This is the official last chapter of this fic that I will post. There's a summary of what would have happened at the end. Thanks again, guys, you were all amazing and I love each and every one of you.

The Title of This Sappy Romance Novel

Chapter Twenty-One

Cas wandered up to the window, stared down into the tiny parking lot, and then wandered away again. He flitted into the kitchen, wings rustling, plucking at the dishtowel hanging on the front of the stove. It was 8:55 on the night of the October New Moon, pitch dark outside, the blackness splintered by the yellow streetlights, and Castiel was anxiously awaiting Dean's arrival.

It was stupid, he knew, to fret and fumble around like he was doing, but he was nervous. An angel in a crowd of demons, partnered to a male demon, an angel with black wings and demon who had lost his own.

God, it sounded so corny and pathetic.

And somehow incredibly romantic.

Fumbling now to get his boots on for no other reason than to be prepared, Cas absently wondered if he was supposed to bring something to eat, like a potluck. Then he shook the idea from his mind—he really needed to calm down—and stood up from the couch, straightening his dark brown hooded sweater and pushing the creases from his jeans.

Lights traveled almost lazily over the ceiling of his tiny apartment and the angel darted to the window in time to see a dark Impala pull into the parking lot. He grabbed his scarf and coat, locked his door behind him, and tripped down the stairs as he tried to pull them both on at the same time. The air wasn't as cold as it had been but it still had a chilly sting to it that wound into Cas' feathers as he ducked out the front door. He dashed across the parking lot, threw open the passenger side door, scrambled inside, and slammed it shut behind him. Dean looked up in surprise, his cell in his hand, obviously in the process of calling the angel to let him know he was there. Then he grinned and his tail reached out curl around Castiel's wrist.

"Hey baby, lookin' a bit chilly there."

"It's October, Dean, the wind is cold." Castiel gently tugged his arm out of Dean's tail so he could buckle his seatbelt, "I hope wherever this thing is, it is someplace warm."

Dean hummed and maneuvered his Impala out of the world's tiniest parking lot, "Weeelllll, not exactly. But it'll warm up pretty quick so you won't even notice. In fact, you'd be better off leaving your coat and scarf in the car; you'd probably end up losing them anyway."

"Where is this…thing taking place?" Castiel peered out the window, the darkened world flashing by as Dean drove through the streets, "You never said."

"It's a surprise~" Dean said in a sing-song voice and then chuckled with Cas frowned at him, "Hey, hey, you're the one that didn't want any spoilers, you've got no right to look at me like that. But, uh," The steadfast smirk faltered for a moment, "I just want to say, in advance, if you get uncomfortable, if anything bothers you and you want to get out, then just tell me, okay?"

Cas looked at him sharply, brow furrowed, the feathers on his wings puffing up, "What do you mean? Why would I be uncomfortable?"

"Er…" Dean sucked his lower lip between his teeth and gnawed on it in an anxious manner, the spade on his tail flared wide and then flattened almost to nothing, "Well I didn't—I wasn't going to tell you, mostly because I thought you wouldn't want to come, but, uh, the New Moon is kind of…" He paused as if trying to think of the best description and then a mischievous sort of smile appeared, the kind of smile that was not unlike something Gabriel often wore,

"It's kind of like a massive orgy fest."

Castiel stared, "What?"

Dean glanced at him and burst out laughing. It petered out quickly, however, when he realized that Cas was still staring at him in shock. He cleared his throat and looked pointedly out at the road, stumbling out an explanation,

"I mean, it's not exactly like that but it's kind of how we like to describe it. I dunno if demon communities in other cities do it differently—I don't think they do—but it's how we do it. It's the night when we connect with each other, reestablish old bonds, make new ones, and it's when Unnaturals are said to be at the peak of our power. There's always a contest somewhere of a group of demons trying to breathe fire on nights like this."


"If—if you don't want to go, I can turn the car around and we can go back and do something else. I mean, I really should have told you, I should have realized you might be uncomfortable with it after…so it's not a big deal if you—."


"Wha?" The red glow of a stoplight cast soft, blurry shadows across Dean's face as he turned to look at his partner. Yellow-orange streetlight and traffic light red caught the angles of Castiel's face and seemed to turn his incredibly blue eyes a deep shade of purple-black.

"I'm not uncomfortable. You just took me by surprise. I'll be all right as long as you're there the whole time."

Maybe it was the traffic light but it looked like Dean's face turned red in the darkness.

They drove on, chatting quietly about meaningless things, the late night classic rock washing over them as background noise. Castiel occasionally tried to trip Dean up by throwing out questions but the demon caught him every time and simply gave him an evasive answer to which Cas would usually huff in irritation and puff his wings up, which only encouraged Dean's behavior.

It was a little past ten when they pulled into the park, Dean carefully maneuvering the Impala through the cramped lot at the edge of the tree line. The parking lot was crammed with cars, packed in as tightly as they could go, taking up every space there was. It took some effort to climb out of the Impala, pressing up against the car and sidling out sideways between two vehicles.

Dean took Castiel's hand and led him into the park, smiling to himself, his tail curled lightly into the feathers of Cas' dark wings that almost vanished in the night. There were lights glimmering in the direction of the massive gazebo in the center of the park, faint music and voices could be heard, and there were obviously people moving around. Cas shuffled closer to Dean and Dean gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. A shout in the dark and suddenly a handful of figures broke away from the group in the gazebo, pounding across the grass towards Dean and Cas.


So the park's filled with hundreds of demons and their bonded mates, the entire demon community has turned up for this event. And, of course, not all of them are demons; some are humans or other Unnaturals and everyone gets along just hunky-dory.

There's music and dancing and a bonfire and food and drink. So Cas is really nervous at first but as the night goes on he loosens up and actually starts to have fun. He plays drinking games with Dean and some other demons, does some arm wrestling, flashes his flaming sword around because Dean wants to show off his awesome boyfriend, and Dean gets into a wrestling match and tries to breathe fire along with a bunch of other demons. Eventually everything dissolves into kissing and hugging and groping and even demons that don't have bonded mates are on the ground with someone. Cas is really confused about this and Dean explains through kisses that the New Moon tends to heighten their powers (as it does with the other "dark" Unnaturals) and stirs up their blood into a passion.

Cas brands Dean's shoulder with his hand print which is traditional for angel couples and Dean uses the tip of his tail to carve his mark (I never really settled on what that was) into Cas' shoulder, which is traditional for demon couples.

They're in a happy little bubble and there was going to be some chapters about the stuff they did together. Probably Cas learning how to take care of Dean's scars and Dean learning how to groom Cas' wings and both of them being awkward about the rules between their races. There probably also would have been some more things about other Unnaturals scowling at them and some hints dropped about the upcoming plot because I love blatant foreshadowing that nobody pays attention to.

Anyway, everything's going great until one day Balthazar shows up and tells them that Ruby has been looking for them this entire time and she's just now found out that they're in Empyrean. Of course, this sets everyone into a frenzy. Cas freaks out, Dean gets all kinds of pissed, Sam tries to be levelheaded, Gabriel's being quietly furious and scared at the same time, and Jess is trying to be the mediator.

There's a giant meeting with the demon community and, with Cas and Gabe's permission, Dean explains (not everything) about Ruby. So, because Cas is Dean's partner and is part of the demon community and be default that makes Gabe a part as well, they all agree to hide and protect the angel brothers. Cas and Gabe are constantly watched by members of the community, everyone's on alert about travelers from Achreon, and both brothers are guarded everywhere they go. Insert Gabriel making some sort of crack about all of this cramping his style.

Anyway, this goes on for a bit and Dean's starting to think that maybe this was all a false alarm when he gets a call from Sam to meet him at Sweet Delights and to pick Cas up on the way.

Dean picks up Cas and Cas is basically a wreck and he's so upset he can't even tell Dean what's bothering him. When they get to the bakery, the place is pretty much trashed. The owner says he only stepped out for a bit to restock or something and when he came back there were police cars everywhere, a couple of unconscious demons, and Gabriel was missing. It doesn't take much for everyone to put two and two together and figure out that Ruby's capture Gabe.

There's a lot of arguing, debating, a few tears, lots of rage, but eventually Cas and Dean go to Achreon to rescue Gabe. However, despite all their careful planning and how careful they are, they get captured and locked up to be sold at auction. Sam and Jess, waiting in the wings, figure that Dean and Cas have been gone too long so they concoct a plan: Jess poses as an owner and Sam is her demon and together they go to the auction to buy back their bros.

They manage to get there in time to buy Dean but they were too late to save Cas who was already bought back by Ruby. Dean is furious, of course, and wants to run I guns blazing and burn everything to the ground. Sam calms him and Jess comes up with a plan B because she's Jess and she's awesome like that.

So Jess goes to Ruby's house and tries to talk Ruby into selling Cas an Gabe. Ruby, of course, wants nothing to do with this plan and throws them all out of the house. Dean gets angry all over again, smashes some stuff, and Sam has to calm him down again.

There's a quick scene of Ruby handing Gabriel over to (gasp) Crowley because she likes Cas' pretty black wings better. Crowley was the one who helped her find the angel brothers with the condition that she would give one of them to him. Crowley's a big time drug dealer, the one who's been rustling everyone's feathers in the news reports, and he has a new drug he needs to experiment with. Quick, horrifying scene of Gabriel trying desperately to get away as Crowley injects him with the new drug.

Dean and Sam break into Ruby's house during the night while Ruby's away and steal Cas back but they can't find Gabe. Cas is distraught because he knows Crowley has Gabe but he doesn't know where Crowley is. Somehow…Jess tracks Crowley down and the boys plan an attack (that part was all still very wishy-washy).

Anyway, they break into the warehouse where Gabe's supposed to be and get into a fight with some guards. Crowley captures them and he's just pleased as punch to have another angel and two demons to mess with. Dean demands that Crowley let Gabe go and Crowley laughs in his face and prepares to inject Cas with the new drug. Dean absolutely loses his shit and he gets so furious and so passionate and so protective that he manages to breath fire. Crowley's minions all freak out and panic, which gives Sam the chance to break free, loose the others, and start fighting. Dean joins him and tells Cas to go find Gabe.

Cas fights his way with his badass sword all over the place until his finds Gabriel and a whole bunch of other Unnaturals trapped by Crowley. He frees them all and drags Gabe back up the stairs to where the others are still fighting. And the Winchesters are very obviously losing. Gabriel tries to help them but his powers are on the fritz because of the drug and it's all Castiel can do to contain his brother's powers. Things are looking really bad and it's starting to look as though they're either all going to captured, killed, or crushed under the flaming warehouse.

Then Balthazar and a troop of Empyrean soldiers burst into the warehouse and subdue Crowley and all his men. Balthazar reveals that Jess called him because she hadn't heard from the boys in a long while. Balthazar has a lot of influence with a lot of people and uses that to arrest all the bad guys he can.

Everyone's packed into a medical helicopter to be flown back to Empyrean at which point Balthazar makes some vague explanation about kidnapping and laws and treaties to waffle over what's happened. Everyone's exhausted and sore and injured but they're happy to be together again and on the flight back "Carry On My Wayward Son" plays because it has to and Gabriel makes some weak, snarky remark about how he's the only one with out a mate and Dean and Sam tease him and say that one of them could adopt him.


A whole bunch would have been dedicated to Jess and Sam's wedding with specific rituals for demon bonding ceremonies and Dean was the best man and it would have been gorgeous and lots of dancing and sappy things.

Gabriel owns his own candy shop that I hadn't thought of a clever name for and he might or might not have been seriously flirting with his shop assistant, Tyriel.

Dean and Cas are living together and people tease them about marriage proposals but there are rumors that Dean's thought about it though there's nothing concrete yet. Lots of warm fuzzy endings and some one-liner, cliché ending thing about how their life was like a sappy romance novel would have wrapped it all up.

And that was Sappy Romance Novel.

I'm really sorry I didn't get the motivation to finish it because I was especially looking forward to writing the part where Dean breathes fire (and he would have been able to do that from then on and be a show off). But I enjoyed writing it while I still had it in me to do it and I'm glad I worked up the guts to do a full length, it was a lot of fun and it was totally worth it.

You guys are amazing, by the way. I'm just sayin'. You were so understanding about the fact that I couldn't finish this and it means a lot to me that you didn't yell at me or any of that angry stuff. Thank you so much, and thank you for reading this and commenting on it and taking the time out of your lives to read this and just—gah, you're all so awesome and I don't deserve all the attention you gave this! You are some of the nicest reviewers I have ever had and I'm honored that you enjoyed this as much as you did. It was fun for me to write and I know I'm kind of repeating myself but it's hard to put this much gratitude into words.

Thank you all for everything. I adore each and every one of you and wish you luck in all your future endeavors, no matter what fandom you may find yourselves in!

Happy hunting!