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A few days later I was running patrols with none other than Bella and Jacob.

"Damn. I wish I could just take Bella right now."

I snarled, snapping my teeth at Jacob's throat. If he thinks something like that again I'll just fucking rip out his jugular. His eyes widened and his steps faltered causing him to trip a little. Out of my peripheral I noticed Bella flinch.

"What?" he enquired

"I would watch my thoughts if I were you. I guarantee that Sam would forgive me faster than he would you. It's better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission. On top of that you've been stepping out of line lately. So if I were you I would watch my back." I sneered

"Is that a threat?" he hissed.

"No that's a fucking promise. I'd kill you right now if Bella wasn't here. I've almost done it before. I dare you to fucking push me over the edge."

My lips curled back in warning and I stood toe to toe with him. I wasn't going to back down this time. Sam thought that by making the three of us patrol together we'd all get along. Jacob would eventually get over Bella if he had to see us being all lovey-dovey 24/7. WRONG. It just made it worse. We were constantly at each other's throats. Lately I've wanted to kill him more and more. Fuck this we're supposed to be brothers or some shit just because we're both wolves. Jacob lowers his head a little, submitting to me. I turned away with a snort. Bella quickly followed after me trying to keep her distant from him.

"You ok?" she murmurs

"Yeah. I'm fine. I just get a little angry. I'm fucking tired of being around Jacob. I want some us time." I sighed

The three of us walked silently back home. My tail whished back and forth as I watched Bella. She was so beautiful. My heart felt so full of my love for her that it actually began to ache. We cut through some bushes and found ourselves standing in front of a lake. Bella immediately took off towards the water. I plopped down to keep watch when a deer came out of the foliage, running for its life. I jumped to my feet, tense as fuck. Bella, Jacob, and I quickly crept into the safety of the trees. We didn't know what they deer was running from, but you could smell the fear coming off it in waves. This, what I can only assume is a, vampire tackled the deer down, sucking the blood out of it in seconds. Bella cowered into my side, whimpering lowly.

"Everyone be quiet. I don't want it to know we're here." I thought to them.

They both gave me a sharp nod. The mysterious vampire whirled in our direction, it had piercing red eyes and was sniffing vigorously at the air. My ears twitched at the sound of heavy breathing and pounding feet. The vampire let out a loud snarl before taking off again. Wolves came out of the brush, their tongues hanging out as they panted. It seemed as if they were chasing after it. They didn't look like anyone I recognized.

"Should we introduce ourselves?" Bella looked up at me

"I guess so." I responded as I steeled myself

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