If anybody had read what i posted under my version of my soul to take... I'm too it down it was not suppose to be posted yet. I was not done writing the filler chapter. Plus I was still editing what I had already written. You see I leave my fan fiction account logged in on my computer and my older brother got on my computer and thought he should post it because he thought I was finish with it. Anyways I will be reposting the finished and edited filler within the next 24 hours I promise. I also have a lot going on right now. My school is about to let out so I have exams to take. Plus my mom is wanting me to start packing up my room and help her pack other rooms in the house. And I also have numerous doctor appointments that I have to go to. So on second thought I'll have it back up within the next 48 hours. In other words I'll have it up by Saturday. I promise if you read it and liked it, if I don't get to post it till Saturday i will make sure to have the first real chapter up with it as well promise.

Love, RiCkId