"What? With who inside you?

"The rest of the Riverton Seven even Jerome. All their souls are with me now."

"Bug maybe you should sit down take a few deep breaths."

"You think I'm crazy. I'm actually a lot smarter than I was yesterday. Let me ask you a question...Why's there blood in your left ear?"


"The top"

"Ow hey"

"Almost like you were hit with a vase or something. Brandon told me to look for that."

"Bug you are officially bad shit nuts. I scraped it climbing up the roof. Let's get real here."

"Jay says the Ripper's get up was a costume for sure. Oh and Brittany's ran a time line. You would've had enough time to kill mom and put the knife in the bathroom sink while I was hiding under the bed and Leah was outside. If Jerome came while I was getting you water you would've had enough time to stab him and Ricki then go downstairs and kill Patterson. You might have tried to kill too. Bug if you heard them upstairs you would've had to get up there before they called the cops"

"I could've killed you off earlier remember. Bug you've watched one too many Law and Order reruns. Besides I'm a little guy you could beat me up in like ten seconds."

"Unless you had the bad soul in you. Then you'd fight like you were possessed."

"I can't fucking believe you. You're Adam Plenkov son of a mass murder! Everybody in your house and all of your friends except me have been murdered! If there's a bad soul here you have it and you got it from your father. Maybe you have been in institutions maybe you have killed people just in your past life, and you're just to stupid to see it! Maybe they'll find your Ripper costume buried with you stupid condor outfit. And then they will come for you with torches."

"What. I didn't bury any Ripper costume with my condor."

"Somebody did..."

"You son of a..."

I open my eyes and see Bug attack Alex. But Alex punches him then slams him against the wall beside me. He grabs his hair and holds the knife close to Bug's face. "Evil doesn't forget betrayal Plenkov. You and the other six offed me then ran away like cowards. Jumped into the first babies you could hide in. I saved you for last. And I'll kill you now or you can say yes to a deal"

"What deal?" Bug asks wincing as Alex pushes off of him.

"The same one I offered your father sixteen years ago today. Say yes you live say no and I'll cut your throat." he says turning the knife around in his hand. I reach out and grab Bugs ankle. "Don't do it Bug" I tell him looking up at him from the floor. Both of them look down at me. Alex kicks me and says "Shut up you little bitch." Ignoring what I said Bug asks him "What deal?"

"My happy ending to the Riverton's fairytale. There was no Ripper just one of the Riverton Seven who was a little crazy dressed up like the Ripper. Killed your mom, Patterson" ,pointing at me he continues, " your precious Ricki, and four of his birth mates before we stopped him."

"One of the Riverton Seven." Bug says sounding confused.

"The one of the seven with the bad soul." he says pointing at Jerome with the knife.

"Jerome" Bug says surprised.

"Great twist uh, everyone thinks you were the killer but turns out the attacks came from a totally unexpected direction."

"You'd lay all of this on Jerome?" Bug asks him shock written all over his face.

"He won't mind he's dead. You and me will be main street hero's helping each other forge a new beginning, recovering from our tragic loses. Friends to the end. Deal?"

"You're pathetic. I don't even think your Alex. I don't know who you are" Alex knee's him and pushes him onto the desk. "Bug" I say trying to stand up.

"I'm the one that's going to kill you if you don't say yes. Then I'll say you did it and I'll be the hero all by myself"

"Leah saw the whole fight she'll vouch for me" Bug defends.

"Leah doesn't live through the nigh that's part of the deal too."

"Whoever or whatever you are get out of Alex and go back to hell where you came from"

"Okay but I'll take you with me" Alex says as he lunges to stab Bug. Bug stabs Alex in the stomach with the kitchen knife that was on his desk. "I thought that guy would never leave." Alex says.

"Alex?" Bug asks.

"Where's the biggest knife in the kitchen?" Alex asks Bug staring over his shoulder at me.

"Where it needs to be" Bug says. Bug pulls the knife out and lays Alex down on the floor. I crawl over to them. "Condor" Alex says looking up at Bug. "Crow" Bugs says back to him tears welling in his eyes.

"It's alright Bug it feels great" Alex says trying to be strong. "Feels fucking great" Bug says smiling a little. I grab Alex's hand and squeeze it. "I'm so sorry Ricki" Alex apologizes. "It's okay it doesn't hurt to bad" I reassure him even though it feels like a hot iron is being stuck to my insides. "Fucking great" Alex says to Bug then stops breathing. "Fly now" Bug says to Alex. He then comes to help me stand. I put one arm around his neck while the other is pressed against my stomach to stop the bleeding. Police burst through the front door as we make our way down the stairs. The EMT's stop us in the living room. " We need to treat your wounds" they tell us and pull us apart. A woman EMT has me raise my shirt so she can clean and wrap the stab wound in my stomach. My eyes never leave Bug who is getting the same thing done to all of his cuts. When they're done we both walk outside my arm around his neck again. People start snapping pictures as soon as we step out of the house. Leah had told them everything Bug was going to be celebrated as a hero. I let go of him as a cop points out Leah in the crowd of people. I turned and began to walk away as he hugged his sister. Silently slipping out of Bug and Leah's lives. Nobody notices me as I walk down the dark road. I'm halfway down the road when I hear somebody yell "RICKI!" I look back and see Bug running after me. "Where are you going?" he asks when he reaches me. "Away" I say turning to walk off again. He grabs my arm, spinning me around, and pulling me into a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck. "Why?" he asks his voice slightly muffled since he buried his face in my hair. Sighing I start to tell him "Bug..." but he interrupts me. "You can't leave me Ricki. I need you now more than ever." Bug whispers. "I..." I go to speak again but he cuts me off again. "No listen. Ricki you and Leah are all I have left. I don't know what I'll do if both of you left. Leah's probably going to leave in a couple of months. Please don't leave me. You can't leave me. Promise." he says pulling back to look me in the face. "I promise Bug. As long as you need me and want me here. I promise I'll be here" I say then pull him into another hug. We pull away right as reporters start to shove microphones and cameras into our faces.