dany walked into the pool and Jon followed suit.

"It's cold..." Dany shivered as she waded in the water that was up to her waist.

"Well it is a chilly night," Jon smiled and pulled her in for a kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"But fear not. I'll warm you up my Love," Jon whispered in her ear and Dany grinned hearing it.

Dany wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. The kiss grew deep and passionate as kisses often were and led to other passionate endeavours. They gave into their passions not knowing that someone was watching them from the shadows. Jaime Lannister stood underneath the tree, his green eyes growing even greener with jealousy as the King made love to the Queen, the same Queen Jaime was in love with. He walked away only after the Royal Couple reached their climax and pulled away from each other.

They lied on the manicured, green carpet grass of the lawn, half dressed after their reckless, passionate swim and tryst. Both of them unaware that Jaime Lannister had caught them in the act. Jon had on his trousers and Dany wore her slip, leaving her full skirt in a heap. She rested her head on Jon's bare chest while they stared up into the dark sky. Thousands of stars littered the black velvet sky above Highgarden.

"This must be the most romantic spot in all of Westeros Jon..." Dany mused aloud. She then looked at Jon and smiled. "Sansa will love it here. Being the Lady of Highgarden."

"Yes..." He nodded and smiled himself. "Arya always tells me what a romantic Sansa is."

"I was never a romantic..." Dany sighed. "I didn't even believe in Love once."

"I wasn't allowed to love..." Jon said. Dany looked at him and gave a sympathetic smile. "Then I'm glad you're here Jon, in love with me..."

"I think Lord Willas and Sansa belong together," Dany smiled as she started to absently twirled her silver hair. The post coital afterglow was making her listless but in a good way. "I've never seen a couple more in love..."

"What do you think Jon?" She asked her Beloved.

He smiled and shook his head. "We're in love Dany. More than they'll ever be. Always and forever, deeply and passionately."

"You're becoming a poet now..." Dany teased him. She then laughed and looked at the green silk top she was wearing with the plunging neckline. "Must be the dress then."

"It's not the dress..." Jon said to her and gently touched her face, pulling her for a deep kiss. "It's you. We belong together Dany...I can never give you up now. I will never give you up." He vowed, whispering in her ear.

"And I won't let you Jon... I'll set the dragons on you if you dare." Dany said to him and pursed her luscious pink lips which made him pulled her for a kiss again.

Dany snuggled close in Jon's arms and she looked up seeing the constellations above. She traced her fingers in the skies. "That's the Dragon's star..."

"Is it?" Jon asked as he looked at the sky. He then looked at Dany a little doubtful.

"It is..." Dany said trying to convince him. "You can only see it during Spring. It's a lucky star the ancient Valyrians say..."

"Are you going to tell me a story again?" He asked her. Jon had liked listening to Dany telling him stories, the histories and lore of the Targaryen dynasty and Old Valyria. He found it fascinating and hearing Dany's serene voice had a calming effect on him.

"No..." Dany said and shook her head. "It's your turn Jon. You tell the story..."

"Well alright," Jon said and yawned. He smiled at his wife. Jon was sure his story won't be as interesting but he would try because Dany wanted to hear it and he could not refuse her anything.

"Far up in the North...on the Wall of Ice there was a young man..." Jon started. Dany listened as he pulled her close to him.

"He was a proud man and very confused. He wasn't sure of his place in the world. He knew nothing as someone once told him. He was angry too. Angry that everyone seemed to leave him. Everyone he had ever loved. His mother, his father, his brother who was around the same age and his younger sister whom he adored and even his little brothers. He was far from everyone and everything that he held dear. The young man thought he would spend the rest of his life alone, guarding the Wall with only his dear wolf as a companion..." Jon said.

Jon thought of his past and his life so far. How bleak and empty it was, now that he had Dany and his children. He didn't think he could ever go back to that lonely, miserable life. It was strange when Jon thought about it. He had wanted so badly to join the Nights' Watch and to swear their Oath. To be like his uncle Benjen. Benjen Stark had said that Jon wasn't ready. He was still so young. But Jon was an impulsive one and he had wanted to prove something. To find his own way and rise in the world where no one thought much of him.

"One day the young man met a beautiful woman, who was like an angel that fell from the Heavens. She had hair silver like the stars and eyes of purple violet gems..." He continued telling his story

Dany smiled hearing it and touched Jon's face, letting her fingers skimmed and caressed his goatee and beard.

"She was a Queen from some distant land and she took his hand. They rode the dragons together and she made him King. And that lonely young man was not alone in the world anymore. He had found love and had children, his own happy family. And most importantly he had her, the Queen of his heart. His True Love, the Light in his Life..." Jon then paused and looked at Dany.

It was true, the words that came out of his mouth. Jon meant every single word and syllable. He loved Dany with everything in him. He didn't care about whatever blood they shared. It was unfortunate to find out that they were related but what could Jon do? What could anyone do if they were in the same position? Jon had loved her at first sight and knew they would be together for the rest of their lives. Dany belonged to him and he belonged to her.

There was no other way. There could be no other way. They were two halves of the same soul. Lonely, lost Targaryen orphans with no one around them. They found their strength alone and found their own way despite the treachery and dangers of the world that had surrounded them but now that they had found each other, they couldn't let go. They needed each other. Neither could function without the other. They were each other's strengths and weaknesses. And together anything was possible.

"And then what happens?" Dany asked. She realized that Jon had stopped for a while. His thoughts miles away as his eyes were looking at the stars above. Jon then looked at her and smiled.

"What was the line that they often used in stories?" Jon asked her.

"They lived happily..." Dany started and tried to figure the line out but she had forgotten. Her brows furrowed quizzically.

Jon had heard the words before when he stood outside the door as a child, listening as Lady Stark told stories to her children, and not to him. No one told him stories or fairy tales. He only had his nursemaid as a caretaker when he was young and she only sang lullabies. He remembered how slightly jealous he was of Robb and Sansa that their mother was there to tuck them in and told them stories. That whenever they were afraid of the storm and the howling wind, Lady Stark would hold them in her arms and comfort them.

He then realized that it didn't matter what had happened in the past. Jon couldn't change it. No one could. He was still the motherless boy. That would not change. Jon then looked at his beautiful wife, seeing her lying in his arms, snuggling close. He had Dany now and he had his children and that made up for everything that he didn't have before. Maybe that was the strange thing about life. Somehow, things happened for reasons unknown and whatever difficulties and disappointments Jon had experienced, the gods above had manage a way to reward him well and he would never take it for granted. Jon had promised himself that.

"Yes..." Jon nodded when he finally remembered the line. "They lived happily ever after..."

"Happily ever after?" Dany asked Jon arching her eyebrow as if she wasn't sure that Jon had gotten the words right.

"Are you sure Jon?" She asked him again as she looked at him closely. "Are you sure that's how stories usually end?"

"Yes Dany." He nodded and smiled at his wife, all the love for her shining in his dark brown eyes.

"I am very sure that is how our story will end." Jon said confidently and kissed her again.

They kissed for a while more before gathering their things. Jon lifted Dany up in his arms again and carried her to the bedchamber as she closed her eyes and fell to sleep, safe in his arms. No one questioned the King seeing him without his shirt. The King's Guards walked to him and flanked around His Grace, surrounding him from all sides. They covered him as he walked down the marbled halls of Highgarden, passing by the Lords and Ladies, unaffected as they bowed and curtseyed to him. Jon gave a small smile to the nobles, not wanting to be seen as arrogant.

The nobles of the Reach who had caught a peep of the half naked King Jon Dragonfire carrying the sleeping queen who was in her silk slip started chattering about it. The older Ladies were having vapours as they described how scandalous the entire incident was. It was unheard of, the King walking down the halls of Highgarden with his upper body bare and the Queen skimpily dressed. Some Ladies had to cover the eyes of their young, unmarried daughters not wanting to expose the innocent women to such scandal.

"His Grace is so handsome..." One of the young Ladies from House Tyrell was heard swooning to her friends in the courtyard

"I saw a glimpse of him without his shirt. And he looks so strong," The young woman said rather excitedly. "I think the King is handsomer than even Ser Loras."

"How romantic to be carried off by the King like that..." Another young Lady whispered and sighed. "I want to find a man just like him to marry."

"Maybe all the men in the North are like that..." Her friend quipped and the group of young Ladies started giggling.

"Enough!" The heavy set Septa scolded and frowned at her charges. "It's late and you young ladies should be off to bed. No more talk of half naked Kings!"