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My life is monotone. Every day is the same to me. I hate it. My name is Edward Cullen and I'm a werewolf. Yup you heard correct. Well shape-shifter is more appropriate. My family still doesn't know how this happened. It wasn't in our bloodline. Turns out that my great grandpa Robert was. He had hidden it from every one and passed the gene down. So here we were.

I snorted and sat on my haunches. I raised my nose to the air and inhaled large gulps of air. I let loose a long howl.

"What is it Ed" Jacob thought

Oh yeah did I forget to mention we could speak through our minds. Yup I sorta live on a reservation full of my own kind.

"It's all clear"

"Good good"

With I huff I hauled myself to my feet. I started trotting in a random direction since I was done with patrol. I snapped my teeth as my crazy bronze fur got in my face. When we shift into our werewolf form our hair turns into our fur. Jacob has short brown fur. Sam has short black fur, etcetera. I have shaggy, unruly, long bronze fur. I am one handsome devil if I do say so myself. Before I notice I trotted into the village. I shook out my dirty fur. I scratch at the collar around my neck. My retarded ass father put it there so he could tell the difference between me and the others. Eh it makes me unique. My ears twitch just as Jacob skittered into my line of sight.

"Get dressed you dumb fuck" he hissed.

My lip curls back and I release a menacing growl. Jake blanched cause he knows I could take him. I quickly shift back into human form. I throw on loose shorts and look at him irately.

"You're the last one to meet Bella" he informs

"So" I shrug

"She's coming by today and I want you to meet her. I like her a lot so play it cool. "

Again I shrug; not really giving a fuck. My head snaps up as a rusty red pick up pulls in on the Res. Jacob runs and helps her out of the car. I walk to him slowly, my bare feet dragging in the sand .

"Bella I would like you to meet Edward"

I looked down at her and say hello. She looks up to respond but our eyes lock and I know I am so done for. My world comes crashing down with one look into those beautiful brown orbs. My soul is attaching itself to hers. I exhale and smile at her dazzlingly. Her answering grin is brilliant. It hits my then. Fuck I've imprinted on her. My eyes widen as I see her hand reach out to me. She strokes my cheek and the purr that burst out of my chest is unrecognizable at best.

"Edward" Jacob says through clenched teeth.

My eyes snap up to his reluctantly.

"What just happened?"

"We imprinted" I answered him.