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Well there is no need for me to get all emotional. On to the chapter.

Of course Jacob stepped forward to introduce us. I guarantee he was just trying to impress Bella. What a dumbass. He shifted the moment he stepped from the bushes, allowing the other wolves to see. Their leader shifted too.

"Hello, my name is Jacob. I'm part of the tribe that lives on the nearby reservation. Who are you?"

"My name is Cole and this is my tribe." This Cole person motioned to the rest of his members.

"Can I ask what you are doing here?"

I snorted at Jacob's polite act and he whirled to look at me. "Edward if you don't shut the fuck up"

"We're here chasing after a vampire. He has recently fed off of people who live in a town by our tribal lands. It managed to escape us and we've been chasing it since." Cole said looking at Jacob through narrowed eyes.

I guess he doesn't appreciate people talking to their tribe members so callously.

"It doesn't make sense for you to chase it down so far. Why would you leave your tribe unprotected?" Jacob inquired.

"Our tribe is 20 strong. Four of us missing won't cause too much of a problem. Not to mention the vampire is quite wounded, nor has it fed properly. It hasn't had the chance to drink human blood again, only drinking animal blood. And not enough to sustain it. Now if you could take us to your leader that would be quite helpful. We have a few things to discuss."

Jacob looked shocked at the obvious dismissal of his authority, but he nodded his head yes anyway.

"Um… of…of course. Plea….please follow me." He stuttered.

I snorted again, but Jacob stayed silent. He turned and shifted; Cole followed suit. And we lead these new wolves to Sam.

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