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Duo looked up and was at first surprised to see them there but then he let out a sigh thinking that it had something to do with Lady Une. He looked at the faces and saw Quatre's, Wufei's and Heero's curious look, but what he saw in Trowa's eyes was hurt and that gave him the motivation to explain.

"Hi guys, didn't know you were here."

Chapter 2

"What?" asked Harry from his brother's arms. He looked around and saw the boys that were his guards still standing in the room.

"Oh sorry forgot, Dai these are my guards even if I don't know their names but… hey did you say guys does that mean you know them?" started Harry looking from one to the other.

"Uh yes I do! How about we go home and we talk" asked a sheepish Duo his friends and his brother. Harry only nodded and got up. He looked around the room grabbed his brother hand and tugged him to the door. When they finally arrived at Quatres mansion they all got into the kitchen where Quatre was already putting the pot with the water for the tea on the stove.

"So how about you introduce us Dai?" Asked Harry, while looking at the boys in question. Duo only nodded while tugging his brother closer to himself not noticing the hurt look of Trowa.

"Alright, the blond guy is Quatre Raberba Winner. The Chinese is Chang Wufei, but I call him Fei-Fei or Wuffers or anything else that I can think of." Continued Duo ignoring Wufei's growl.

"Mister tall, dark and broody is Heero Yuy or Hee-chan. And the biggest with the funny hair is my boyfriend Trowa Barton."

"Guys this is Hadrian James Potter." At their nod Harry smiled shyly. He approached Trowa looked him in the eye and moments later smiled.

"It is nice to meet my brother's boyfriend and his friends of course. He told me much about you." He said looking at the others for the last part. At their confused looks he asked.


"Brother?" was the one word question from Trowa. Harry growled.

"Are you telling me that Dai did not say anything." At their nods he turned around with an angry look and barked at Duo who was retreating.

"Damien Sirius Potter, are you telling me you did not tell your friends, YOUR BOYFRIEND, that you have a brother?" he captured the larger teen at his braid and held him.

"You Idiot, don't you think. What must poor Trowa have thought when he saw me in your arms, apologize now and just for that no playing with my hair tonight." Duo immediately whined at that, he loved to play with his brothers hair. The other pilots were just stunned, here was a person that had Duo under control not only that but he was the brother of said teen. Trowa smiled lightly, the fear he had disappeared instantly as soon as he heard that Harry was Duo's brother. Of course he was a little confused as to how he had a brother, but he was sure everything would end up right. Harry that was still growling at his brothers back grabbed Trowa's hand, led him to a chair and started to look through the kitchen. The other pilots all took seats at the table while looking curiously what Harry was doing.

"So you have a brother Duo, how come you never mentioned him?" asked a slightly miffed Wufei.

Duo shifted in his seat while looking anywhere but at his friends. His policy was that he never lied how would he do that without telling them about the wizarding world.

"Well you see it is complicated…"

"You can tell them Dai, I talked with Lady Une yesterday and she said they had the necessary clearance." Interrupted Harry him whit his head somewhere in the fridge.

"Do you have the album with you it would probably help explain if they saw it for themselves?"

"Don't know you have to ask them… actually what did you do with my things? Did you take them with you are did you left them at the Dursleys?" asked now Harry with questioning eyes.

"If you could be more specific, we could tell you what happened?"

"Oh that would be my trunk, book bag and Hedwig of course!"

"And who is Hedwig?" Asked Heero irritated over the fact that they had to dig for every bit of information.

"My owl of course!" answered Harry as if it is the most normal thing to have an owl. Wufei opened his mouth to ask why he had an owl but Quatre just shook his head and answered Harry's question about his things.

"I am sorry to tell you but we are going to have to go back there since nobody thought to take your stuff with them."

"Then it is a good thing that I let Hedwig out that morning just before you came. But we will have to go today since she will be worried. Oh and Dai you promised me that as soon as I am out of that hellhole we could go shopping." Duo only nodded clearly happy about the thought to go shopping, while all the other pilots looked strange at Harry when he mentioned a worried owl.

"Well you are going to have to call Richard anyway, so why don't you tell him to meet us in Harrods after lunch though Harry."

"Excuse us but don't forget that you have some explanations to do, and just who is Richard?" Wufei finally asked the questions that were on everybody's mind. Harry looked at his brother with sad eyes not saying anything and after Duo nodded he turned around to make lunch. Duo only sighed, he was upset that his brother was so sad but he could not change the past and this was part of it. He knew that if he did not start explaining soon Heero would start interrogating him.

"There are things that you have to be aware before I start the explanation. I am sure you noticed the different energies on earth. You can literary feel them. That is because it's the natural energy of mother earth. Every person that was ever born has this energy in themselves but only every tenth has the control over it. They call it magic. I know, I know," Duo said when he saw their disbelieving gazes, "but keep in mind that I can prove it. These people created their own secret community out of necessity after the witch burnings. So far every country on the earth has a magical community. Now that the essentials are out of the way you should now that in this community there are still good guys and bad guys. There is a dark lord, he is a bad guy, trying to take over the world." Duo would have continued if he did not see his brothers shaking head. "He was!" formed Harry with his lips knowing that Duo could read lips. Duo looked at him in surprise at that and after moments communicating with their eyes he continued.

"He was trying to take over the world. Our parents were targets even before we were born for defying him but then Harry was born and they were even a bigger target."

"You too! Just because you did not have a prophecy over your head did not mean that Voldemort wanted you any lesser dead. In fact he was looking for you in the past months just because you were a Potter." Ranted Harry at his bother for not including himself in the family. The rest of the pilots just watched them in wonder at what they have just heard. It was simply unbelievable. That there existed a world with things that they heard about in children tales was beyond their comprehension.

"How do you plan to prove that?" asked Wufei with a skeptical frown.

"Can we take one step after another, how about you let me explain everything and then I prove everything that I said."


"Where was I, ah yes… when Voldemort decided that he would believe in some prophecy he attacked our family on Halloween. He killed our parents but when he tried to kill Harry the killing course rebounded and took him out. Now we were orphans and the headmaster from Hogwarts, the school for magic, decided to leave us with our mothers sister aunt Petunia. She hated everything that had to do with magic especially Harry and me. Since the headmaster threatened her she could not get rid of Harry but I did not have such protection. That is why after a month into our stay Uncle Vernon took me to L2 and left me there. Now you must realize that there isn't much magic in the colonies, not enough to form the talent to control it, after extended stay you become a squib. And I did, I lost the ability to control the energy but since it could not take my whole control it left me with the ability to remember my brother. I was only three years old when we were separated but I knew I couldn't forget him, and the magic in me helped me along. It gave me the ability to remember my brother and to control the shadows. Now since I could remember him and knew where he was I decided I would go and get him. That was just after Solo and the others died. I came to Earth hidden in a shuttle and went to Private Drive. I had luck and my brother was working in the garden the same day, of course I needed some time to convince the little tyke but I did. I found out how they treated him and I took him away. We were in London for a couple of days and just as we were about to board a shuttle back to L2 hidden, to get out of the country Dumbledore found us and took Harry back to the Dursley's it was to late for me to get of the shuttle though."

Quatre put his hand on his chest, just above his heart where he was feeling the feelings of everyone else in the room. There where no surprises in the feelings of his friends, Wufei was feeling disbelief and anger at the in justice done to the two brothers, Heero was feeling the same as Wufei, Trowa though while he anticipated the relief that Duo wasn't cheating, the anger and the disbelief he did not except the budding feeling of protectiveness' towards Duo's brother. Duo well, it hurt to feel his feelings right now thanks to the self-loathing that is overcoming his brother in arms while he is telling the story. He tried to focus his gift on the now youngest member of their little family and before he could try and distinguish between the emotions he had to create a wall between them. Harry's emotions were a mess a destructive mess. Quatre decided he would have to talk to Duo about it.

"Baby, do you want to tell us what happened to Voldemort?" asked Duo knowing Harry would decline at least for now. He could always get his brother to open up on a later date, maybe when they were alone.

"Alright, now that we have some answers and as long as you can prove them," Quatre looked at the two brothers as he said that part, " we have some decisions to make. Like how are we going to keep you save from that world."

Everyone nodded, well except Harry he just looked into the pot of soup he made.

"How dangerous is this Dumbledore guy?" asked Heero in full warrior stance.

"Very, he is the head of the wizengamont, which is their version of the parliament, the head of the international confederation of magical beings and the headmaster to the most prestigious magical school in the world."

"We should definitively leave the country, there is nothing in England more that is keeping us. We came here only because of the terrorist attacks and we caught them last month. Do you think that will be enough?" Was Quatre's intput.

"No, Dumbledore is a persistent bastard, but it will give us time to regroup." Was Duo's answer. What no one noticed is how every time they mentioned Dumbledore's name Harry's eyes shone with fresh tears. Finally Duo looked at his brother and in concern asked:

"Baby B. what is wrong?"

"You don't have to worry about Dumbledore."

"Why?" Trowa asked for the first time that evening.

"I killed him!"