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For Diethard Reid, what had been an enjoyable night of sleep had been abruptly ruined in the early hours of the morning by somebody slamming on his front door. Through half peering eyes, he noticed that the clock sitting on his bedside table stated that the time hadn't even ticked over to three in the morning. Rolling over, he pulled the blanket covering his chest closer to his body, hoping that the person banging on his door simply left him alone. It was not to be however and after being able to withstand the banging on the door for five minutes the Britannian found himself storming down his stairs in a fit of anger, ready to give whoever had awoken him a piece of his mind.

Unlocking the door, he swung it open but caught himself before he managed to shout anything as he noticed that in front of him stood a member of the Britannian military. "Can I help you with anything?" asked Diethard as he managed to control his emotions. The soldier didn't say anything however as he held out a letter which Diethard cautiously took while switching on a nearby light allowing him to see a little clearer. Opening up the letter, as he read through the contents his eyes grew wider and wider as he realised just who the letter was from and what it was asking from him. Looking up he wished to ask the military man a couple of questions but the soldier had already left, his job partially done as red clines circulated around his eyes.

Closing the door, Diethard reread over the information in front of him and his thoughts went towards Zero which made him wonder just how far the web of the Black Knights spread. Yet the instructions in front of him were clear as he set himself a course, not back to the inviting bedspread he had laid upon for hours already, but to his study where he knew there was work to be done. "Zero," he muttered as he booted his computer to life, knowing that it was his job to ensure the world witnessed whatever it was that Zero had planned.


Through a lone corridor, Lelouch stood isolated, the mask of Zero held firmly in his hand. In front of him was hundreds if not thousands of people, waiting to see what the criminal had to say; the only thing preventing him from getting torn to shreds as soon as he stepped out there was three inches of bulletproof glass. That being said he couldn't pull himself to turn around to look at the people standing behind him.

Cornelia, Suzaku, Sayoko, Euphemia and even Cornelia were standing nearby, each of them supportive in their own way but none were able to speak. What could they say to soften the moment when Lelouch confronted people who wanted nothing more than to hear the answer to "Why?" Cornelia's face held more confusion in its features than concern, knowing that Lelouch simply wouldn't abide by what her father had wished. Turning her attention towards her crippled relative, she knew she would do everything in her power to ensure nothing would happen to Nunnally, even if it meant that she had to take the life of Lelouch herself. She had figured that that was what Lelouch had been referring to the previous night and she knew that if Lelouch was dead then there was no reason for the life of Nunnally to be taken as well. Despite the two siblings being only a handful of metres apart she knew that the younger of the two was a hostage, even if she didn't seem like one.

"Everything's ready," stated a voice over an intercom. For a brief moment Lelouch considered turning tail and running, casting his Geass on everybody he laid eyes on and leaving the world to wonder how the most wanted criminal in the world had single handily defeated an entire military headquarters without so much as a scratch on him. Yet looking over his shoulder momentarily he instantly knew why. With Nunnally sitting there, he knew that even if he escaped she would take the fall for him but what was worse, was knowing that the last memory that she would have of him as her brother was a coward who ran away at the last moment. Turning back towards his final destination, he slowly stepped forward knowing that he would do what was right by him.


The crowd outside was packed, hundreds of people lined the street both of Britannian origin and those people categorised by a number. Everybody was surrounding a wooden stage that had been constructed only the previous night, yet solid bulletproof glass panes blocked anybody from getting closer. Hardly and words were spoken between people as they all eagerly awaited the arrival of Zero. Many were there to get their questions answered, as to why a Britannian civilian would strike out at his kinsmen. The Elevens were there to see their hero, the man who despite his race had stood up for them when nobody else would.

Among the crowd were the remaining members of the Black Knights, those who still had faith in their leader. While Kallen had been able to get close to the glass because of her appearance as a full Britannian, the rest of the Black Knights had been herded off into the far reaches with the rest of the Elevens. Alongside Kallen was Shirley, the orange haired teenager wanting to know the reasoning behind why Lelouch had murdered her father along with countless other people. Yet deep down she knew that while she had grown to love the person she had seen at school day after day, she had to question just who Lelouch was.

Even the wind seemed to stop blowing as a solitary footstep was heard from the tunnel which harboured Zero. "Do...do we have a plan?" asked Shirley nervously.

"No," said Kallen plainly, her eyes not leaving the tunnel for a second.

"But, what if..." started Shirley but she was cut off by her counterpart.

"If Zero has a plan to escape already in action and we haven't been told then we don't need to be ready to act," said Kallen sternly.

"Why don't you call him Lelouch already?" asked Shirley, wondering why Kallen was so against using their friend's name.

"Because I don't have respect for Lelouch, I have respect for Zero," stated Kallen. While Shirley dropped into silence as she turned towards the stage, Kallen took this moment to analyse what she had just said. Did it really matter who was behind the mask, or was it the actions produced by Lelouch whilst under the guise of Zero that had allowed her to follow him? She recalled that on the evening of his capture by the Britannian military she had walked in on him in a hanger and had the opportunity to look at just who Zero was. Yet at that moment she had realised that it truly didn't matter who Zero was...or at least that was what her thinking was at the time. Now that she actually knew who Zero was and how he was actually a part of her school life, she had no idea what to think at the moment, but knew her thoughts would be clear once she heard him address the crowd.

"Is camera three ready?" asked Diethard as he stood upon an observation deck, several monitoring screens displayed in front of him.

"It's all good sir," said one of the men nearby. Diethard held back a yawn, the project he had been working on in the middle of the morning having taken a bit longer than he had anticipated but he knew that if Zero was truly planning something then it would all be worthwhile.

"Alright then, begin broadcasting on all available networks," commanded Diethard, the men following his instructions perfectly. Diethard took a quick look at the five cameras that they were using for the broadcast that spread around in places where the general populace couldn't touch them. Not only that but the cameras had been fixed in place to ensure that nothing would go wrong in case somebody wanted to block the line of view when the broadcast began.


All across the world, people tuned into their television stations no matter what time of the day it was. People huddled in bars and taverns, many of them not wanting to be by themselves when they witnessed Zero's final speech. In the throne room in Britannia, Emperor Charles vi Britannia watched on in wonderment at what his wayward son would do.

In a lone bar in area Eleven, Viletta watched on intensely. Indeed she had been rewarded quite handsomely for her effort in capturing Zero but with that being said she still felt like something was off. After having actually seen his face plastered everywhere over the last day, there was still one question she believed that still needed to be answered. That boy had been the one she had seen at the Shinjuku ghetto back before the character of Zero had even emerged. While she didn't really care as to why a Britannian student had become Zero, she had to wonder about one incident in particular where a part of her memory was wiped clean. One minute she had been standing in front of her Knightmare with a pistol aimed at the teenager and the next both the boy and her Knightmare had gone. There had been numerous reports about similar occurrences but most of them went mostly unnoticed by those in higher office but she knew something was wrong with the whole situation. Yet even with all the newfound power, the public interviews from radio, television and even newspaper personalities, she wouldn't be satisfied until either she knew everything about the boy or he was dead and his secrets would go with him to the grave.

In their hidden area, the members of Kyoto watched on to see what would happen once Zero had taken the stage. They had lost their faith in the Black Knights after the capture of Zero but wanted to know whether or not their once faceless wonder would be able to create another spectacle for them to behold. Lord Kirihara, being the only one among the group to know of the actual identity of Lelouch was pondering whether or not the boy had anything left up his sleeve, the resources at his disposal all but vanquished. Closing his eyes, a small prayer began to escape his lips as he wished for a miracle to happen for the boy he once saw as a grandson.


For Lelouch, those few steps felt like they had dragged on for hours on end. When he had finally made his way out of the dark hallway and into the sunlight he stood before a crowd of hundreds if not thousands. Unmasked and before people who hated him, he gently placed the mask of Zero down upon a pedestal in front of him. As soon as the mask had hit the wood the crowd erupted into a riotous frenzy as people shouted all manner of profanities at him. He paid none of them in mind however, as he knew that before his speech would finish he would become a martyr for millions who would be watching the broadcast. Turning his attention towards a rooftop, he internally smiled at the sight of the guard he had Geassed hours earlier, the man still holding a trigger in his hand, a trigger that would set off the explosives Lelouch had made him plant under the platform just before it had finished construction.


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