A/N: this is the new chapter 1 and honestly I prefer this a lot better to the one that was posted years ago. XD

My life is monotone. Everyday is the same. Nothing ever happens in this hole in the wall town. It's the same fucking routine. Wake up, patrol, lunch, patrol, sleep and then do it all over again. Repetitious.


Jacob snaps me out of my thoughts. I forget they can hear me sometimes. I turn to look at him. I'm sure my face looks completely apathetic even in wolf form. I cock my head to the side to acknowledge that I heard him.

"Get dressed you dumb fuck." He hisses.

I stand up tall and look at him. My eyes narrow and I pull my lip back to reveal rows of sharp teeth. I was challenging him to speak to me like that again. I was looking for any excuse to fight him. I was bored.

"Look, Bella is coming over today and I don't want her to think my 'friends' are dirty." He retracts.

I shift quickly without a word and get dressed.

"Why should I care about your pathetic crush on someone who barely knows you exist?"

He goes to reply to me but it gets cut off by the roar of a rusty Chevy pulling up onto the Reservation. I sigh hoping to get this shit over with quickly. My feet drag as I follow Jacob to the truck.

"Bella I would like you to meet Edward."

I turn my head slowly toward her to say hello but the words get caught in my throat as soon as our eyes meet. It feel like a sudden burst of color explodes behind my lids. I feel something, something I haven't felt in a long time. Happiness.

"Hello." She tumbles out shyly.

Her voice is music to my ears. Never had I heard anything so wonderful.

"Bella." I murmur.

"What the fuck is going on?"

Jacobs voice brings me back to reality. God I hate the sound of his fucking voice.

"I think we just imprinted." It's a fact.

I knew right there that my life was about to become unusually exciting.